>WTF: the "not enough hours in the day" edition

>Okay, folks. Sorry for the radio silence. (I’ve been trying to check in with the comment threads since things have been pretty busy…) I got a MASSIVE video-editing project with a crazily short deadline dumped in my lap, and it’s consuming almost every waking moment of my existence. Literally.

But I was feeling guilty, so here are some things that are WTF and some things that are not so WTF.

WTF the first

(images taken from this post from Spinksville)

So it seems like a lot of the new MMOs are feeling threatened by TERAs effort to have the least-clothed women in MMO Land, because I’m seeing a lot of pornular women that really up the ante from other MMO companies. Case in point, here are male and female guards from the same area in the upcoming MMO Rift. Looks like their uniforms aren’t all that… um… uniform.

WTF the second

Someone was kind enough to email me this ad that they spotted for Rappelz. I was intrigued because Rappelz was the very first game I ever lambasted, and this woman is even LESS clothed than the Rappelz women of six months ago! I think I’m going to have to hunt up a bunch of new Rappelz ads and see how they compare to the old ones…

WTF the third

Lastly, I wanted to link to an article about the upcoming Tomb Raider game. A lot of people have lauded the redesign of Lara, but perhaps there is a cause for trepidation. The feature on IGN seemed very enthusiastic about the realistic death animations and describes several ways in which Lara can die, including the gem:

All of which should keep you happy if you enjoy watching bad things happening to pretty ladies.

And this is why female gamers hate IGN. Still, I’m a bit nervous now for how the new and improved Lara will fare. Here’s hoping she doesn’t meet with the same fate as Samus in Other M.

Thankfully, I have something to get rid of the bad taste…

Awesome the first

(Image from the Tumblr of Michael Pawlak)

I stumbled across this on Ben Paddon’s blog and thought it was amazing. I think the ladies at Fat, Ugly or Slutty could probably identify with this pretty well.

Awesome the second

Last but not least, I’ll link to a video that a friend sent me the link to: an episode of Extra Credits by the Escapist about female video game characters. It’s long, but it’s well worth watching. Also, it makes fun of Other M and Ivy, which I support.

That’s it for this week folks. Things will return to normal next week.

24 thoughts on “>WTF: the "not enough hours in the day" edition

  1. >Love that Extra Credits video. They always seem to be really on the ball about things.I'm hopeful about the new Tomb Raider, but it's gonna take more than a redesign to make me interested. Lara has just been a rather boring character for a long while now..

  2. >WTF the first:Though the competitors are upping the ante, I highly suspect Tera is going to come out on top. They seem to be eager to sink to a lower level than everybody else.WTF the second:I first saw that ad months ago. I'd heard some good things about Rappelz in the past, but there's no way I'll play a game advertised like that. I'm also pretty disappointed when I find out a friend is playing Evony for similar reasons.WTF the Third:I've got hopes that the new Lara turns out to be a far better character than the old one(and sells alot of games in the process). Hopefully IGN's stupidity isn't indicative of the quality of the game, and/or how the gaming press in general is going to treat it.Awesome the First:Funny stuff.Awesome the Second:Fantastic video. Gives some real insight on how to do female characters properly, and I'll probably refer back to it the next time I RP a female character.

  3. >Oh, hey, I didn't know IGN was into Ryona. That's interesting. I wonder if they're aficionados of different types of gendered violence, like snuff-pegging or the castration stuff or the you see bi-monthly on Gurochan? No? I wonder why not.

  4. >The Rift thing is kind of depressing, because there's several threads on the subject of women's armor on the forum. It's been a hotly debated topic from what I gather, and there's quite a few people asking for the ability not to wear platemail bikinis in some way, but there's also not insignificant amount of people who are complaining that the clothing is too conservative. There was at least one person who specifically mentioned Tera as having better armor too.

  5. >"All of which should keep you happy if you enjoy watching bad things happening to pretty ladies."Is this necessarily misogynistic? (Well, considering the site, there's no doubt in this particular case, but as a general question.)

  6. >Anonymous!: Well, no, otherwise Women's sports and the manga Claymore would be crimes against humanity. But it very well can be: There's a distinct difference between Claymore and a slasher film, and it's not that one is live-action.(Incidentally, people here into anime should read Claymore. It's basically everything you're asking for, except not a game.)also, my internet is finally working enough to watch that Extra Credit video. lol at "true female characters." What nonsense. The ones we have now are female. The developers made that very, very, very clear.

  7. >@Anonymous!: I'll answer your question with another question. Would you not expect a very good portion of women to be creeped out by the idea that the person writing at that article felt a need to talk about how women dying in various ways is a real turn on (otherwise what's the need for the 'pretty' qualifier)? Was there really any need to put that comment in the article at all?Using the word misogynistic would be going too far, I think, sometimes we act unconsciously on these things due to the environment we've grown up in. However, it's still completely thoughtless to women in the audience, and I'm sure it certainly doesn't make some of them feel welcome when it already seems like they're finding different ways to sexualize Lara. Also.. talking about how women's brutal deaths stimulate you in a mainstream gaming article in a gaming culture that already doesn't treat women very well…. yeah, not too helpful.

  8. >It's definitely woman hating to encourage men to get off on the death of women. It's tragic that this even has to pointed out – but well, many males refuse to acknowledge even the most obvious sexist harm.

  9. >You know, I planned on having another long, rambling post, but the void with that.Normally, I'm all for trying to be reasonable and understanding, but that was a stupid thing to say. Dead Space has a bevy of terrible fates and death animations for protagonist Isaac Clark, but you don't really see people saying, "If you like seeing bad things happen to hunky men."Yeah, the writer's a dude, and yeah, he's probably had Lara Croft pinups on his wall. But you know what? What he said was stupid, misogynistic, and yeah, I think even I'd whip out "woman hating" on this one. The idea that someone would just intentionally let their character die to get a sexual thrill out of it, I can't even describe my disgust at that.To clear my head, I'm going to think of several good female characters kicking butt and taking names. Potentially of all the people that the comment was meant for.I mean look, there is a list of female characters in gaming that, if they were real, I would take interest in. I'm (relatively) certain the same could be said for male characters as well. Hell, if you could take the basics of personality from Alistair in Dragon Age: Origins and put it into a woman's body, I'd…ahem, well, moving on.Um, anyway. Yes. IGN bad. Crazy MMOs are crazy. I'm going to go away now. Back to ritual dismemberments, I suppose. No, wait, it's not Tuesday, is it?

  10. >"It's definitely woman hating to encourage men to get off on the death of women."Mmm, I'd disagree with that, if only because of the very cheerful women that do guro art and obiously don't hate themselves. (check Depth Bomb on Danbooru for a prominent example. Some of her Touhou stuff with the Scarlet vampire sisters is breathtaking)But yeah, bringing that stuff into games that aren't build around snuffing already (like the Deception series) is downright vulgar. Plus, IGN is doing that annoying thing where it's always women getting snuffed, which sure as hell doesn't reflect the general demographics and orientation of the internet gore-fetish community. (hint: a quick check shows the "South Park" and "Male Guro" threads are front page on Gurochan right now, and they've been active for roughly a year).So no, this stuff doesn't have to be misogynistic, but IGN is sure leaning that way.

  11. >Hmm, it appears that Rift wants to outdo Aion (otherwise known as "Why can't I have pants!?"), since at least in Aion, women NPCs sometimes do have pants.

  12. >@Hazmat Sam: My comment is more to address something in general instead of the guro thing really (I already gave my opinion on that really). I will note that just because some women are into something does not mean it's /not/ woman-hating or sexist by that fact alone. Like, some women are totes cool with the misogynistic behavior brought against a lot of women in gaming culture or think the women who get bothered by it are just 'overreacting' but that doesn't excuse anything or suddenly make it all okay.It's not like women have some special immunity to that stuff being normalized to them, and I hope we're not pretending that a negative perspective on women in general in our society can't breed self-loathing. 'Exceptional Woman' syndrome is still alive and well.

  13. >I could be mistaken but I remember reading somewhere that Lara will take clothing damage like in the new Parasite Eve. I'm still remaining hopeful after reading about the new Lara in Game Informer, but if it's true about the clothing damage I'm ready for my facepalm.

  14. >ThePredation: I hadn't heard anything about that… Clothing damage doesn't neccesarily mean it will be exploitative, but it's definitely an understandable fear after what they're doing with Parasite Eve

  15. >Lilith: I wasn't really talking to you, but to address your concerns, please note that the artist I spoke of draws plenty of women murdering men and/or other women. I've found that the guro community isn't particularly exclusive when it comes to gender.And no, I'm not trying to claim that women are more enlgihtened than men or whatever. I personally witnessed soccer-mom on stripper violence, remember? My point is simply that a woman whose hobby is drawing woman-hating art would be self-hating, and the women artists of the guro community (and there's a lot. It's really just the logical extension of a rape fantasy) do not seem to hate themselves very much.

  16. >@Hazmat Sam: Whether you were talking to me or not is irrelevant I think on a comments board. Anyway, I wasn't really making note of the Guro community or the particular artist as I said in my post. I'm not going to give my opinion on that one way or another beyond what I've already said.I was simply pointing out the fact that 'but women like it or take part in it' does not mean that those things could not very well still be misogynistic or sexist. I was pointing out certain implications of that one statement is all.

  17. >Lilith: "Whether you were talking to me or not is irrelevant I think on a comments board."Well, yeah, but I thought you were responding to my arguments, which weren't refuting yours. In fact, I agree with everything you've said on this thread."I was simply pointing out the fact that 'but women like it or take part in it' does not mean that those things could not very well still be misogynistic or sexist. I was pointing out certain implications of that one statement is all. "Well, I apologize if you got that assumption. I'm a bit surprised that you assumed I could've held that position, what with my focus on logic and all. I was commenting that a group that is supposedly self-hating seems to have suspiciously high self-esteem, but, on further reflection, I realize that that joviality might just be the speed that every fucking artist I have ever known goes through like candy. (Amphetamines being to fine arts classes as Starcraft is to Computer Science)

  18. >"Well, yeah, but I thought you were responding to my arguments, which weren't refuting yours. In fact, I agree with everything you've said on this thread."Oh, okay, I misunderstood that particular part then. My apologies.

  19. >And I had such hopes for Rift, too. The setting does have some really cool and strong female NPCs, then they dress them in cheesecake.

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