Closing down comments

Hi, folks. Wundergeek here.

So remember how I said how I planned on turning this blog into a book? Still true. And how I plan to occasionally blog about my adventures in said transformation? Also true. However, all of that’s going to have to wait until the new year, and there are some changes that can’t really wait until then.

Since I’ve stopped writing new material, I’ve observed that pretty much the only new comments that have come in have been from people who at best could be described as disagreeing with the premise of this blog and at worst could be described as trolls. And while I think it’s insanely amusing that no less than TWO professional industry artists have come here and insulted me AFTER I STOPPED WRITING ABOUT THEM, the fact of the matter is that I don’t really want to have to keep an eye on comments here anymore.

The folks who supported what I was doing here have drifted on to other things, as one might expect, and dealing with nothing but trolls is just tiring. (Although, I’ll admit that Echo Chernik telling me that I have mental health issues and that she pities my sad, rage-filled existence does make me glad I didn’t close down comments earlier. That did give me a lot of laughs. A lot of angry, bile-filled, murderous laughs that gave me no joy AT ALL.)


So I’m shutting down comments on all posts older than 2 weeks. For now, that means comments will be dead on pretty much everything. I realize that it means I will be harder to contact, but there’s always email and twitter. And this is something I need to do so that I can continue to free up mental bandwidth for other things.