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Well, folks. This is just a quickie update on what all I’m working on. Things are picking up at work as we enter the busy season, not to mention the fact that my KickStarter is wrapping up and I’m spending a lot of energy stressing about that. (Seriously, KickStarters are so stressful. So, so stressful.) But although the recent lack of volume might make it look like I haven’t been blogging much, the truth is that I’ve been working pretty hard on a number of things.

Currently I’m in the middle of assembling posts about: Manveer Heir’s GDC talk, this year’s roster of Guests of Honor at GenCon, and creepy guys who are nice but still creepy. The problem is that none of them are quite ready yet. Call it one of the hazards of my ADD approach to blogging – I get work done, but when I get blocked on one thing I jump on to another and another until I can continue working on the first thing. It has advantages, in that the overall volume of work is greater. But it means that I sometimes come up with dry spells when I’m getting blocked on multiple things at once.

I’m also plugging away at my two patron-sponsored posts. I’ve nailed down how I want to tackle sex workers in games. Unfortunately (for me, that is), it’s going to be a numbers-based post which is going to involve a ton of tedium since I need to gather a lot of data points. Also, because of the nature of the post this is something I have to do entirely from home, when my toddler’s not awake. So I hope that me saying I hope to complete that one before GenCon doesn’t come off as lazy procrastinating. It’s not!

As far as the post about disability in games, that one’s giving me more trouble. I’ve done some research but I’m just having trouble nailing down how I want to approach it. So if anyone wants to offer some suggestions on angles, I’m all ears!

So that I don’t leave you entirely empty-handed, here’s some things worth reading:

Places that aren’t here

This isn’t game-related, per se. But this wonderful comic turns the typical “rescue the princess” damsel narrative on its head. Also? The princess is a beautiful woman of color. Also? They are adorable. Totally worth a read.

[NSFW] This delightful collection of screen shots proves how excellently committed to equal-opportunity nudity Final Fantasy XIV is. And it is a thing of beauty. (#2 is my favorite)

And now that it’s funded (at nearly $100,000, or 1000% of their initial funding goal), I can link to this piece on Cracked on what is definitely the worst game KickStarted… in the past two weeks. Read and despair over the fate of humanity.

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  1. That kickstarter reminds me of Rape Lay and of that card game Penny Arcade defended as art when it was shit (can’t remember the name it was the one with the tentacle rape) in its content. Only instead of picking one of the ugly parts of hentai fantasies to sell in the mainstream (instead of on porn sites) the guys doing this kickstarter picked one of the worst hentai fantasies (its up there alongside corruption when it comes to ugly shit on porn sites) to translate to America.

    So has anybody raised hell about that thing? Or is everybody waiting for the kickstarter to end before they do so?

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