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Michael over at The Id DM has just posted an interview with yours truly that was conducted via email. It’s kind of long, definitely rambling, but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. He asked some really excellent questions, questions that more than once made me need to reflect on how to answer them for a day or two. It was especially interesting as Michael’s background is in psychology, which made for a different angle on the subjects I usually talk about here. I do hope that you’ll go give it a read.

Thanks, folks.

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  1. Wow that was quite an interesting read. kinda cool to see inside your head.

    I liked the last parts about dealing with different players problems in tabletop too: I just ran into a sort of problem in my campaign where I found one of my players real life berserk button (kids getting hurt, nothing major just a street rat working in someone elses patch), amusingly I had expected a similar, less um psychotic reaction from my older players (30-40 range), mainly those who have kids but it was my youngest player (19)…it was actually kind of disturbing to see the best role player just go on a silent (roaring) rampage of brutal, no prisoners murderfest with a 7′ tall warforged barehanded…through drug addled goblins.

    Now I’m stuck trying to re-write several key plot elements I had lined up because seeing kids (even make beleive ones) hurt seriously upset him. It was kind of amusing to see the one person I was really leary (mother of 3) about potentially upsetting just laugh about the whole thing 🙂

    • In the indie games community, we often talk about “lines and veils” being an important thing to talk about with your group – lines being things that you’re not okay with at all (kids getting hurt) and veils being things that you’re okay with, but only offscreen and not dealt with through narration or roleplay.

      • And that’s another thing added to my list of things to look up and read about 🙂

        Oh well, such are the consequences of first time DMing I guess, they didnt mention this in the DMG dammit 😉

        On the flipside I’ve at least managed to talk to him tonight about the session and he seems cool with it now that he knows its a possiblility in game, caught him off his guard I guess.

        Sadly though my group are all mothers & fathers with full time jobs which sort of limits how much pre-game conversation I can get with them, except for the youngest member and my partner. Even using email and a central campaign site its hard to have much conversation, guess I’ll just have to adapt on the fly.

        /quick peek around the internet, oh whats the first thing I find on lines and veils…violence against children….

        I suppose I’d already used something similar when dealing with a male player seducing my female DMPC, good ol’ fade to black and stock footage of trains entering tunnels…..course then the illusion spell she had wore off and he was naked and unarmed with a drunk/horny/sociopathic revenant who’s cover just got blown…hilarity ensues…

    • The tabletop thing is just entirely surreal for me, since the local scene around here is around half women, and they’re the creepy ones. Some of the things that happened were so bad that we actually had to ban whole groups at a time. So we have some women’s groups, but only because no one else wants to deal with people that think, for instance, “my character gets raped and impregnated by deep ones so I can play the hybrid baby in the next campaign” is an acceptable story arc for our weekly Call of Cthulhu game, (and that’s not even the worst thing that’s happened) regardless of how “in-genre” it is.

      No matter how often I remind myself that this isn’t normal, hearing about how alienated women feel at the game table is like being in the Twilight Zone.

  2. OK so your name is Anna Kreider? Or is that something you just use instead of your wundergeek nick sometimes when you are online?

    ,,But sometimes you can’t and despite my best interests I get written off as a cranky feminist.” Um you are a cranky feminist and you are right on top of most topics you discuss in your blog: the two are not mutually exclusive.

    This is a joke I heard recently and would like to hear your opinion of it: Did you know?: An alternate meaning of the acronym MMORPG is Many Men Online Role Playing Girls.

    In my country the reason teachers get paid crap has nothing to do with gender so why does it have to do with gender in yours? Please explain that one to me as I am a Serb living in Serbia.

    Truthfully had you cranked your cranky on the podcast referenced in the interview a little more it would have sounded a little something more then bland (and nasal on your part on account of the cold) to me, instead I got 4 people talking about the issues of sexism they them selves were thinking about and talking about it calmly like responsible adults (whatever that is) which is a lot better then something not bland.

    You suggested in the interview to go to Fat, Ugly, or Slutty for examples of hate speech, that made me think of a little hate speech my family had to deal with: in a nutshell a woman kept calling my house to call my mother a bitch or a variation on the theme because my mom was dating her ex, it did not stop until my grandpa left the phone line open instead of hanging up on her, she ranted for 12 hours (all through the night) and was still whining (literally, her voice sounded weak by the end of it) when I got up in the morning and found my grandfather sitting near the still not having hung up the phone on her waiting for the voice of that woman to stop coming through the receiver, she hung up an hour latter and did not call again. Do you think the gaming community has an option that enables players to do something similar to what my grandpa did with the phone?

    UM the rest of the interview was an introduction to this here blog and to you for the people following The Id DM blog, which is exactly what an interview is supposed to be and Michael did a nice job with the questions and your answers to them covered the basics of the content one can find on your blog and also presented your opinions and character well.

    And finally: yes I think you are a cranky feminist blogger who uses her crank for constructive debate about the problem of sexism towards women in video games. It doesn’t change the fact that your posts are for the most part right on the money of the issue and that your blog is an interesting place to discuss the subject sexism in our multimedia world.

    • This is a joke I heard recently and would like to hear your opinion of it: Did you know?: An alternate meaning of the acronym MMORPG is Many Men Online Role Playing Girls

      Ah, yes, the internet, where men are men, women are men, and children are FBI agents. Only that’s not so true, anymore. (Well, perhaps the FBI agents, depending on where you are.) There are a lot of female MMO players. A lot of them. (Though it is true that there’s no guarantee the person at the keyboard is the same gender as their character, but that’s… well, that’s gaming.)

      • Dude, yes. I know a woman who compulsively plays only MALE characters.

        I hate that joke because it just perpetuates the idea that gamer=male

      • Interestingly, despite the “common knowledge” that female game characters are played by men they are still getting hit on ingame. Some guy recently flirted with my boyfriend, who happened to play a female game character. It was kinda weird for him but now he got a taste of what we girls/women have to deal with. lol

        • And that’s another reason some women opt to play male characters – much less chance of getting hit on. Or rather, much less chance of someone being an asshat. (Some people don’t mind social, non-creepy flirting, but there’s also the stuff that ends up on Fat, Ugly, or Slutty.) Though, honestly, the people I know who play characters of a different gender, just enjoy doing so. Or they like the art better.

  3. I think it isn’t very good interview, not on your part of course but this guy doing it, his rambling are mostly about himself and his opinions and took most of the space.

    • Lawrence,

      That is certainly a fair comment, and I was aware that my “rambling” took up a good chunk of the space. I considered editing my portions of the discussion but decided against it. I’m sure there are positives and negatives to that decision.

    • STupid question time! Yes! I have so many comments about the covers you’ve nominated! Only I can’t figure out how to leave a comment… How do I do that? Or can I email you?

  4. Um wundergeek I know it is a bit off-topic but I would like your opinion of the Serbian animated movie Technotise: Edit & I, if you have the time and interest for it. Here is the link to the English trailer on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1usg4x9w0Q . Why would I ask your opinion? Because I’m a Serb living in Belgrade and this movie captured the character of my city and its people, the good, the bad and the crazy, so I would like your opinion on it.

    • Oh and I forgot you being not from my country makes your opinion more objective then mine when it comes to the quality of the story and you being a cranky feminist makes you more qualified then me to spot for gender fails and as this is the first animated feature that was made in Serbia so I would like to know what quality it has compared to the rest of the animated movie market.

      P.S. Again your choice if you want to check it out, if not its OK. But it would be really interesting to actually read an opinion about this movie from someone with a different cultural background then the people that made it.

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