Help me fund this campaign so I can write a fantasy horror adventure for LotFP!

[Like horror? Like old-school retroclone gaming? Then you should support my campaign to write and illutrate a horror adventure for Lamentations of the Flame Princess!

I’m super-excited to be able to announce this, because it’s going to be incredibly awesome!]

Lamentations of the Flame Princess presents We Who Are Lost by Anna Kreider

The emperor’s health is failing and with it, his grasp on the reigns of the realm. The governors feud among themselves in a desperate struggle to accede to his throne when the time comes, doing nothing about the warlords who ravage the countryside. With the land descending into chaos, is it any wonder that the people turn to ancient myth and superstition for comfort?

At least, you had always assumed it to be superstition. But now, you are not so sure…

A desperate village looks to you to be their salvation. Beset by bandits and murderers, they have invoked legend and unleashed a horrible force upon the world – one terrible beyond mortal comprehension. Without your help, they will surely be consumed. But how can you save them if you, yourself, are dragged into insanity?

We Who Are Lost is a an adventure in which you will tell stories of madness, terror, and terrible decisions.

5 thoughts on “Help me fund this campaign so I can write a fantasy horror adventure for LotFP!

  1. So, I’m a bit curious how you feel about the art in Lamentations of the Flame Princess. People have accused the game of being sexist, presumably because of the art in the “Grindhouse” edition. Personally, I think the art is gruesome and disturbing and I wouldn’t show it to my grandmother, but it’s fairly egalitarian in it’s treatment of the sexes.

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