The re-launch of Go Make Me a Sandwich as a Patreon-supported blog

Go Make Me a Sandwich now has a Patreon!

Well, folks. I’ve decided to jump on the Patreon bandwagon. I’d like your help to make re-launching my feminist gaming blog, Go Make Me a Sandwich, a financially viable activity.

Why start a Patreon when I used to blog for free?

Let’s face it, the economy is tight, and with a toddler in the house I have to maximize the financial return on my creative output. As much as I love blogging, I just can’t justify the amount of time and energy that it takes away from paying work such as the freelance writing I’ve done for White Wolf or my own independent game publishing projects.

But I still feel like I have important things to say, so I’m turning to you, oh reader, to help make blogging a financially viable activity for me.

Paying for a blog? How does that even work?

Everything written for my blog will be published free of charge for the internet-viewing public. When you pledge money, that supports me in devoting creative bandwidth to creating content for my blog. Each time I publish a post, I receive money according to your pledge amounts.

But have no fear! You can set monthly limits on your pledges, so if I have a month where I’m feeling particularly voluble you don’t wind up breaking the bank. In fact, if it helps you feel comfortable with pledging, I encourage you to do so! Also importantly, this is not a permanent commitment. You can withdraw your support at any time.

Quality criticism of game and game culture is important. Any amount you care to give in support will be so, so appreciated. Thank you.