Yes I know it’s been forever

Seriously, my next post is killing me. I’ve already put six hours into this thing and I’ve got maybe another hour to go. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m not dead and I’m not slacking. I’m just working on something that I was putting off because I knew it was going to be tedious. (And I was right.)

I hope to have it up tomorrow.

In the mean time – hey look! EA realized that women actually play their games! OMG!

(Seriously this is great and really encouraging, and holy crap that girl is awesome. But still – I find the narrative of the EA execs being surprised at the news that women like sports games to be really disingenuous. But whatever, it’s a totally awesome step in the right direction.)

5 thoughts on “Yes I know it’s been forever

  1. Um I do not think that the EA execs were surprised by the fact that woman like sports, from my point of view after reading that article the exec was reminded by Lexi that there is a female player base out there for this sports game and that they would like to be able to play the game with custom characters in their own gender as it would help make their gaming experience better, so he(they) decided to add an option of female players in their create-a-player mode.

    That is all they did. It is a step in the right direction but they could have done more and should have done more from the start. In the guy own chewed up words: ,,The issue came to his attention during the production process, and it was immediately prioritized for “NHL 12.” It didn’t replace any features slated for the game, but the designers knew there had to be extra work done to incorporate female players in the create-a-player mode.

    So the EA team did not think of their female player base at the start of their NHL 12 project but did respond to a letter from one of them and expanded the game’s features so it would be more interesting to the female gamers and to add a some positive PR that is going to get that game on more female gamers radar they included the female that sent the letter that got their attention as the female default for create-a-player.

    All in all a sound move from both the economic and social perspective and the entire sports gaming industry should have done it sooner and hopefully NHL 12’s results with this PR move will inspire more programers to add content (hey good news they do not have to change or remove the current content to make their games more interesting to girls they just have to add a few more options) that makes the sports games more interesting to play for girls and makes them more money because they will have a bigger player base to draw their earnings from.

  2. Sounds like some smart business by EA that invariably harms the representation of the source material. A little girl complained, they gave her a novelty role in a sports game so focused on correct and current line-ups that it updates daily through micro patches to ensure the teams are accurate. They did this just to get some extra media coverage and to advertise their game, and you’re celebrating it.

    Forgetting the obvious reasons why women can’t play on the same team as men at such a professional level in a game as physical as Ice Hockey, I find your celebration of EA humouring this girl (and women everywhere) at odds with what you claim to espouse here, Wundergeek. It seems to me that all you want from developers is to tack on superficial features in games that appeal to female players. And even though the whole point of this post is that it’s good to see EA listening to your particular group of the player base, they are treating the whole thing with a condescending and half-assed tone.

    What should be worked on is a NWHL or a CWHL game that features female teams and players competing against their own gender and the official teams in their divisions. But there’s not enough money in that sort of thing unfortunately, and it’s not likely to happen soon.

    Putting a female skin over a male in game model is akin to the “why can’t a woman be more like a man” argument that actually works against establishing the equality between genders. Men and women are equal, but different. But this just sounds very much like a female feminist’s main goal is to prove she can be just as much of a man as the opposite gender can, instead of being the very best person that she can be. I find this disappointing to say the least.

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