Short note regarding sexy Abe

After my posts lampooning the new Civ board game, I’ve had a disturbing number of comments from people wanting to buy sexy Abe merch. Seriously, it makes me worry about your mental health, peeps.

That said, there’s a fair number of you who want to own a piece of hot sexy President. And I’d rather be the purveyor of said merch rather than have unauthorized knock-offs start appearing. Unfortunately, my original file got ruined, which means I have to re-do Abe from scratch. It’s 2 hours that I don’t have this week, but I promise I’ll have an announcement here by the end of next week about how to own a sexy Abe of your very own.

A large portion of the profits from this venture will be donated to charity (I’m still waffling as to which), so I hope that you’ll also consider traumatizing your friends.

Thanks for reading, even if I’m a little scared by some of you now.

11 thoughts on “Short note regarding sexy Abe

  1. I thought satire was supposed to take something into a different context in order to show how ridiculous the real thing was. It’s not supposed to be admired by itself, but as a means to break a vicious loop. The vicious loop in this case is sexualization and its validation by the public, which triggers more sexualization because that’s what the public wants, through which it becomes the norm.

    I don’t know if people want the drawing because they’ve taken the point stated above and want to join the laughing at the whole sexualization thing (in other words, they think you made a good point and want to be a part of that) or it’s because they genuinely think it’s a good portrayal. Hope it’s the former, because otherwise this would have triggered the exact opposite of what satire should do! 😦

  2. I’m sorry your original file got ruined. Now you can redraw it with extra detail that would benefit any merchandise. To ensure that the message is not lost, you could write the phrase “If men were portrayed the same way as women”, or something of that nature, on the top.
    If this is succesful, the sky’s the limit. Now I’m waiting to see Teddy Roosevelt speaking softly and carrying a Big Stick.

  3. “A large portion of the profits from this venture will be donated to charity”

    I expect 50% of the profits, since I gave you the idea 🙂

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