8 thoughts on “My muse is an asshole

  1. Hey, there!
    Know the feeling, but there’s been something I’ve been meaning to suggest to you for a while. Even if it doesn’t get your brain jump-started, it should at least give you a laugh.
    It’s stated to be for comic books, but the same principle works with ANY stupidly sexualized women!

    • Complaining about hypersexualization of women in superhero comicbooks is, pardon my language, like complaining that poop stinks.

      These things will be awful untill the core reasons for their foulness (extremely limiting genre conventions, relliance on rabid collectors for sales and being marketed by character rather than plot) are fixed. No amount of mocking will change the way they portray women, because they have very little else to offer besides borderline pornography and violence.

      On the other hand, I smile everytime these foul things get ridiculed.

      • Ah… I would argue that when you say “Being marketed by character rather than plot”, you really mean, “Being marketed by boobs, rather than value.”
        Because no matter how good a comic may be, odds are, the cover page is a big picture of BOOBS. With maybe some visual distraction. Like humans. Ich.

        • That’s not what I mean. People buy Batman comics, because it has Batman in it, not because it is good. hardly suprising, considering the it’s not advertised as, for example, “complex mystery that will blow your brain”, but “this had goddamned Batman in it, buy this”.

  2. Ah well, no worries. Sometimes you just need a break from all this stuff to clear your head a bit. Plus it’s that’s time of year where you need to relax a bit. Maybe you could do another post about all the good stuff that’s happening? Dragon Age: Inquisition has blown me away with the types of topics that they are not afraid to touch and handled issues with a surprising degree of sensitivity. I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to have a transgendered companion/romantic interest in the next installment. They are light years ahead of other developers.

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