31 hours to go in my LotFP campaign!

Thirty one hours to go in the funding campaign for my LotFP campaign! We’ve still got a ways to go, so let’s try to make things a bit more interesting:

* For anyone who contributes at the Grab Bag level ($100), I’ll do a custom finished black and white ink character illustration.
* For anyone who contributes at The Faithful or higher ($180), I’ll do a finished color character illustration. Backers will receive signed originals.
* This is retroactive for funders who have already backed at the Grab Bag or higher. This is also open to people who have backed at lower levels and upgrade to Grab Bag or higher.

That might seem like a lot of money, but consider that with three adventures now funded you’ll be receiving quite a lot for your money in terms of adventures and bonus supplemental material. This has the potential to be dangerous for me in terms of time commitment, but I really want a chance to write this adventure, so let’s see if we can make me regret this commitment.

Let’s see if we can make this thing happen!

If you’d like a reminder as to what the adventure is about, you can check out this post on Gaming as Women about the inspiration behind my campaign. You can also check out my website to view a selection of previously published illustration work, as well as looking at the gender swap tag here on this blog for more recent examples.

3 thoughts on “31 hours to go in my LotFP campaign!

  1. Bummed that your adventure didn’t fund. I do hope you find a forum to publish it and that I’ll know so I can purchase. I was sold on your description of influences. As a GM, I like involving the characters with the npcs because it provides a context for the choices that make the game. So Seven Samurai type scenarios are golden, and an imaginative horror story with that motif even better.

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