By popular request: your chance to own a sexy president

I think I may have created a monster when I created sexy Abraham Lincoln. The fervor with which some of you wanted to own a piece of sexy Abe merchandise has been, frankly, a little frightening. Still, I am nothing if not accommodating. So to facilitate your requests, I’ve created a shop over on Spreadshirt that should satisfy your suggestive Presidential attire needs.

Yes, I realize that leaves those of you who wanted prints out in the cold. However, the reason I went with Spreadshirt is because they offer a nicer range of products for women and because they allow users to select the color of shirt they want the image printed on without me having to manually create each different iteration. Bonus! In compensation, if I find time (ha!) I’ll create some wallpaper versions of Abe. Or maybe I’ll just see if any of my enterprising readers want to save me a bit of time and have fun coming up with sexy Abe wallpapers. (If you do, feel free to post them wherever. Just please also post links in the comments, and please also be sure to credit me.)

Lastly, I went with Spreadshirt because their pricing was most favorable, and as previously mentioned I intend to donate half of the profits to the International Myeloma Foundation – a foundation that raises money for research into treatment methods for incurable blood cancers. I realize that this might not exactly seem aligned with the stated purpose of this blog, but this past summer I lost my father to multiple myeloma – bone marrow cancer. I realize that there are no “good” cancers, but watching my father go through years of agony from having tumors inside his bones was especially cruel. Even more cruel is that there is no cure for myeloma. Around 33% of patients diagnosed with the cancer that my father had are dead within 6 months. I was lucky that my father lived almost 6 years after his diagnosis. My father was incredible instrumental in shaping my feminism and inspiring me to speak my conscience. He taught me the importance of speaking out, even when silence would be easier. This blog wouldn’t exist without him.

That said: don’t buy a sexy Abe shirt because I’m guilting you to help raise money for cancer research. If you feel genuinely moved, go donate directly to the International Myeloma Foundation. If you’re going to buy this shirt, buy it because you want to wear a ludicrously portrayed sexy historical President.

23 thoughts on “By popular request: your chance to own a sexy president

    • Imagine all the potbellied men wearing pictures of literally naked anime chicks on their shirts… Not saying it makes it even but people do much much worse all the time.

  1. You’ve done this several times before, but I don’t recall anything quite like this. I guess Abe’s just sexy like that.

  2. Ok, so this will be my last post on this website. I’m done here. In this last move you’ve finally become what it is you have been supposedly fighting against this whole time.

    It’s almost a tragic hero cliche. Using video-game analogies (seems fitting), you are Arthas from Warcraft III. You’ve been fighting this whole time against something, then resorted to utilising their very weapons against them, and finally realised that in doing so you have become the enemy itself (This part comes later, although at this point, who knows if it ever will?)

    You are now profiting from the sexualisation of members of the opposite gender.

    It may be a joke, it may be a parody, it may be a serious commentary on the double standards society possesses, but at the end of the day, your plausible deniability becomes null and void because monetary profit is involved.

    I have cringed through the nerd-talk, the truly caricature-esque examples of bad feminism, the unbridled misandry and overall unwarranted sense of entitlement here for too long. But at the same time, being here and seeing the world-view some of you hold is akin to the sort of sick enjoyment one might get from watching an episode of Jersey Shore.

    Nothing will ever change because you’re unwilling to play the game properly. You don’t want to change things, you just want to be heard. You don’t want to listen, you just want to be told you’re right, and strong, and brave. You’re not. You’re now part of the problem, but just because you aren’t a first-world white male, you think that it’s ok.

    Any excuse you use for selling this will nullify any argument you have made against the companies and characters featured on Go Make Me A Sandwich. Any justifications you have for this move can be applied successfully to the creative output from so many that you have accosted.

    Equality is not and never will be a zero-sum game, you shouldn’t be taking the rights away from one group to give them to another.

    You need to think of a new word to call yourself, because you’re certainly not a feminist.

    • Like seriously. You are so Butthurt it makes MY butt hurt.
      1. Wundergeek has NEVER said she opposes women being sexualized. What she opposes (feel free to correct me wundergeek) is that sexualization, and passive sexualization for a heterosexual male viewer is the only design option for females in games.
      2. I don’t know how long you’ve been reading but if you missed previous images of sexualized men you must be VERY new here.
      3. Who died and made you the police of feminism?
      4. Don’t worry, I won’t miss you.

    • You are now profiting from the sexualisation of members of the opposite gender.

      And? How’s that a bad thing by itself?

      the truly caricature-esque examples of bad feminism
      the unbridled misandry
      overall unwarranted sense of entitlement
      being here and seeing the world-view some of you hold is akin to the sort of sick enjoyment one might get from watching an episode of Jersey Shore

      Yep, gonna be needing examples of all of these, I’m afraid. That third one is particularly egregious. Unwarranted sense of entitlement for wanting to be treated like a human being who matters as much as men? Something tells me you were never down with feminism in the first place.

      You need to think of a new word to call yourself, because you’re certainly not a feminist.

      And I suppose you’d be an expert on feminism, hmm?

    • Dude, it’s called *satire*. The point of satire is that it takes something problematic to its logical extreme in order to highlight how wrong it is. See: Jonathan Swift suggesting we should eat Irish babies, or any episode of the Colbert Report ever. Humor often allows us to make a point about how fucked up something is better than a thousand serious arguments. This is what sexy Abe does, because it’s impossible for us to recognize truly how fucked up sexualized depictions of women in games are because we’ve been conditioned to see them as normal. By creating a sexualized MALE depiction, with all the ridiculousness that goes along with the bullshit women we get in games, it shocks the viewer into thinking about how ridiculous the default portrayal of women in games is.

      If you’re offended, I’m not going to apologize. People get offended by satire all the time, but that doesn’t make it any less valid a tool for effecting social change. I’ve said all along that no one is forcing you to read this blog, and if you want to read about feminism in gaming there are plenty of other blogs where you can do that. But don’t think for a second that you get to judge my feminism, because that’s not your call to make.

  3. I think you are making a mockery of a historical figure who is renowned for liberating an oppressed people and that confuses me in the context of this site.

    • Really? For me it works better then all these wundergeek’s posts till now, why? Because until this Lincoln’s pic I understood what wundergeek was writing about but I wasn’t really “feeling” it. Now I finally feel it too and not because Abe’s picture is on par with what author was posting on this blog, exactly because it is millions times the opposite. This picture shows the difference between depiction of women and men, why? This picture is nothing, a random small joke on the net, it won’t objectify Men, not sexualize them and Lincoln will still be a renowned historical figure, this picture won’t strip him from his dignity nor dehumanize him. Now think of these millions pictures of women from which that only incredibly small number is posted on this blog, on this constant process of objectification, sexualization and dehumanization of women. It may be sad but this small picture was better eye opener for me then all previous post, as it showed me the difference in numbers and sheer impact it is causing.

    • I fail to see how this is a mockery. Even if it was, I wouldn’t care. Lincoln’s not above mockery. He’s not some saint, and there are valid criticisms of the man. Even if he’s overall good, that doesn’t mean he should be worshipped.

      Oh, and if you’re going for a cheap shot here – “this blog exhorts us to think about the treatment of women, but then look how it does a hypocritical 180 and trivialises the history of African Americans!” – it’s not going to work. I think you’ll find that African Americans have a far less rosy view of “the Great Emancipator” than white Americans do.

    • But the problem is that this is EXACTLY the treatment that female leaders get in the Civilization series of games. And I don’t hear anyone complaining that Cleopatra was a strong leader of Egypt and was a powerful female ruler in her own right who doesn’t deserve to be reduced to a pair of tits. Nor do I hear anyone complaining that Catherine the Great managed to be not only a powerful female ruler but a formidable military leader in her own right and that tacking two watermelons on her chest is doing her a disservice.

      I picked Abraham Lincoln because he is such a revered figure in our culture just to drive home the inherent hypocrisy even more. Why is it that male leaders should be “above” such portrayals, and yet NO ONE speaks out against the trivialization of the accomplishments of noteable female leaders?

  4. Sorry to hear about your father, Wundergeek. An uncle of mine recently became very ill. Turns out it’s some sort of cancer (still hazy on the exact details) and he doesn’t have very long left. Some years ago, an auntie of mine survived breast cancer (complete remission, I believe), and wouldn’t you know it, this uncle and auntie of mine are husband and wife.

    It’s kind of hard to really understand the gravity of those “1 in [x] people will be affected by cancer” campaigns until it actually happens to someone you know, so I’d say your choice of charity is a good one, regardless of whether or not it fits some sort of “theme”.

  5. OK, not trying to be a turd, but American Apparel makes some of them, so I’m gonna get the men’z heavyweight ones, instead. Dov Charney, uuuugh… cannot give him my money, ok. Please, do sexy Rutherford B. Hayes. Thank you. 🙂

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