>On comments: a clarification

>Okay folks, I’m keeping this short and sweet. I lost most of my day to airports and being on the road (it’s good to be home), so the promised responses (esp. Maverynthia and tekanji) will happen tomorrow. I’m too tired to string complex thoughts together coherently right now. I just wanted to clarify quickly about my policy toward comments.

I noticed a traffic spike because of a post that tekanji wrote on the Shrub.com blog. Unfortunately Blogger ate tekanji’s comment and it appeared like I had deleted it. I hadn’t, but I didn’t catch that it had been eaten for almost an entire day since I was on vacation. I restored the comment as soon as I caught it and also left a comment over on the post on Shrub.com. And the misunderstanding has been acknowledged and no harm, no foul. But it led me to think that I might want to publicly state my comments policy, just for clarity. So here it is.

The only comments I delete are spam – and by spam I mean shit like “great blog, if you like this you should check out these great cosplay outfits”. If the comment is by a human being, no matter the content, I will never delete it.

I don’t want to get into the politics of who I will and will not allow to speak, so this blog is a place where everyone can speak. I can’t guarantee you’ll get listened to; if you post anonymously that I’m a fat slob who needs to get a life, it’s not too likely that you will. But this will always be a place where you can speak.

That being said, please be aware that Blogger’s spam filter is complete shit coded by crack-addled hamsters. It never catches ACTUAL SPAM and will often eat real comments. Frequently the post will show up and then vanish on refresh, which understandably does look like me deleting comments. I check comments once or twice a day, depending on how busy I am, so I’ll restore it as soon as I catch it, but it might not be right away. (Please do feel free to write emails to the Blogger staff asking them to allow us to implement 3rd party spam filters.)

Okay. I’m going to go wrap myself around a mug of tea. More coming tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “>On comments: a clarification

  1. >I have also been having this problem on my blog as of late. I will get an e-mail notification of the comment, but when I go to my blog it is vaporized. Very weird. 3 occurences in just the past week, before that nothing. Might be related to the whole G-mail cluster fuck that occured this week.

  2. >To throw in my two cents:I think it tends to particularly dislike links, so when posting a reply if you can manage to not link to another website you have a much higher chance of not being falsely identified as spam.(I believe tekanji linked to another website in that post, which seems to me a likely reason why it was caught up).

  3. >Thanks for the clarification, wundergeek. This was my first encounter with Blogger's spam filter and it really did look like my comment had been deleted on my end. I'm sorry the misunderstanding happened, but thank you for being so gracious about it.Anonymous: You're right; both my comments that were marked as spam had one link in them. I can't believe Blogger uses such a craptastic algorithm…

  4. >Yep, I've gotten my comments deleted by blogger's filter quite a few times (no, I don't spam D:). And I do remember it happening when I've posted links too.

  5. >This happens absurdly often on feminist blogs, so much so that it's the default assumption where I'm from that deleted comments got filtered. It's often because words like 'vagina,' 'penis,' 'slut,' or 'porn' show up all the time in spam and feminist commentary, so feminist blogs get hit harder than a sports blog or whatever.

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