Hi, folks! This space will be silent until next week, as I’m leaving for GenCon tomorrow! I promise I’ll have lots of GenCon goodness for you when I come back, but until then, do try to behave yourselves as I won’t be reading email or comments. I’ll be too busy not sleeping and stuff.

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In addition to being a cranky feminist blogger, I am an artist, photographer, and somewhat half-assed writer living in the wilds of Canada with a wonderful spouse and two slightly broken cats.

9 Responses to GenCon!

  1. What, no posts while at Gencon?

    Throw us a bone here!

  2. Mirasiel says:

    Pah, if you’re not sleeping that means you have even more time than usual to read stuff on the internets, what else could you be doing??


    Have fun.

  3. Amy says:

    I still do not know how to send submissions to you, but here is an article on about why it’s still not cool to admit that you are a gamer:

    The article was great and touched on all points that make gamers (specifically, entitled gamers) douchebags, including game portrayals of women, but the comments section is, of course, disheartening.

    • Ivan says:

      Reasons 4 and 5: Isn’t this what wundergeek is hitting as collateral damage in her quest to make the gaming industry more respective of player base diversity (yeah I know: feminist first, but she does hit a cord for human diversity and tolerance too).

      • Cole92 says:

        Feminism encompasses equality for all people, especially people of the LGBT community and other ethnicities. Despite what many people think, feminism is the belief in the equality of both sexes, not just women.

    • Ivan says:

      Ok so reasons 2 and 3: People are working on storytelling too but I saw an article somewhere that said that most people do not finish RPG’s like say Dragon Age: Origins because the complex story is to long to finish with the grind that is leveling up to be able to entice people to play it to the end effectively, so he said in reason 2 that we are still obsessed with shiny gadgets, my answers is we are about as obsessed with shiny gadgets as we are obsessed with seeing great boobs in games. Put plainly it means that people want to eliminate grid as something that is noticed in the game ,just see bioshock for that: I have spent time away from the story killing big daddys to get little sisters and adam so I can level up my character well…..never, it just felt organic, and the gaming industry hears instead of better characters boob physics and instead of better XP system a better graphics engine, so I am going to wait until Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes out before I start to complain because they may have found a way to apply that Bioshock organic feel (at least partially) to a full blown RPG.

  4. eric:p says:

    Yeah, I don’t know how to send submissions either, so let’s just dump ’em here.

    Keep up the great blog!

    • Mirasiel says:

      To be fair I think you do see Spider Jerusalem posed nude and ‘alluring’ prety often in transmetropolitan..

      Alluring obviously being a value with varying mileage:)

    • stephen says:

      That look actually works for Aquaman. Its best I’ve ever seen him looking.


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