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So I’m going to take a moment to post a freebie about my KickStarter that just launched today. Those of you who follow me on other social media streams will know that I’ve been working these past few months on something I was jokingly referring to as the SEKKRIT PRINCESS PROJECT. Well, I’m pleased as punch to announce that the Princess Charming Kickstarter just launched today.

What is Princess Charming? Well, my co-creator – Josh Roby – and I are working to make a series of children’s books about awesome princesses. From the KickStarter:

The Princess Needs a Makeover

The goal of this project is to create princess stories with characters who are brave, capable, and, in a word, awesome.  Princesses who are more than a ball gown and a pair of lips waiting for True Love’s Kiss.

Princesses who don’t all look the same, who come in different shapes, sizes, and colors—just like our kids and the world they live in.

Princesses who go on their own adventures.  The boys might come along, too, but only if they can keep up!

Princesses who our kids can look up to and aspire to be like.

These are books for everyone who is tired of princesses that are thin, white, straight, and utterly utterly passive. We’re working hard to create stories that don’t fit gender stereotypes, and which have a diversity of representation.

These will be books that I will be excited to read to my daughter, because we’re aiming to create princesses that can subvert the toxic princess trope by actually being positive role models.

If you’d like to see some samples of what the art will be like, here are all the preview images that we posted leading up the launch:


If you have children in your life – of ANY gender – who like princesses, I hope you’ll consider supporting us – or at least helping us spread the word. I’m very passionate about this project and want to help make it as awesome as it deserves to be.

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  1. In children’s picture books these days, the spunky princess with agency outnumber the passive ones by a long shot BUT oh wow they are almost all white and they are all thin, and I haven’t found one yet with a disability. So yay for more diversity on all fronts!

    • I really hope we unlock all five princesses, because we worked really hard to create five characters that would allow us to tell stories you don’t get to see in children’s books.

    • So something I should have clarified (augh! No matter how hard you try you always screw something up!) is that non-US backers are TOTALLY WELCOME. The “ships to the US only” is to cover our butts for the purposes of shipping so that we don’t lose our shirts on International shipping, since we’re looking at delivery for Septemberish and estimating shipping costs that far in the future is IMPOSSIBLE.

      If you’re in Canada, you miiiiight have to pay an extra buck or two come shipping time but probably not. Outside the US and Canada, you’ll have to pay an extra surcharge TBD to pay for shipping. But we really do welcome non-US backers! (I mean, especially me because I live in Canada and I’d like my friends to support this and stuff. ^_-)

      • I am from Italy and the cost of taxes for shipments from outside of Europe is ridiculous.
        Also, because of the way it works, it’s really painful, as the shipment may get stuck at customs for an indefinite amount of time.
        So basically we pay for our shipment (which can be high already), then pay for extra taxes on top, then wait for ages for customs to release our stuff.

        That’s why I mentioned pdf – I am OK with just backing without a reward (which is what I did), but I actually wouldn’t mind reading those books 😉

        • I just sent your comment to Josh so we can confer about this. Thanks for bringing it up! We’d really like as large an audience as possible, and it’s sad that international shipping has gotten so prohibitive as of late.

  2. I really love the idea of this project. Echoing Skye’s comment above… do you think it would be possible to portray princesses who are brave, capable, and intelligent without making them overly fiesty and spunky? It seems like princesses are either complete wall flowers or totally brash and untamed. I’d personally like to see a sweet, gentle, shy princess who is also cunning, witty, and crazy intelligent. As in a princess which embraces typically ‘feminine’ traits whilst getting sh*t done. Also would looooove to see a trans-princess…. that would be awesome on so many levels. I can’t wait to see what comes of this! 🙂

    • Absolutely! It would be counterproductive to write stories about princesses that don’t do anything other than demonize femininity. I really hope we get to do at least 3 of the stories, because it’s hard to cover all the ground that needs covering with just ONE character. I think you’ll especially love #2 if we get to reveal her. 🙂

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