Promotional Sidebar: Princess Charming, Round 2! (freebie)

Two years ago, Josh Roby and I ran a successful Kickstarter to create a series of children’s books called Princess Charming, that featured active, competent princess characters who do more than wait around to get rescued. Thanks to support from more than 300 backers, we raised more than $14,000 to make 6 books featuring two princesses – Kadri and Fayola. And now we have a NEW KickStarter, because we’d like to make MORE books about MORE awesome princesses.

From the KickStarter page:

The third princess of the Charming dynasty is the unstoppable Princess Rowan Charming. Rescued by Fayola along with her mother Imogen, Rowan enjoys a life of safety and security with her two moms. Safe, that is, except when she sneaks off to go adventuring. Which only goes to show that you can take the princess out of the danger, but you can’t take the danger out of the princess!


Only one thing slows down our Rowan — her friend, Prince Sundara, who insists on coming along. Something about Rowan having only one hand and that he has to protect her. But he only gets in the way! Somehow Rowan has to make the boy understand that he’s not cut out for adventuring… before he gets hurt. …

But we also have stretch goals for two more princesses – Chandra and Nayeli! And we really hope that, since we’ve streamlined how the stretch goals will work to make unlocking subsequent princesses easier, we’ll get to do all three.

At the launch of the project, we’ve kept things simple: you get one book for $10, two books for $20, and so on. When the project funds, you can tell us which books you want: any of the new Princess Charming books that we’ve unlocked, any of Kadri or Fayola’s that rolled out in the last batch, or any combination thereof.

It’s also worth noting that if you’d like to support the project but don’t have any need for children’s books, we’re happy to donate your copies to worthy places like libraries, children’s hospitals, and shelters.  We’ll send you a PDF of the titles, too, just so you’re not completely left out of the swashbuckling princess fun.

I hope that if you have children, or there are children in your life, that you will at least share the link to this campaign. The Kadri and Fayola books made as part of the first campaign are works that I am immensely proud of. Being able to tell the story of Kadri, a gender non-conforming princesses who wants to like “girl things” and “boy things”, and who doesn’t want what she can do to be limited by her gender was immensely satisfying – as this was precisely the sort of story that I could have benefited from as a child! I’m even more proud of being able to tell the story of Fayola, a black trans lesbian, without any aspect of that identity being presented as an obstacle, stumbling block, or flaw – while still showing her as heroic and worth rooting for.

Josh is a wonderful co-creator to have on this project, because both of us are committed to telling stories that don’t ordinarily get told. And both of us are committed to doing the work needed to make sure we get this right.

It will be awesome getting to tell the story of Rowan, a disabled woman raised by two queens who are heroes in their own right, who comes into her own as an adventurer and hero. But I very much hope that we get to write more stories than just Rowan’s, because diversity matters.

So here’s the link again. Thanks to all of you reading for your support.

7 thoughts on “Promotional Sidebar: Princess Charming, Round 2! (freebie)

  1. The books are a nice idea, but for the art, I suggest fixing up the backgrounds. They just feel bland and some detail on the overall design and color would help. I’m got saying it has to be super detailed, but something to make it a little more interesting.

      • Yes, I am serious. Out of curiosity, I went to check out the art for the other books and I just felt like there needed to be some crit since these books will possibly be in libraries and stores. The other thing is that the perspective could use some work. The walls are fine, but the furniture and background items look off.

        I know I’m not the best artist out there. My skills are more in color work, writing and coming up with story ideas. Overall, I think your work has some potential, but there’s room for some improvement.

        • What I meant is, I am posting about this project in order to promote it and you felt like it was appropriate to come in and offer unsolicited criticism that boils down to “just, do everything better”.

          Trust me, I am NOT saying my work is perfect, because it’s not. But 1) I’m putting my work out there and asking for money for it, which is a huge part of the battle and 2) AT NO POINT WAS ANY SORT OF CRITICISM ASKED FOR OR INVITED.

          With all of the completely unjustified reasons that people shit all over me on the internet, the last thing I want is for people to give their unasked for critiques when I’m just trying to promote a thing. Seriously, you don’t even know how tired I get of random negativity from random strangers on the internet, and you are just adding to that.

          • I didn’t mean to shit on you, it’s just a suggestion to help with the new and later books. I can see you put your heart into it and are advertising it is a risk. I guess its just me that I want people to point out any mistakes or give suggestions to improve my work, even the stuff I’ve publicly shown or tried to sell. As an aspiring RPG content creator and seeing another women doing it, I just wanted to lend a hand.

  2. I have to admit, the utterly unwelcome non-specific, non-constructive criticism followed by “I’m not the best artist out there” has me shaking my head in awe. Nurse Evil, clearly you’ve got a hell of an ego on you. When you’re not that good AND you feel completely entitled to tell someone how to do what they do better? You’ve got the sheer gall thing *down*. Well done….

    • I think that people (even at different artistic levels) can have a point that we can learn from. If some early teenage kid points out that the colors on a picture I did majorly clash, I’ll take a look and if I disagree, I’ll tell them and ask them to elaborate. If it does, I’ll acknowledge it and thank them. It takes some pride swallowing and time to think it over and remember you need a thicker skin.

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