Thursday freebies: so happy it’s Thursday!

I don’t often link to Patreons here (mostly because there are so many that are by really great people that it’s really hard to know who to support. You know? But here’s me pimping a Patreon anyway, because DifferentPlay is a campaign looking to increase the diversity of TRPG game designers by helping designers from underrepresented backgrounds publish their games:

Diversity can’t be founded on charity. We want these designers to connect with the broader community as equals, which means paying them like the professionals they are.

We don’t believe in “working for exposure”. We plan on paying the writers, the editors, the artists, and the layout people at market rates. It helps support our designers, as well as the ecosystem of people creating independent analog games.

Now that they’ve met their first milestone, they’re going to be able to start publishing games! Which is exciting! This is exactly the sort of thing the game design community needs.

The Spawn Point Blog is going to be holding a gaming marathon on January 17th and 18th to raise awareness of police brutality and raise money for Eric Garners family. It will be streaming live on Twitch. #BlackLivesMatter


As has been pointed out on Twitter, GamerGate is doing a really great job!

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That’s right, Intel is finally making up for their Gamasutra ad boondoggle by massively investing in diversity in the tech industry. Exciting stuff!

Brianna Wu’s Patreon is now raising enough money that she can hire someone to document illegal online harassment!

Read these in reverse order, because Twitter is irritating



I am very curious to see if anything positive comes out of this, enforcement-wise.

I happened to see this screenshot from the new Wolfenstein game and immediately facepalmed.


I could write 2000 words about the game industry and its dangerous obsession with toxic masculinity. Thankfully, Tracy Barnett did such a good job that I can just point you all over here.

(Predictably, the post itself got trolled. Although it was a B- effort at best.)

In this post, Ann Leckie is actually talking about sci-fi writing and the inability of many sci-fi writers to even perceive the sexism problem in their community. But honestly, this analogy is perfect for the gaming community as well. Just perfect.