Comments doesn’t seem to have an option for globally turning off comments on the entire blog, so I’ve turned on manual comment moderation, which means theoretically every comment will need to be approved before showing up and thus hopefully achieve the same result. So if you’re a regular reader, or even a new one, and are trying to comment and not seeing your comment show up? It’s not because I hate you. It’s because I can’t trust the internet to play nice right now.

If for some reason this turns out not to have worked (because who knows, I’ve never done this before and seriously I still have shit to pack), then I ask people not to engage with any trolls who might show up. Normally “don’t feed the trolls” is a policy I disagree with, but in this instance… yeah, that.

See you all next week!

One thought on “Comments

  1. I’m assuming you mean “shut off comments temporarily,” in which case no, there is no such option in WordPress. There are ways to turn them off once and for all, but no “master switch.”

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