Friday Freebies: The Girls Have Cooties Edition

Well, this week was an interesting week for sexism in e-sports, with organizers for Finnish e-sports tournament Assembly deciding to ban female players from its Hearthstone tournament. When asked if this was a translation issue, Assembly clarified that female players were indeed not allowed to compete – but that’s because it was a qualifier for an IeSF tournament, and the IeSF didn’t allow female competitors because they were trying to get e-sports to be seen as a legitimate sport.


Not surprisingly, this upset a lot of people. (Ben Kuchera is kind of a tool, but I feel like he did a good job of capturing my sentiments about this in this particular instance.) Happily, the internet backlash, as well as Blizzard “reaching out” to the Assembly organizers actually had an effect! The Hearthstone tournament is now open to all genders!

But the IeSF would still like you to know that they hadn’t intended for their incredibly sexist gender segregation policy to be sexist.

In non IeSF-related news…

This post on Escher Girls reminds me of the many reasons why I hate Kotobukiya and why I’m STILL pissed about their Liara and FemShep figurines.

The creator behind Empathise This was kind enough to contact me asking if they could link to this blog. They do a lot of great stuff like this about women’s experiences in gaming, so maybe head on over and share some love?

There’s been a lot of controversy brewing lately over The Mary Sue’s recent merger with Geekosystem. Bad enough that they’re removed a lot of the female-specific branding and are no longer calling it a space for women (an “inclusive” space is NOT the same thing as a space for women, it’s just not). But the former head of Geekosystem, now one of the lead editors of TMS, Glen Tickle is… well… a sexist douchebag.

Jill Pantozzi, TMS’ editor-in-chief made this post that completely failed to allay the concerns of long-time TMS fans, which included a totally weak-sauce not-apology from Glen Tickle. (“I was upset because people were mean to me”? NOT AN APOLOGY.)

There are some really great breakdowns of the timeline of events and why this all sucks so very hard, for the interested. Personally, I’m not going to unfollow TMS’ tumblr, but I won’t be visiting their main website. I’m not willing to give them any ad revenue until they get this nonsense straightened out.

The new edition of D&D is out, and the basic rules are available free online! I had a whole collection of links, but honestly so much crap has come up, good and bad, surrounding this release that I think I’ll be saving that for a future post.