[Sidebar] 4 days left for Princess Charming!

[Okay, folks. I’ve stayed pretty quiet here about my KickStarter, but filthy capitalism like the KickStarter and my Patreon is what supports me in being able to do art in the first place. So this is a filthy capitalism interlude.]

We’re in the home stretch. 4 days and we’re 48% of the way to unlocking our stretch goal to add a series of books about Princess Fayola. I’m very happy to have unlocked our initial funding goal, but I can’t even describe to you how badly I want to hit this stretch goal. I want so very badly to help tell a story in which a queer black trans woman gets to be the hero! But we’re going to need a last minute push to get there, because at the current pace we’re just not going to make it.

This isn’t me asking for money (although if you haven’t backed and want to go do that, I certainly won’t complain). What we desperately need is signal-boosting to try and get us over the finish line. You don’t even need to have kids to support us! If you’d like, Josh and I will happily donate any books to an organization that will get them into the hands of actual children.

I’ve already done a fair amount of the art and design that will go into Fayola’s book. Here are some previews of pages I’m quite happy with:

You can find more information over on the KickStarter. Please help us boost the signal and make sure that we get the chance to tell an awesome story about an awesome queer woman of color!