Happy New Year!

Hi, folks! Just wanted to pop in briefly and say that I’m not dead! It’s just that Christmas tends to be challenging and busy with a toddler in the house.

However, I’ve got a lot of things I’m working on for the immediate future. I’ll be doing an interview/roundtable that I’m pretty excited about. I also made a thing with Twine that’s almost finished about that I’m… well, I wouldn’t say I’m excited about it, but I’m certainly proud of it.

I also plan on doing a year-in-review post about my experiences with Patreon, including some general numbers and some basic advice for people wondering if Patreon is something they should explore for their own creative efforts. This past year I’ve found myself telling a lot of people “you should really have a Patreon”, so I figure that me writing up something concrete would be helpful.

Lastly, I’ve been in a bad place the last two months and I’ve been phoning it in here by really only making paid posts very infrequently, and no freebies. I’m going to do my best to start making regular small posts, probably just linkspams but maybe other things too. I’d really like to be a more regular presence here.

Thanks to everybody who supported me in 2014, and I look forward to an even more exciting year!