Self-promotion sidebar: Ruined Empire is at 81% 4 days left!

Hey, folks. I’ve been working for, like, the last week on a numbers post looking at older M:TG Ravnica art and comparing the trends in art then (a couple years ago) to now (very recently, with M:TG Khans). (Spoiler alert: Ravnica’s art is really terrible).

And look, it’s super laborious. I’ve already sunk 6 hours into this thing with analyzing art and grabbing images and photoshopping them and writing an outline… and I’ve got probably another 2 or 3 of writing to go. In fact, here’s an image that I put together for the post:


Totally awesome, right?

Anyway, the post will happen. I might wind up splitting it? We’ll see. I was trying hard to get it done for this week, but KickStarter yannow? It’s hard to get anything done when you’re running one of those.

So new content next week, but in the mean time – have you seen my KickStarter? No? You were meaning to check it out? Well now is the time!

You guys, I promise that this is the best anime/Final Fantasy/social-justice/feminism campaign setting sourcebook ever. You could totally use this to play a social justice cyborg ninja wizard who runs around getting into laser battles with giant mechs if you wanted. People might question your taste, but you could still do it!

Plus there’s going to be system conversions if it funds! The book will include hacks of The Shadow of Yesterday/Solar System and Dogs in the Vineyard. There will also be PDF mini-supplements for use with Fate, Heroine, and a hack of Dungeon World/Numenera!

And it’s going to be ridiculously pretty! So very very pretty, because Claudia Cangini is amazing!

As of the time of this post, we only need $1046 CAD to reach the goal, which – for you non-Canadians – is roughly equivalent to three squirrels and a mountie. Or the Maple Leafs[1].

So, you know, I just met you. And this seems crazy. But here’s my KickStarter, so fund it maybe?

[1] Canada-specific jokes FTW!

[2] I make terrible jokes when I’m stressed, but I make no apologies.