Self-Promotion Sidebar: The Watch is live on KickStarter

It is perhaps an indication of how busy I’ve been juggling school and running a KickStarter that I forgot to make a post here linking to the KickStarter – which is an oversight since I posted here several times about The Watch while it was development. So!

The Watch is funding on KickStarter through March 19th!

As for what is The Watch? Well:

The Watch is a tabletop roleplaying game set in a “light fantasy” setting known as The Clanlands. It takes place during a dark and horrific war between the now-united ten clans who live there and an invading force, known only as The Shadow.

The Shadow is a powerful and insidious enemy that is able to enter the minds of its opponents and slowly turn them to its side; twisting them into unnatural foes. For reasons unknown, The Shadow is able to more easily influence the minds of men, and has turned a great deal of the clan’s soldiers against itself.

With most of its fighting force crippled or worse, the clans have joined together and begun enlisting new warriors to defend their homes. Women and non-binary femme people who seem better able to resist The Shadow’s hold have been recruited, trained, promoted, and formed into a new order: The Watch.

In The Watch, you’ll play a group of elite soldiers who are called upon time and time again to defend villages, attack The Shadow’s forces at key locations, scout the enemy’s lines, and much more. Each mission comes with its fair share of costs and compromises and you’ll need to navigate them in order to be ready to heed the next call to action.

It’s in these in-between moments where the rules for The Watch focus themselves: What do you do to unwind from the pressure that threatens to pull you down? Who do you spend what little free time you have with, and why? How will you hold off The Shadow’s influence so that you can see the end of this war? That’s what you’ll have to find out for yourself…

For more information, you can check out the campaign page. You can also join our community over on Google+, if you have any questions for either of us before you back! (We encourage that.) Additionally, I can promise that the finished book will be chock full of instructions and examples, for people new to PBTA roleplaying games or who are unsure what they should be aiming for when running the game. (Because I was the one who wrote the entire book. Phew.)

As of the time of this post, our campaign is at 65% with 24 days to go. I’m not too worried about funding, but I do very much want to start opening up stretch goals, because I am SUPER excited about opening up our exciting stretch goals – which will involve, among other things, expanded content and hiring more art from the fantabulous Claudia Cangini! Seriously, here’s what we hired her to do for the KickStarter page:

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absolutely cannot wait to see what she comes up. I hope you’ll join us in making this project absolutely awesome!

2 thoughts on “Self-Promotion Sidebar: The Watch is live on KickStarter

  1. The premise sounds like Mouse Guard meets Circle of Hands. What mood are you expecting at the table? What adventures/stories are you aiming for? Why did you choose a PbtA rules framework?

    • In terms of the premise, that’s an interesting comparison – I hadn’t really thought of it in terms of that. I’ve been thinking of it more as Game of Thrones meets Lord of the Rings, but not dude-centric and without the sexual violence.

      As far as mood at the table, the three agendas that MCs have when running the game are: Direct the game into a dramatic tale of love and sacrifice; Fill their lives with action, loss, and occasional moments of grace; Play to find out what they do next – and that’s a pretty good reflection of the tone you can expect. It can be a game that gets dark, but one of the key themes is relationships with your comrades and how you can draw strength from them in tough times, and that can result in some really beautiful moments too.

      And what adventures/stories am I aiming for? I’m aiming for low fantasy, GoT style military campaign stories that feature women and non-binary people. One of the reason I got excited about the concept when Drew first pitched it to me was because I’ve always wanted to consume military fantasy stories about people who look like me, and this game definitely does that.

      Lastly, why PBTA? Because PBTA has eaten my brain, and when I’m not writing LARPs, that’s where my design brain-space is these days? Also, to be less facetious and more serious, I’m a designer that designs by hacking other games. PBTA is a framework that works for the kind of storytelling that I need it to do, and there is already a robust culture of hacking PBTA. So rather than reinvent the wheel, it was simplest to start with PBTA and make the adaptations that we needed from there.

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