>Better character designs: Sophitia

>My plans are to make this a semi-regular feature. I won’t promise a regular schedule of these, since my muse is a fickle creature these days, but I will promise that this won’t be the last.

Okay, remember Soul Calibur VI’s freakishly proportioned jiggle-fest Sophitia? Of course you do. (Who could forget? Brr.) But just for the sake of comparison, here she is again:

If one considers that the human head weighs around eighteen pounds (thank you, Google), then it looks like she’s carrying around 54 to 72 pounds of boob around there. Just for a little perspective, guys, you can understand how difficult fighting with those bazookas would be by strapping a nine-year-old to your chest and trying to swing a sword while so encumbered. At that size, the boobs would be about as rambunctious as the nine-year-old.

So here’s my take on Sophitia as she should have been. (And apologies for the sketchiness and the somewhat ghetto coloring job. I didn’t feel like taking the time to make it a finished piece.)


My Sophitia is regularly proportioned, but still quite sexy. Her proportions are athletic without being waifish. My Sophitia has never had breast enlargement, and she isn’t averse to eating a freaking burger now and then.

The other huge problem besides the anatomy is the white-washing. How about the fact that she’s explicitly Greek by her story and costume, and yet she’s a paragon of Aryan beauty? Seriously, wtf? Mediterranean people are brown. (In fact, my Sophitia might not be quite brown enough. I struggled getting the right skin tone with only photos for reference.)

Lastly, I also changed her costume. If she’s a Greek warrior, why invent some bullshit faux toga for her to fight in? Why not clothe her like an actual hoplite? Hell, the hoplites pranced around with no pants on and short sleeves, so you’d have a historical excuse to put her in a fanservice-y outfit. Make the skirt on that bad boy a little shorter and you’d still be within the realm of accuracy.

So that’s Sophitia. Any suggestions on who I might tackle next?

5 thoughts on “>Better character designs: Sophitia

  1. >As someone with large tits myself (I'm an E-cup) I can point out that breast tissue weighs. It may not weigh as much as a skull (no bones), but it still weighs a fair old amount. I once (out of curiosity) weighed my tits on a standard kitchen scale – and by that rather hard to read standard, they weighed at least 1.5kg (approx 3 lb) each. I should also point out that gravity works on them, so they do tend to droop – they don't stay perky by magic, so they tend to point naturally toward my feet. If I want the girls rounded up and facing forward, I need a decent bra.Oh, and one other thing they're probably forgetting – breasts jiggle up as well as down, so if you have a female character who isn't wearing any kind of support apparatus, they're likely to be suffering from a certain amount of chest pain as a result – running or moving results in things moving up, then down, then up, then down, and each movement stretches things further. Never mind what having at least 6lb of weight impacting on your chest with each stride is going to do to your breathing…

  2. >Just want to jump in and say: i love your Sophitia design! Fan-service or no, a character who looks like what they're supposed to be is always more compelling.I always wonder about the blonde-ness, myself; Helen – the most beautiful woman in the world – is almost always pictured as a blonde. I can only assume it's northern European artists putting in the feature *they* think of as fitting the character "the most beautiful woman in the world"…

  3. I have a friend who is naturally proportioned very close to sophitia, so I don’t think you are being entire fair on THAT account, but I agree with you on all other factors (especially the white-washing and the practicality of fighting with that body type with no support.)

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