Claustrophobia: a Twine game

I just published Claustrophobia – my first Twine game!

What is Claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia is a Twine game (my first!). It is a mostly autobiographical game (some details have been changed or vagued up) about the difficulty in being someone who Makes Games While Female.

Some caveats:

  • If you’ve been harassed online, or someone you love has been harassed online, or you have significant anxiety about being harassed online, this might not be the game for you. Play with care.
  • This game contains profanity. Partly because I like profanity, but partly because that’s kind of unavoidable given the subject matter.
  • Obviously this isn’t intended to be any sort of universal statement about This Is What Harassment Looks Like. This is just my experience of it.
  • If you are aware of who a particular passage is referencing (I’ve tried to prevent this), for God’s sake don’t point at my game and name names. This isn’t about pointing fingers, so cut it out – you make my life worse when you do that.
  • Yes I am aware that I don’t have it “as bad” as other prominent female gaming culture critics. That’s not the point.

Play Claustrophobia

You’ll note that I made this post a patron-supported post[1], so that I could release this freely. (I put a lot of time and effort into this, not to mention the emotional labor of putting myself in this kind of headspace.)

So if you are finding this by other means, play the game. If you like or appreciate it, you could throw me a dollar or two (there’s a Donate button in the sidebar there – it’s new!) – that will make it easier for me to do such work in the future. But no need to feel bad if you don’t.

[1] I know I said I was going to work on more fun things, but this was something I’d been working on for a few weeks already! Fun stuff after this! Promise!

10 thoughts on “Claustrophobia: a Twine game

  1. I just ran out of things to click in your game (which I guess means it’s over). The first thing I wanted to do was find out if there was a way to win the game; if I made a different choice or clicked a different thing next time, would I be able to get farther? But then I realized that there probably wasn’t a way to ‘win’, and there was no point in replaying it.

    And then I realized that that’s probably the entire point of the game.

  2. After two games of Claustrophobia, I’m finding myself slightly triggered (in that I was a damn fool and ignored your first caveat) which is, I’ll admit, My Own Silly Fault. But yeah. The fun thing is, it isn’t just speaking out about games, or blogging about games, or talking about games which does this – if you speak out on ANY topic a certain type of bloke doesn’t agree with you about, they’ll do their best to silence you, and shut the topic down. In my case, the memories being triggered are of effectively admitting in public that I was fat and unashamed of it (which was a trigger for some guy to send me harassing messages in an effort to shut me up). The worst part of it is, all they’re doing is being the crudest, most ugly voice of society as a whole.

  3. Huh. So that is what the point of all this harassment is? Getting unwanted people to fly into a panic and run away from gaming?

    If this is the point then this entire gamergate and other crap that is flung at minority developers is a form of Fear Culling. Never even occurred to me that gamer harassment counted as such. You opened my eyes on this one. Thanks wundergeek.

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