Self-promotion sidebar – announcing the release of SexyTime Adventures: the RPG

Several months ago, I wrote a post about the difficulties I was having doing illustrations for SexyTime Adventures – my ridiculous feminist satire Dungeon World hack – and the impossibility of satirizing something that is already its own satire.

Well I’m pleased to announce that it’s finally complete and ready to be released into the wild!

The land of Sexonia is a dangerous place, a land of fantasy and adventure beyond your wildest imaginings. Maybe you got into adventuring because your village was destroyed by orcs, or to prevent fire elementals from taking over your kingdom, or maybe just because it was better than staying at home and settling down with that nice boy that your parents wanted you to marry. Whatever the reason, you can’t go home now. The kingdom needs you. And more importantly, that chain mail makes you look totally hot. Are you seeing anyone right now? Could I maybe buy you an ale some time?

…I’m sorry, where was I?

SexyTime Adventures: the RPG is a Dungeon World hack in which you play a party of fantasy adventurers having adventures and being sexy.

Adventure! Danger! Sexy outfits! Come, fellow adventurers. It’s sexytime.

If you are looking for a game that lets you combine feminist satire, fantasy adventuring, and shittons of sexual innuendo, then this is the game for you! It has a move called “The Male Gaze” and PAPER DOLLS AS PART OF CHARACTER CREATION. Because I want to destroy all gaming!

It is not a standalone hack – you will need a copy of Dungeon World to play. Currently, SexyTime Adventures: the RPG is only available in PDF; you can buy it from my page on the UnStore. It will also be available on DriveThru RPG once they approve it (although I’ll get to keep more money if you purchase through the UnStore).

If you want a glimpse of what you’re getting into before-hand, you can see a preview here.

And lastly, because I consider this my magnum opus of published game art, the game’s cover:


3 thoughts on “Self-promotion sidebar – announcing the release of SexyTime Adventures: the RPG

  1. May I ask if it is actually a playable game (for a good laugh) or it is just intended as a satire ?

    • Quoting myself from somewhere else because I’m running low on mental bandwidth:

      So it’s satire in that it seeks to point out the ridiculous sexism in gaming. It’s important to distinguish that from mere parody – because there are rules that bake questioning gender roles into the game. For instance, there is only one man in the party, and he must be played by a woman. There is also a move called “The Male Gaze”.

      However. The game is also playable! …with the right group. If you have a group that will enjoy a silly dungeon romp full of ridiculous stereotypes and silly sexual innuendo, then yes! This game is absolutely fun.

      It’s also worth noting that female characters can only perform actions that are sexy, even in combat. (Again, with the right group, this tends to lead to hilarity.)

      You can also download a preview from my website:

      • Thanks for your answer ! I will pass on this one since I am not sure that I will enjoy playing that, not because it makes fun of male foibles but I do not see a game of it going in the right direction. Instead I will try a game of an older RPG of yours : Thou art but a warrior !

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