Gender swap! Yuna and Kuja

For this gender swap I wanted another pair of male and female characters. I liked the idea of the Fran/Balthier gender-swap, but didn’t really feel I nailed the execution. But as I was casting about for inspiration, nothing hit me. Then my husband suggested Kuja, and I thought yessssssssss! Kuja would be ridiculously fun to draw gender-swapped since he’s literally the only male character I can think of that is as sexualized as the ridiculous cheesecake women I mock here on a regular basis.

But then who to swap for the female to male? Well, I thought of this excellent pinup series of sexualized male comic superheroes, and that gave me the inspiration I needed. Yuna from X-2! I was going to turn those ridiculous shorts that expose half her ass cheek into stupid banana hammock shorts!

I was so, so psyched.

Now this involved more work than my previous gender-swaps, since I had to do an original drawing rather than just a trace-over (there’s a reason I stick to trace-overs. They’re easier and much less time-consuming), hence the lack of posts. Just to make things interesting, I decided to use poses from X-2’s transformation sequences. I searched around and found a pretty decent image of Rikku and Paine’s final pose for… whatever the hell they called the Gambler class in X-2. (Lady Luck? I’m feeling lazy here.)

Making myself draw these poses was quite a challenge and took quite a while to get right. I kept roughing in a body part, looking at the whole and realizing that the pose wasn’t extreme enough. And then I’d have to erase and start over. The resulting poses are pretty tortured. Rikku’s hips are arched forward even as she’s leaning backwards. It’s doable, as long as you have strong back muscles, but you’re going to regret holding that pose for any length of time.

Amusingly, drawing Paine’s pose made me realize that she’s pretty seriously over-balanced. I became skeptical that this pose was even possible when I failed to achieve it without toppling over after several attempts. When I called my husband in to look, he maintained that the pose is possible, barely, but only if you have really good core strength. As we didn’t have a mirror handy to verify, I’m not sure which of us was right. As yet I consider the matter unsettled.

Anyhow. Enough blather. Gender-swap time! First, Yuna and Kuja’s original designs:

and now… swap!

I can’t even begin to tell you how tickled I was to be doing this. I am so very, very pleased that this turned out as well as it did; I’m feeling a bit redeemed after the Fran/Balthier swap.

Yuna actually didn’t require much adaptation. I did have to do some *ahem* research into banana hammock shorts, since it’s not something I’m too familiar drawing. I’m pleased with how the shorts came out and consider male-Yuna to be one of my more successful swaps.

Kuja also required surprisingly little adaptation. I did change the top a little to make sure that the nipples (and yes, the areola too!) could stay covered – even if it would require much body tape.

I was told I had to scan this doodle in the margins.

All in all, I consider this to be a smashing success, and really – I think I had way too much fun doing this. I suppose I should do these more often.

10 thoughts on “Gender swap! Yuna and Kuja

  1. Omg. That’s hilarious! Awesome work, here. And honestly, if I did not know that Kuja was a male, I would have figured him for a woman, if not for the giant dong in the original drawing.

  2. I don’t know what it is about it, but fem!Kuja’s body tape-requiring shirt somehow seems more revealing than a lot of the stuff you post. XD;

    This is probably the most hilarious swap yet, though… possibly because it involves Kuja. Kuja will never not be funny.

  3. This is magnificent.

    The only way you could have topped this was by modeling dude-Yuna after Lord Yuna from Breath of Fire 4. But no one knows who he is, except those who do, who go into a frothing rage at the mere mention of his name (effective villain was effective). So y’know, it would’ve been a great troll.

    Dangit, are there any blogs out there that are nothing but drawings of skimpy-costumed women gender-swapped into dudes? I could have sworn there was something like that around.

    On another note, Kuja and Yuna are pretty great characters. Kuja for being a gloriously hammy self-parody of what happens when you mix a Squaresoft villain with an 80s glam rocker, and Yuna for actually being one of the better, more well-rounded and likeable lady-protagonists in video games. Though her default outfit in X-2 was stupid, on my playthrough I switched her to Gun Mage/Warrior/Dark Knight and never looked back. It was a fantastic game outside some of the sillier costumes.

  4. This is pretty hillarious.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this but I just found this on the Mass Effect Facebook page, seems they’ve decided Liara should be turned into a bushoujo statuette. It seems though that a lot of the commenters on it are in the ‘why, Bioware why?’ category about this. Bioware sometimes seem to do things right, then they seem to make an almighty screw up.

  5. Ya know… I’m fairly surprised I haven’t seen a ‘shirt’ like Kuja’s tried out on a female character before. It’s…..interesting…

    Love the swap though! It’s hilarious and awesome in all the right ways,

  6. This one is… interesting. Yuna looks gender-inappropriate, but not completely outlandish and impossible. Kuja looks like they belong in a particularly sleazy eromanga.

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