TERA: competing with Bayonetta for the sluttiest women still wearing clothes?

[2014 update: This post is one that I stand by, the title is regrettable in that it’s really slut-shamey. Since writing this, I’ve changed my stance on using that word – it wasn’t okay for me to use that term and I’m sorry. However, this being the internet, once posted it’s out there forever, and I’d rather be honest about my mistakes than pretend they never happened. So please consider this post in context. Thanks.

[ETA: This whole thing has probably blown over by now, but for those of you just seeing this – I’ve posted a followup that DOES look at male castanic armors. You can find the new post here.]

>Before I get into today’s post, I just want to refer your attention to a very interesting feature by Jonathan Holmes on Destructoid. It’s a very excellent look at female characters in video games and the over-used sexy badgirl/chaste goodgirl dichotomy that dominates all video game writing ever. Also, do yourself a favor and watch the video. It’s kind of long, but worth it – it’s very funny.

I never thought I’d tell people on this blog to go read something on Destructoid, but there you go. I guess anything is possible.

And now for something completely different

A while ago during one of my WTF roundups, I posted a screenshot of a character model wearing nothing but crotch floss:

I’d forgotten to include the name of the game in the file name, so at the time I just posted the screenshot as a bit of trivia. My helpful commenters informed me that this was a screen from the upcoming kMMO TERA Online which is being released soon. I filed that information away and promptly forgot it amidst doing research for other posts. That is until someone mentioned TERA to me again and I decided to take a look. Surely anything with character models that tasteless would be totally easy to mock, right?My expectations were pretty low when I followed a link to the European site for TERA Online. Still, I was pretty shocked when this is what I saw on the main page:

Does that curvy spine remind anyone else of Bayonetta?
Holy crap! I mean. Wow. That’s… um. That’s a lot of crotch. Like. Right there. On the main page. On second thought, it might be a little silly being surprised about these things, but usually they don’t bust out the crotch right on the main page. They save it for screens of the character models on the race and class pages, but it’s usually not so… blatant.I was a bit hesitant as I clicked on the race page to check out the different races and was pretty surprised when the first race page (Amani) featured this image:
Whoa! That’s, um. That’s some crotch! Some male crotch! A lot of male crotch! So, okay, maybe this TERA game is just all about crotch. And that wouldn’t be so bad, really – as long as it was equal opportunity crotch. Really, that’s been my beef all along. If you’re going to have tasteless nudity, at least have EQUAL OPPORTUNITY tasteless nudity. But wait, no. It looks like TERA isn’t equal opportunity after all:

At least she’s not taking a dump.
So it looks like just another case of a monstrous male character being suggestively depicted to make some sort of statement about his “monstrousness”. Certainly we don’t see any of that from our human male, who is also allowed to stand up straight. Unlike the female mage who is sticking out her ass and waving her tits in our faces. Why, oh why, is it that there is not a single female mage in all of MMO-land who is capable of casting spells without gyrations worthy of a pole dancer?And it gets worse:

Ladybits! Attack!
In this image, the clothing dichotomy is even greater! The male character is wearing about fifty pounds of plate mail and the female character is wearing… even less clothing than the last one. Not that this is really anything new. This is the sort of thing you see from pretty much every MMO ever – and not just the free ones. Guild Wars, EverQuest, WoW – they’re all just as bad.And of course, what MMO promo would be complete without…
Lesbians! …okay, they’re not actual lesbians, but they’re two hot, almost completely naked chicks in blatantly sexual poses. It’s very hard for me to think that there’s NOT some kind of lesbian subtext intended. Of course, this might be cynicism on my part. Maybe the artist wants the intended male audience to think of banging these chicks in serial instead of in parallel. (Ha. I’m such a nerd.)

The real nail in the coffin is when you start lining up male models and female models. Here for comparison are male and female human models:
The most exposure we see from any of the human males is a very shallow v-neck. Otherwise they’re completely covered with multiple layers of clothing and armor, while the ladies are left to shiver with all their bits hanging out. Let’s hope they control the thermostat, otherwise they’re going to be pretty cold.The outfit on the far right is the most ridiculous in my book. First of all, the design is actually quite ugly and doesn’t really do flattering things to the figure. Second, the other two female humans at least get proper panties while she gets something that barely qualifies as crotch floss. It’s practically a crotch decoration. I hope she used some body glue, because I don’t see how those are staying on…And of course, it’s not just the humans. The high elves are just as bad:

Okay, maybe not QUITE as bad. The woman on the far right is wearing the most clothing I’ve seen on a female TERA model so far, which puts her ahead of her counterparts I suppose. Still, I’m getting awful tired of the stripper boots. Is there some kind of stripper boot outlet in the TERA world that causes them to be the most economic form of footwear?Oh, and let’s not forget another important bit of promotion. WHAT DO THEY LOOK LIKE WITHOUT THEIR CLOTHES?? Come on, people. Let’s remember the important questions.
Why is it that in their underwear, their breasts are still more covered than in some of the “armor” sets that I’ve seen? Ditto for their crotches. What gives? Why is THEIR UNDERWEAR more modest than their actual clothing? Do people not understand how absurd that is? How is anyone supposed to fight anything in clothing that you’re about to pop out of at any moment? Seriously, check out these action shots:

So the woman on top… What the hell is she thinking? Did she seriously think that it was a good idea to go fight monsters dressed like that? “Well, I’ve taped sea shells to my tits, so I think I’ve got everything important covered here”. Really? This is about as likely as giving a stripper a sword and telling her to go kill some monsters. I’m not terribly likely to believe that someone dressed like that is capable of wielding a sword that large. Plus – WHY IS SHE ALL MOIST? What purpose does that serve besides making her even more fap-worthy? “Well, I don’t have any armor, so I’d better grease up before I tackle that monster over there!” Come on, people. Now you’re not even trying.

And then from our mage on the bottom, we have more spell casting pole dancing gyrations. Does the magical energy she’s summoning come from her ladybits? Because if it doesn’t, why is she standing like this?

The sad thing is that all of these screens took me maybe twenty minutes to round up, which means I didn’t even have to look all that hard. I’m a little scared of what’s out there that I DIDN’T find. Now I’ll admit that the graphics are pretty impressive, but you can put lipstick on a pig and it’s… still a pig. Graphics do not a good game make. Neither do tits, but tell that to the people eagerly awaiting the North America release of TERA. I guess they disagree.

84 thoughts on “TERA: competing with Bayonetta for the sluttiest women still wearing clothes?

  1. >-scratches out the word TERA, scribbles something else in-There we go, now it's honest! SOFT-CORE PORN Online. MFMOG (Mainly For Males Online Game). But don't worry ladies, we've got a special offer for you. You get the /wonderful/ privilege of getting to stand there and look hawt for others to fap off to! I mean, when you think about it, that's really all you're good for! Amirite? Well our game seems to think so! Aren't you just so excited to play?!

  2. >"So the woman on top… What the hell is she thinking? Did she seriously think that it was a good idea to go fight monsters dressed like that? …. so I'd better grease up before I tackle that monster over there!" Come on, people. Now you're not even trying."this had me crying i was laughing so hard. brilliantly skewered! it's like shatner reading rap lyrics. when you actually acknowledge what's being presented, it's hilariously ludicrous.

  3. >I would argue the mage in the final picture requires corrective lenses. She's clearly reaching the early stages of middle age (the bit where your eyes are fine, but your arms seem to have somehow lost a few inches, so you can't focus on things any more) and is busy trying to get the finer details of her spell into focus by leaning back from it. Properly graded corrective lenses would allow her to see the fine details without needing to contort her spine in this manner.Alternatively, she could try getting her hair out of her eyes and see whether that helps, too.

  4. >Calling a lot of these outfits "clothes" is being pretty generous.I didn't hear about this one before, but it's definitely not something I'm going to be playing. I mean dang, I put up with the crap in WOW, Lineage II and whatnot for a while, but I'm pretty sure they didn't have a woman in dental floss dipped in (what looks like) vaseline. Wow.

  5. >It's possible that the greasy look of the one image is meant to indicate sweating. In which case I seriously hope ALL characters sweat or that's some really skeevy fetishizing.

  6. >I doubt that it's sweating myself. I've seen enough 'shiny plastic' effect on women in plenty of games and other art to know it's just there to make them look more sexual and/or bring attention to curves and stuff like that.

  7. >I'm with Lilith, it IS skeevy fetishizing. It's like a wet t-shirt contest: The wetness/shiny calls attention to all of their ladybits.There are ways to show a woman ho is wet (from sweating or whatever) and not fetishize it, but this sure ain't it.

    • as before old post but again that one pic with castantic that looks all dirty and shiny is from a TERA video

  8. >What I love about the very first picture is that she has a 'skirt-like' thing, that still only covers up half her bum and most of her legs.Because as covering up goes, we all know that bum is a minor detail compared to the back-leg area…

  9. >Isn't Bayonetta wearing her own hair?(and technically not 'clothed' at all?)Is there Jiggle Physics™ in TERA? Please tell me there's Jiggle Physics™ in TERA! :-/'Come on, people. Now you're not even trying.':Oh no. They're trying, all right. To do what is the question I probably don't want the answer to. 😛 But I'm thinking the nearly nekkid chix with spinal alignment problems in the ankle-breakers with the slathered on-bodypaint armor is the fav design of the only character artist working in these MMOs today. Seriously ,they're all starting to look alike, but the backgrounds and enemy modelling, and architectural variety take a back seat to this unfortunate trend. If you want to have a PC like this: fine, no prob. The company can even have them in the ad campaigns/promotional literature, screen caps, etc… But do they ALL have to look like this?(And doesn't a South Korean MMO company utilize this same look for their dozen or so free MMOs, IIRC?) The 'sweaty' pic:*omg* the shiny… why the shiny…Um, she's greasy so she can get away easy? Too slippery to… There's really no reason for it, is there? *sigh*This'll probably be consigned to the ash heap of history, and no one'll remember it anyway, no doubt, except to shake their heads at the horrible character art of it and similar fellow ERPGs in the 2K10s.

  10. >"This is about as likely as giving a stripper a sword and telling her to go kill some monsters."Hey! I know some strippers, comes with being on campus, and they're pretty buff. You think it's easy to do a vertical inversion with only your legs? It's not! That and the shit they have to deal with means I'd bet on them surviving a monster attack before an accountant or a cop. I also assure you that strippers do not, in general, wear working clothes off-duty.With that little wonk out of the way, I have to agree with some of the posters here: those clothes are hideous. Completely ugly. I don't have a sex drive that swings towards biology, so I called my friend Frank over and he confirmed that, yes, even someone with a sexual attraction to women can't ignore the utter hideousness of those outfits.At this point, I'm forced to conclude that either Korean fashion is entirely different to the point of repulsion, or that Korean men are way too desperate.

  11. >I dunno, I'm not repulsed by the outfits themselves. Well, some of them are pretty bad, yeah If you just modified them so that they didn't look like fancy underwear, they'd suffice as 'cool armor'. As it stands though they do nothing but show off the blatant double standard that women in MMOs are sex objects.By the by, I've noticed that Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online, both of which were made by the same developer, don't really have that same double standard.

  12. >Here's a funny thing: Warhammer online has that too. If your characters are wearing heavy armour it is literally impossible to tell the genders of characters apart. But the mage classes! Dear god, there's something about dark elf females that makes designers put them in conventional fetish wear, and I'm not entirely sure why. They don't even have the "matriarchal = dominatrix" meme going on because the Dark Elves have a king in that universe. Dark elves are skanky (defined as: wearing outfits or enacting mannerisms to jarringly pander to the primary culture's sexual fetishes.) even in community created games like Fall From Heaven, which is the only skanky female portrait! Even the vampire countess was clothed! I've seen more non-skanky succubi than dark elves, and I don't know why!

  13. >"And then from our mage on the bottom, we have more spell casting pole dancing gyrations. Does the magical energy she's summoning come from her ladybits? Because if it doesn't, why is she standing like this?"I don't know, I'm actually terrified of her spellcasting power because how else would she make that "shirt" stay on? That's some power, right there.

  14. >The really sad thing is, TERA's ridiculous female-clothing design is so extreme, that many gamers are actually making jokes about it. Keep in mind, these are people who are already largely desensitized to sexualized fantasy women, but even they recognize that TERA is over the top.If you think the still photos are bad, you should look up the videos of their running animations. The demon race women run bent completely over so you can look up their skirts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81OBZlIRLaM

  15. >Oh lord, I clicked a link from your video, Pai, and found this: Sexy gyrationsYes, when casting spells, there is a several-second-long animation in which the female casters gyrate their hips like friggin Shakira to charge up the mystical ovary powers or whatever. It looks completely ridiculous.

  16. >TERA is so over the top and such a joke that it's already in use as a derailing tactic in discussions about armour design in games. I'm currently following a few discussions about Guild Wars 2 (ArenaNet was recently releasing new information in their blog) and one of the most frequent statements I've read from certain guys were something along the lines of "Oh, just stop with your QQing! At least it's not as bad as TERA!"

  17. >Sam: I have no doubt that pole dancing requires serious muscles. However, are those the same muscles used to defend oneself with a bastard sword? NO. Also, are bastard sword-fighting techniques typically included in strip dancing routines? No. My point stands.

  18. >@Sabrina: Yes I do so hate that kind of tactic. Mainly because people who use it seem to really be completely unaware of the fact that the small stuff builds up into making the gross stuff like TERA normalized enough to even attempt. It doesn't just magically appear out of thin air.And being 'not as bad as Tera' doesn't mean it's acceptable either if it's still dressing women in skimpy armor and not respecting them. I really do expect better from Guild Wars, and there's nothing wrong with that. Especially since their armor designs, while having flaws in quite a few places, still had really great designs as well and seemed more focused on making the women look cool instead of making them look like slabs of sex-meat.

  19. >I wanted to clarify that I'm not saying GW or GW2 don't still have some issues with the female armor types. Some of the.. armor.. I saw for women in GW2 really bothered me. Like how the Elementalist was basically wearing a bikini top in one of the skill demonstration videos but the guy was completely covered in robes. It's one of the flaws I mentioned in my above post, and it's like a tradition with how the women elementalists were represented in GW. It just got skimpier and skimpier as each expansion came out and options to have completely covering armor became less and less available. I like the game but it can get under my skin sometimes. x.x(People always used the 'well it helps with casting' or magic types don't need to be covered up.. but then why aren't the men in banana hammocks? I mean if it helps with /casting/ and all or if there's no real /reason/ for clothes? Bad excuses are bad D:)

  20. >Wundergeek: It's just that a lot of people bad mouth strippers, and I don't appreciate insults on some of my dearest friends. That's all. I'm not saying you could substitute a pole dancing class for basic training. Don't get me wrong here. Lilith: Oh, Guild Wars! You know, I was actually in that scene until the Savannah Heat debacle that drove half of us to quit. "Just don't play Elementalists, then" stopped being good advice for people disgruntled with the outfits when Elementalist became the fucking Demoman of GW.I'm curious, just to gauge your tolerance, what do you think of female Mesmer attire?

  21. >Savannah Heat debacle? I starting playing Guild Wars sort of late so I'm not sure what that is admittedly heh. Though I really do hate the 'don't like, don't play' mentality. Since it is literally giving anyone who ever has a negative criticism, legitimate or not, the finger. That my way or the highway stuff can really bother me when it comes down to stuff like basic respect.Anywho, my opinion tends to vary on the mesmer. http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Mesmer_armorMostly I guess I'd be okay with a lot of the mesmer armor. The thigh highs.. were a little odd but I guess not /too/ much. And the boob windows and the cleavage-y ones bothered me a bit but you there were usually ones that covered more to choose from too. Which is more than could be said for the female Elementalist armor.. which seemed like a lot of outfits fit more for a dancer than a powerful mage who controls the elements.

  22. >Can we not call women slutty? It just makes you sound like all the artists that draw that stuff (hurr hurr she's such a slut *fap fap*) and shows you have little respect for the bodily autonomy of women in regards of clothing choices and sexual freedom. :X

  23. >Lilith: See, now you've got me thinking of Greg Stolze's REIGN, where dancers do, in fact control elements. Maverynthia: See, I could rant like Wundergeek about how fetishwear in a combat zone is retarded IC and immersion breaking and reflects poorly on the character's intelligence, but I'm going to go with the logic thing I've been trained for. Here's your problem: You are shallow to the point that you have forgotten that paint, pixels, and polygons are not alive, but less sapient. PIXELS DO NOT HAVE AUTONOMY. Therefore, literally nothing we say about poorly designed collections of pixels attacks the autonomy of any human being.Besides, "slut" is only used as an insult by women, (now, "whore" on the other hand…) so I very much doubt that most of these artists would have used it as an invective on the subject of their art.

  24. >On the other hand in GW female ele obsidian armour is one of the best looking from each proffesion whether men or women ( except for the high heels ..le sigh )http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Gallery_of_female_elementalist_Obsidian_armor

  25. >Sam: Okay, I really don't like repeating myself. PLEASE STOP INSULTING THE OTHER COMMENTERS. It really is possible to make a point without calling people shallow or ignorant or saying that they have bad taste, so CUT IT OUT.Maverynthia: The point that Sam is making is crudely and insultingly worded, and I don't agree that your stance makes you a shallow person… (but) The important thing is that these women are all created (mostly) by men to appeal to horny, straight men. When "please come fuck me" is an implied part of the character design, it seems appropriate to call them sluts because that's what they've been designed to be. It's the thinking behind the design that I'm decrying, but I'll always draw a line between calling fake video game women sluts and calling REAL women sluts. Does that make sense?

  26. >@Lilith: Yeah, exactly! Drawing the line with TERA is setting really really low standards. It's really easy to be more dressed than in TERA, lol. Regarding GW2: I love most of their male armour designs and I am yet again disappointed with some of their female armours – particularly caster armours like that elementarist from the skill videos or that Raven Norn priest. There are a couple more conceptarts that have this male=clothed/female=half-naked shit going on. /headdeskAnd yes, I also expect more from ANet. They have this really awesome team of concept artists – it's sad to see that they are so unimaginative* when it comes to dressing female characters. (*at least when it comes to the basics of covering skin and practical armours – the art itself is pretty awesome) They're still in my good books though. For one they actually addressed this issue in one of their blogs and at least promised us a wide range of armour designs (practical vs. sexy, clothed vs. unclothed) which is more than other game developers would do, afaik.And on the other hand they did have some nice armour designs in GW1 – though also some big big fails like the Ranger Elite Druid or the Elementarist sets and some Mesmer sets. I personally love their approach with the Monk armours which are pretty equal for the most part and offer a lot of variety in terms of how much you want to cover up. Ritualist, Dervish and Paragon are also somewhat balanced between the sexes – the Paragon class even has a male armour with Batman-style nipples which I find hilarious: http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Gallery_of_male_paragon_Elite_Sunspear_armorIncluding a ridiculously sexed up male armour set? A+, ANet! XD

  27. >@Sabrina: Oh they did address it? Wow, that's great! Yeah, that is a lot better than quite a few other companies that would just dismiss/ignore the complaints entirely and basically respond with 'tits or gtfo'. That's really awesome that they're going to make it so a wide range is available so people can have a choice.Like you said, even with the problems here and there, Guild Wars is still one of my favorite games because ANet is still pretty cool and fair about a lot of this stuff. And I really appreciate that.

  28. >@Lilith: It was in their article about designing the humans: http://www.arena.net/blog/designing-humans (see Armor and clothing design)At the moment my biggest concerns are the caster armours and also Norn women since I haven't seen many images that are not "tits or gtfo". But they said they read the discussion boards and there are plenty of discussions about this. It's great to see the community being aware of this issue (even if you have those "at least it's not as bad as TERA!" guys here and there) and reminding ANet that sex isn't the only thing that sells. So there's plenty of hope! 😀

  29. >Wundergeek: Okay, please understand that I'm not trying to fight with you, okay? Because someone ignoring the essence of a thing in favour of its is pretty much the definition of "shallow, but calling them such is an insult in the way that calling me "crude" is not. Now, this is beyond puzzling to me, so could you please define "insult" for the purposes of this blog?

  30. >Sam: I appreciate that you're trying. Honestly.So here's the thing. Maverynthia and I are pretty at odds here, but I don't think that puts Mav in the wrong. Slut-shaming goes hand-in-hand with victim-blaming. It's horrible stuff and it needs to stop! As an artist and sometimes character designer, I think that there's a distinction between real and fictional women, but I can respect the fact that some people feel uncomfortable with the harshness of the language that I use. The fact is that I've heard men call women "slut" too, as well as "whore" and "cunt" and "bitch" and all the rest. This is one of those things where people tend to have visceral reactions and even if I don't agree with them I can still respect their positions. Having a strong emotional reaction against the strong language I'm using isn't shallow, it's human.What I mean by not insulting people is feel free to disagree with someone's position, but don't let that carry over into making assumptions about a person's character. The fact that Mav and I disagree on this doesn't make Mav shallow and ignorant. Sexism and misogyny are messy issues, and no one person can claim to be the arbiter of truth and righteousness. A lot of the time the best we can do is engage in fierce self-examination and try to come to a position that we feel is defensible and morally consistent, even knowing that other people aren't going to agree with you 100% of the time. So feel free to tell someone "I disagree with point X because of reasons Y and Z", but please don't let that turn into "thinking that point X is true means that you are ignorant/shallow/stupid/have bad taste/etc etc etc"

  31. >Wundergeek: "What I mean by not insulting people is feel free to disagree with someone's position, but don't let that carry over into making assumptions about a person's character."Okay, I think I see what the misunderstanding is: You seem to think that a person's character is separate from the person, i.e. the person might, according to you, have a seperate "rue" soul/mind/spirit/etc. they're all really synonyms) that doesn't correspond to their actions for whatever reason. But my school of philosophy is empirical and would argue that souls are incoherent concepts. That is to say, someone is what they do. So a poster performing a shallow actions is a shallow person, and there's nothing wrong with pointing it out.On a similar note, when you say: "I think that there's a distinction between real and fictional women"The way we reason is that there are no fictional women at all, those phenomena are collections of ink/paint/pixels that serve as signs or referents to mathematical constructs, and we would call them "women" because "those ink and number gestalts that are designed to visually resemble female humans" is really long to say. Likewise, me saying "X is shallow" is a shorthand for me saying "X's speech(es) are deeply superficial and characterized by a manifest lack of critical thought." So, I think I get this now. I'm going to guess that your dictum is "Do not assign natures to people based on their actions.""A lot of the time the best we can do is engage in fierce self-examination and try to come to a position that we feel is defensible and morally consistent"Morality is an incoherent concept. I think what you're trying to say is "mandatory aesthetic". That's why I'm confused by the whole "don't hurt feelings" thing you're running on: your project in inherently imperial. (once again, not an insult)"So feel free to tell someone "I disagree with point X because of reasons Y and Z", but please don't let that turn into "thinking that point X is true means that you are ignorant/shallow/stupid/have bad taste/etc etc etc" "Well, that was close enough to what I guessed. Understood.

  32. erm just wanna say im a women 32yrs old been playing games (mmo mainly) since EQ1 up to WoW :Cata/tera beta and all the others inbetween and tbh i find nothing wrong with them wearing hardly anything.. fact of the matter is sex sells so why not? and most importantly of all.. tis a fucking game. so get over urself grow up and how bout wasting ur time in realife on realife issues. gg ty for ur time.

  33. So the entire article is to point out you know nothing of the game and why the models may look the way they do? You even skip over some of the male models than continue to compare different armor classes to each?

    First off the castanic race is based on sucubi and inucubi. The clothing t hey wear is very open and revealing, but they are sex demons after all. The plate classes tend to cover up more than the light and cloth armor but this can very. Specially for the males.

    You also ignored the fact of the Elin, and popori races. So basically you want to bitch to bitch, and show how off set the game is towards males. What you should really be doing is learning why they might want that art style in their game and what basis it has in the world.

    TLDR; Get over yourself, its a fucking game.

    • OMG! I didn’t take the time to line up male v female models for every permutation of race/class/level/gear set/day of the week. That totally invalidates my argument!

      • ummm… yes? Yes it does invalidate your argument.

        You cherry picked your images in such a way that you completely ignored all of the most revealing male outfits while focusing only on the most revealing female outfits. There are plenty of male outfits with open shirts as well as modest female outfits yet you try to make it out as though there’s some kind of systematic sex discrimination.

  34. we women have beautiful bodies and i don’t see why we should oppose some game designers who like to flaunt and exaggerate some of our bodily features. at least TERAs female characters have curves and curves and more curves, while not being stick skinny like the real life models we see everyday. fictional characters are not the issue in this world. i’ll echo rachel and ask you to please grow up.

      • Which culture and who life ? One culture Psychology anin’t universal By that regard modern concept of pornography must apply to fertility figure in the jungles of the amazon . That barely science to be honest and has no cross-cultural reference at most it prove that people of upper middle class background who are white christian privilege background experience imagery in a similar psychological fashion and response. Even Psychological studies are problematic they study one small group of human in North America in a specific class then abstract and generalize it to 4 billion people across time and space . That not science that’s magic. There no account for prior assumption being placed in those studies and there shown exclusively to a predominately white north American audience.

  35. It’s a game get over it, I know plenty of other females that are completely fine with the character models. It’s people like you that ruin things other people enjoy. If you don’t like it leave it alone, it’s not hurting you is it?

    • You know what. I think most of the chicks who complain about this are ugly fat asses cause I can’t think of any other reason they’d be offended. They’re jealous of 3D models

      • You’ve seen right through me. I’m a shambling drooling horror who cries herself to sleep because I can’t get any dudes to fuck me. Clearly a good dicking would clear up this nasty case of feminism if I stood a chance of getting one.

  36. in TERA you are able to pick and choose what “armor appearance” you’re wearing depending on your taste. you can be relatively modest or “slut it up” to your liking, or whatever terminology floats your boat. that being said I am a fond supporter of naughty bits and I am in no way amused at your lack of enthusiasm. also your ability to dismiss the issue based on the condition that it’s just as bad for the male side of the spectrum seems hypocritical. two wrongs a right does not make, or whatever yoda like wording you find acceptable. your stance seems more like ranting than indignation about some perceived wrong.

  37. All the Op is that she wants attention. As a female who enjoys playing video games, I enjoy the art of Tera. So it shows sexyness, who cares. If you don’t like it don’t buy it or look at it. I can see the op, being someone who doesn’t parent her children on whats wrong and right, but instead blame the games around her for the behavior her children show.

    • Dude, if you’re going to troll with mindless slurs, at least make them SENSIBLE mindless slurs. As a woman, I can hardly be a faggot. I believe the term you were searching for is LESBO.

  38. woman, you forget who makes this game and for whom they make it for. you also forget that this is JUST a game. you also forget that when people seek crotch floss or less…..they seek it in other places than video games.

    lastly, you do not grasp the idea that people who play these kind of games do not play them for how skimpy the females are, nor does it matter one way of another to any one who play these games.

  39. this game is biased on fantasy not something real but made up. If it was biased on rl and only had humans I would of agreed. Sorry. I also agree with the other poster that said you cannot blame game design and art, tv, music for your child or anyone turning out bad. People need to take responsibility for there own actions and stop blaming others for what they do in rl. If you however do not like fantacy biased games then I would suggest not playing them because your battle against Koreans or any other country changing what they put out for people to buy wont work well. This is a korean game btw not a Euro and many of the males show more then what you saw.

  40. Considering this is a made up world, what may be a cuturally acceptable outfit, what may be considered sexual, slutty, biased, etc., is completely formed within the game. In etero, different country, diefferent values, different (virtual) world, same applies. This me to the previously made warhammer and the dark elves complaint. As part of the dark elves’ lore, they are a race based upon excess in many forms. Violence, sexuality, and other such hedonistic exploits dictate he dark elves (who lust for murder as much as anything else). Upon the point of the word “slut”; I am a heterosexual male, and I call guys sluts as well. I don’t believe it’s a matter of sexual freedom or any type of man vs. woman garbage that has been cooked up. The same goes for the word “whore”. There are male whores (i.e. prostitutes) as well. In either case, it is a dangerous and, I would say, an immoral thing to do. There is more male promiscuity than female because of the general patriarchal buttfucking most countries have experienced on their histories, though I believe that the general male example is not one to be followed. Men should have more self control, respect, and foresight. People should exhibit sexual responsibility and truly understand the consequences involved; pregnancy (both parties really are responsile and should act as such), the proliferation of disease, and potential psychological consequence. The mentality of “he’s doing something wrong so I should be able to, too!” is childish. When guys do fucked up shit (80% cheat on significant others) I’m ashamed and saddened. When girls perpetrate the same kind of fuck up it just loops back so everyone’s fucking up and no one cares. Great solution, cause at least everyone’s fucking up equally! How are we supposed to get cool spaceships with lasers and robots and galaxy expanding empires like that?!?

    On that lengthy and potentially arbitrary note, back the main theme. Elin (females) control the elin/popori empire. Castanics (demon type people) all barely put any clothing on, be they male or female. And, without having seem the actual gamer demographics in korea, I’ma go ahead and say that the major audience for comics/video games/other nerd shit is 18-35 yr old males.

  41. Right. So we have a game where:

    Female Castanics look like prostitutes.
    Male Castanics look like prostitutes as well.

    Female High Elves wear revealing outfits.
    Male high elves wear revealing outfits.

    Human males are not revealing at all.
    Human females are modestly dressed as well.

    Oh but we can’t have actual gender equality! I’ve gotta make up something to complain about in order to spark outrage! Let’s see…I’ll compare a Castanic female to a human male! Ooh and I’ll skip over all the high elf male outfits with unbuttoned shirts and show only the most modest ones! Oh and I’d better not show any picture of a Castanic male. That would ruin my whole argument! Hahaha those idiots will never know what hit them! Up with the feminist movement!

  42. This type of scrutiny of something so mundane as a video game is tearing our society apart. I am sick and tired of the people such as yourself who complain about stereotypes and, in doing so, go farther than anyone else to divide people into groups such as your stupid blog does. You are like Al Sharpton, who takes any black crime as an excuse to raise his own stature in society.

    Let me start off by saying that this is a completely fictional game which is made of pixelized representations of human beings, not actual people. They swing 12 foot swords, shoot magic, and don’t exist. Since we’re dealing in stereotypes, let me say one thing; it is a complete hypocrisy to criticize the female models in-game and not turn a view to the males. The men in the game would do much to emasculate the stereotypical overweight MMO gamer such as myself. They are all body builders in their physique, all look like Brad Pitt, and they all are just better in essentially every aspect possible. You don’t see men lining up to write blogs about how they have their feelings all hurt over it.

    Why would the developer make the characters better than us? Because they are fantasy. We are allowed to have an imagination. Nobody in their right mind wants to imagine playing an overweight male OR female, because this is an imaginary land built to escape reality, and gamers want to play as the best, most attractive people they can. It is ridiculous to be accepting of the presence of magic but not of the presence of beautiful people. Just because you yourself are so insecure that you feel your entire gender threatened by fictional characters doesn’t mean that the game is offensive to anyone intelligent on any level, and those people who do find it offensive are the cancer that is killing our society’s freedom of speech. The sooner we can truly accept our differences and make fun of them, the better. We keep protecting ourselves in a shroud of nonsensical political correctness which ultimately further divides our society than unifies it. Tell me, what is wrong with shallow sexual fantasy, essentially what this game is?

    Political correctness says that it is not okay to make fun of this group because they are different. If we want true equality, everyone would be aware of everyone’s differences and accept them, and also feel free to make fun of them equally. Your feeling threatened by a sexually enticing in-game model is sad, and you are completely wrong to suggest misogyny, first of all. It is a fantasy.

    And what happened to sexual freedom? What happened to women who choose to express themselves by not wearing as many clothes as you? What about women who come from cultures in which breasts are exposed? Does that somehow make her slutty, by virtue of following only what her culture dictates? What about the women in our society who knowingly use their sexuality to profit?

    You are probably the type of person who would say something along the lines of, why is it okay for Britney Spears to use her sexuality for profit? My question to you is, “Why SHOULDN’T it be okay?” She is well aware of the effect she has on men and therefore uses it to her advantage. There are biological differences in men and women which cause men to be attracted to women far more from a sexual standpoint than women to men. She knows this and uses it to her advantage, something she should be allowed to do.

    If you then accept that Britney can do it, why can’t TERA use this same tactic? Why can’t TERA use sexuality to appeal to people? It is a product intended to provide entertainment, and to entertain it provides pleasing character models to look at and play as.

    And furthermore, I question your usage of the word “slut.” Why is it that a woman wearing less clothing than you is a bad thing? You obviously are using slut in a negative connotation, otherwise this article would cease to have any relevance. How does a woman wearing less clothing than you automatically make you draw the conclusion that she has more sex than you? And, why is a woman who has more sex than you bad? A woman who truly wants freedom should be able to choose both the level of clothes she wears as well as the amount of sex she has. Bullshit feminists such as yourself should NOT have control over that aspect.

    I respect feminists. I truly do. I don’t respect ALL feminists, though. There are certain feminists who are interested in truly moving women forward and integrating them into society to the point where stigmas about what they wear or how they act are not lingered on in places such as this blog. Feminists who are interested only in women from all walks of life being able to do what they want. If they want to dance on a pole, so be it. If they want to get an education, so be it. The people such as yourself who are interested in women acting in a very specific, non-sexual way are disgusting and leave a bad taste in my mouth every time I read or hear anything any of you do. The freedom of speech which TERA exorcises which you in turn criticize is a guaranteed right that we have.

    And lastly, how about YOU offer an equal opportunity insight to your pathetic daily readers, and inform them that both the male AND female character models can have all their armor removed.

    • Oh right. I’m sorry, I forgot that if we all just ignore discrimination and don’t speak out against it it will go away eventually, right? I’m sorry that I had to be such a downer by criticizing that thing you like. Jesus, I’m such a bitch.

      • Just because you want to paint it as discrimination, doesn’t make it so. Please go back and compare race to race of the classes with the most revealing outfits… You’ll find… BOTH SIDES of that race to be rather revealing.

        So your point is, you can take anything out of context and make it be anything you want it to be. Well I take your article to be sexist and pigheaded. You didn’t do your research and want people to just “take your word for it” Try to be more human and less a bigot.

        • Wow, dood, calm down. No one wants you to just “take [their] word for it”, sheesh. She has ample pictures and everything! And don’t worry, the thought police aren’t coming because you don’t agree with what she said. So what was your point again?

          Oh, and “taking anything out of context”? I would really, REALLY like you to provide some “context” that makes women portrayed only in crotch floss while the men are fully clothed non-objectifying and gross. Please. Pretty please, even.

  43. Seriously, just drop it. It’s a fantasy game. Why even try implement femenism and realistical thoughts into it?

    • Right you are. Coz fantasy doesn’t HAVE TO MAKE SENSE, right? And the way that fantasy is represented doesn’t reflect as well as form our attitudes as a culture, right? And who cares about what women think, this is OUR CLUBHOUSE, right?

      What a bitch, she totally killed your boner with her caring about women and crap.

      Now I don’t know about you, but I would REALLY like it if games weren’t so incredibly offensive to women, maybe then I could get my girlfriend to play too. But for that, we’d need to actually listen to what they find offensive and change it

  44. Whole life is sexism, this is ridiculous ~~
    I think feminists like you are just of life…
    But thanks for the giggles. Seriously? Who tha fuck would buy a game for 60€, or $, or whatever, to look at some covered boobs, if theres porn?
    *waiting for TERA game, not boobs.* ;P

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