New posts on Gaming as Women

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve started blogging about gaming again. Some of the posts are going to be things that focus on sexism in gaming, and some will be more general posts about my experiences with gaming. For the sexism-related stuff, I’ll link here when something relevant goes up on Gaming As Women, though I’ll be disabling comments on such posts since I want discussion to happen over there and not here. (A note for people looking to comment on this stuff – the commenting rules at GaW are pretty much the same as here, so behave yourselves.) For certain posts, I might even start linking them into my reference posts, if I feel they fit gaps that I’d still like to see covered.

As it happens, I have the first such link to a GaW post about gaming and sexism! You can check the post out here: Dear Wizards: Why Failing Less at Gender in 5E Would Be Good For Your Bottom Line

(Obviously, it’s a post focusing on why there are some very good business reasons why Wizards of the Coast should endeavor to fail a little less at gender in their New Edition of Dungeons and Dragons.)

And now I’m blogging about gaming again. WTF? How did that happen?

Well I guess starting a blog must have gotten the ball rolling again, because here I am blogging about women, gaming, and sexism again even after I swore I was done. What the hell? How did that happen?

It seems I’ve gotten myself involved in a new blogging project. A bunch of smart women and I have banded together to create a group blog devoted to talking about women in gaming. It’s called Gaming As Women, and I’ll be a regular contributor. In fact, my first post there is about just how all of this happened in the first place.

The site just launched yesterday, so there’s not tons of content yet. But we’ve got a lot of great stuff in the pipe and enough contributors to keep up a steady stream of goodness. I hope you’ll go check it out!