Deep Down followup: clueless, whiny women not needed in games. SO THERE.

Responding to the flap over the omission of female characters from Deep Down, Vox Day – author, noted misogynist, and professional troll – wrote a post on his blog about “why we don’t put girls in games”. (I’m not going to link to his blog here, but it should be easy to find. Just be warned that it won’t make for pleasant reading.) In it, he leads off by saying:

Yet another clueless wonder is yapping about the absence of the unnecessary from video games

Oh yeah. I can tell this is going to be good. Please, do go on, good sir! Educate me on just why it is that women are so very unneeded in games! I’M ALL EARS.

Because logic.

Right. HISTORICAL VERISIMILITUDE. Okay. So apparently Vox Day finds it easier to believe in trolls and goblins than he does to believe in, you know, women.

historical versimilitude
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Orc by elhero, found here; Conan by Frank Frazetta; Dwarf Hunter, World of Warcraft; Goblin from d20 SRD; Troll from LotR: Return of the King


Then again, as was pointed out on my Google+, Vox Day is a notable misogynist and racist. His blog’s FAQ contains the following gem, which shows what a paragon of reason and intellect he is.

And now I need a shower.

Whoops, I’m sorry. Did I say paragon of reason and intellect? I meant terrible human being. (It’s so easy to confuse the two.)

6 thoughts on “Deep Down followup: clueless, whiny women not needed in games. SO THERE.

  1. Wow, never heard of this Vox Day character but I did a little Googling and I see he’s a real winner. Main claims to fame are writing lyrics for a minor techno band, writing for the right-wing extremist rag WND, and being expelled from the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America.

    • Yeah, and given the recent scandals over sexism in the SFWA, it must have taken an impressive level of odiousness to get kicked out. Not something that one should be proud of, for sure.

  2. The featured article (front page picture) of the Politikin Zabavnik for the 19th of July 2013 was about female gladiators. I have that issue of the magazine in my house so I read the article again and these are the cliff notes from it:

    -the dwarf fighting thing is from the time of Emperor Domitian who believed that male gladiators were “physically superior” and as such ordered that only male gladiators with dwarfism could fight in mixed gender arena battles

    -Roman intellectuals from the times of the gladiator fights thought that women gladiators were going against their own female nature by participating in the arena

    -The Roman Emperor Septimus Severus banned women gladiators from the arena because their participation in the arena fights “insulted the masculinity and the glorious warrior skills of the true fighters”, nobody bothered to enforce that or any other ban of women gladiators from the arena

    -there were no female gladiator schools and women would either get combat tutelage from ex-gladiators or from collegia iuvenum and as a result most women gladiators were from the richer parts of the Roman society in contrast to men gladiators who were usually slaves, foreigners or from the poorer parts of Roman society. As a result of their training’s prerequirements most women gladiators fought for the passion of a gladiator battle and/or for the fame of the arena while most male gladiators fought for freedom and/or money

    -The article ends by concluding that there is still not enough evidence to be able to conclusively point to a place in time where women gladiators entered Roman society, but that they left it most likely at the same time as the gladiator arena itself: with the arrival of Christian Roman Emperors.

    Historical versimilitude? More like historical retcon. Also last I checked the gladiator fights were as brutal and sadistic towards men as they were towards women.

  3. I’ve been pretty impressed with the female gladiators coming out of!art-gallery/cgxl . They’re almost all wearing the same style clothes and helmets as the males, and they’re all (nearly all?) in fighting or power/dominant poses rather than the typical brokeback pose. The fact that some of them happen to have boobs isn’t nearly as immersion breaking as the handful of mythological beasts.

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