Sorry for the confusion!

Hi, folks. I just published a password protected post. That’s not a usual thing. But I’m pretty nervous about publishing and wanted to get some help vetting what I’d written.

I’ll keep you up to date with what happens, whether I decide to make it public or not.

Sorry if this confused those of you with RSS feeds.

6 thoughts on “Sorry for the confusion!

  1. Hey; you can send the contents of a not-yet-published post to anyone with an email address for feedback by using the writing helper tools that are under the posting box. Use the Request Feedback option.

    If you don’t see it, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help you out.

  2. OK if you are going to make a password protected post to check if you want it out in the world first say so so the rest of know and then post it, not the other way around. It will avoid this kind of confusion in the future.

    And please if you are doing something new with the blog give at least your Patreon users a heads up so they don’t get confused (disclosure: not a Patreon user at all right now).

    • Please don’t get snippy. I’ve never tried this before and didn’t realize it would be publicly visible. Also, as indicated by the fact that its password protected, its a post that I’m pretty nervous about publishing. So please try to exercise a little empathy here.

  3. Is a WordPress account necessary to read the article? That’s the password that’s needed?
    I really like this blog and would be interested in reading the article, but I don’t have a WordPress account.

    By the way, thanks for collecting the thoughts about these issues. It’s something that bothered me about games for years that I could never properly define. You’re doing something awesome here.


    • Nope; password-protected posts are a different thing. They require the reader to have a special password that the author of the post assigns.

      We won’t be able to read the post until the password is removed from it. 🙂

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