>In his words: why Jim Sterling is, in fact, very sexist

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So the funny thing about people is that they change. Imagine that! At the time of writing these posts, I never could have imagined that Jim Sterling would have a change of heart, but he did indeed. He was actually gracious enough to let me interview him about how he’s reversed his stance and how that happened; you can read the interview here on Gaming as Women.

The internet being the internet – there’s no real point in taking this down. It’s out there forever. But I can at least put it in context.

[This post is very long, because I wanted to give Jim plenty of rope to hang himself. As you might have guessed by the length, this took a few days to put together, which is why I didn’t return to posting as quickly as I wanted. Also, trigger warning for slut-shaming and jokes about abuse – especially the stuff about Fat Princess.]

[ETA: The writer behind GJAIF is Ben PADDON, not Ben Padman. Sorry about that, Ben!]

[ETA2: Hey! There’s now a followup post with even more horror! If this isn’t toe-curling enough for you, be sure to check out the sequel with even more misogyny!]


Amusingly, I’d been planning a post on why Jim Sterling is a paragon of male entitlement and sexism in the gaming industry when the flap broke out on twitter and the affiliated internets about a twitter exchange between Jim Sterling and Daphny over some “fanfic” that depicted Sterling having gay sex. (The “fanfic” was in response to Jim’s defense of David Jaffe for his comments comparing the NGP to a “fresh vagina”, which I won’t address in this post since that’s an entirely different kettle of fish.)

There’s been a lot of heat generated from the pro and anti-Sterlingites out there. I want to make clear that I have mixed feelings about Daphny’s actions. Definitely Jim Sterling deserved to be called out for calling his defense of David Jaffe “journalism”. But were some of her comments homophobic? Maybe? Apparently, Daphny is a lesbian – but that doesn’t give her a free automatic pass. One of the problems with discrimination is that minorities often engage in oppressive language and actions against their own group. Women certainly don’t have a Get Out of Jail Free card when it comes to sexism, so I’m not convinced by the arguments that Daphny CAN’T HAVE BEEN homophobic because she is herself homosexual.

THAT SAID. The things that Jim said in this twitter exchange are absolutely inexcusable. Instead of doing the reasonable thing and ignoring her, or responding in a measured way, he IMMEDIATELY started flinging misogynistic insults of the worst sort:

Jim Sterling/Daphny twitter conversation highlights (Click the link to view the conversation in its entirety)

I know exactly what cunts look like. I’m talking to one right now

Just ask your husband for permission before using the computer next time.

People like you *revel* in sexism, so sure. I’m just giving you what all attention-seeking little bitches crave.

You’re the embarrassment. To your gender, your species, and all feminazi sluts like yourself.

Pretty shocking stuff. Understandably, there’s been a lot of flap over what was said, and a fair amount of backpedaling. CLEARLY Jim only meant these comments to apply to Daphny, and in no way should these comments have been interpreted as a general hatred of women! Even weirder, Ben Paddon of GJAIF (whose blog I do love, btw) attacked Jim’s comments but defended him as not sexist, which was more than a little surprising.

And you know what… okay, it’s the internet. People have internet-freakouts. It’s a thing that happens that I’ve done myself more than once. But the thing is that Jim’s comments are hardly an isolated event. When you look at the larger picture and actually read the things that Jim Sterling has attached his name to in the guise of “game journalism” over the years, his sexist insults look less and less like an isolated freakout and more like a representative sample of Jim’s views of women.

So here is a collection of quotes by our friend Jim, with links to the original articles included to make sure I’m not “taking things out of context”, which is how a lot of pro-Sterlingites have been defending his comments. I’ve loosely categorized them for your reading convenience. Any italics is purely my emphasis. My comments are added in brackets.

Breasts make everything better

The bigger the breasts, the better the fantasy. (Huge Breast Fantasy gives away free breasts)

[Clearly, any fantasy without breasts is sub-standard. I’m looking at you, Lord of the Rings! Clearly, LoTR was a steaming pile of fail with nary a nipple, sideboob, or cleavage to be seen.]

Yep, Mai Shiranui and her milktumors are returning to the series. For fans of nipplepillows the world over, this is certainly great news! (King of Fighters XIII bringing back Mai’s breasts)

[And isn’t that what matters? Who gives a shit about graphics improvements, new game modes, or new characters? What really matters here is MAI’S BREASTS. I mean, because we all know that the only value a woman has is what titillation her breasts can provide to male gamers. Sorry, ladies. Those of you who who have had mastectomies or who are transgendered will just have to face the truth.]

You have two choices when Agarest War launches — the aforementioned PSN download or an Xbox 360 version that provides a sexy bundle, the centerpiece of which is a mouse mat with big breasts. … Sorry, but absurd, boob-related items always win. (Breast-Flavored Record of Agarest War Gets Release Date)

Deep cleavage, skimpy leotards, side-portions of breasts and fleeting, partially-obscured nudity? Sounds like the perfect night in, right? One again, the ESRB has completely sold me on a videogame. (ESRB Final Fantasy XIII has side portions of breasts)

People complain about the lack of a strong female character in gaming, but they don’t come much tougher than this one. Jenova is one MILF who can taste my Lifestream any day of the week. Plus the head comes off, and you can do some proper Patrick Bateman shit with that. (http://www.destructoid.com/videogame-characters-that-i-would-have-sex-with-137737.phtml)

[Okay, that’s just disgusting. I’m not a guy, but I’m pretty sure it’s not normal to fantasize about popping a woman’s head off and sticking one’s dick inside it.]

Boobs and video games: They pretty much are like peanut butter and jelly. (Another boob list geek lotion stock refilled)

Tits or GTFO

Slightly repurposed from an earlier Bayonetta figure, this one was been given a more natural pose and less, less, less clothing. Which is awesome. (This sexy nudey Bayonetta figure kit is sexy and nudey)

[Ladies, if you want to be deemed “awesome”, you need to wear less clothing.]

Well, if she wants to show the skin, far be it from me to stop her liberating herself. What kind of man would I be if I suggested she should cover up? A low-down, rotten sexist is what! Well, I will take a stand for feminism and applaud this strong woman’s decision to have her arse and norks prominently displayed for all [sic] the see. (More X-Blades screens, still less clothing than is sensible)

[For fuck’s sake. This is a fictional character designed by men for men. At what point does her costume constitute a choice? Exposing yourself for the gratification of male viewers is not feminism. Read a fucking dictionary.]

We’re dedicated to bringing you only the most relevant and hard-hitting weekend news, which is why we bring you grave word that Soul Calibur IV’s Ivy might show a little less of her fat wobbly tits in the American version of the game than in the Japanese version — JOURNALISM! (Japan keeps all the boobs for itself, Soul Calibur cover-up scandal)

Namco Bandai, hear this! I demand that Ivy’s lactoids be on display for all to see. We’ve already lost the fatalities in Mortal Kombat; we refuse to surrender our snuggle pups, loblollies and twangers. We deserve the sweater meat as much as any Japanese gamer. (Japan keeps all the boobs for itself, Soul Calibur cover-up scandal)

[Ivy’s tits being slightly covered is a scandal? I do not think that word means what you think it means, Jim… Seriously, this is an example of the sort of entitlement that just has to stop. Namco Bandai makes the games, and if you want them you give them your money. At no point does this entitle you, the customer, to DEMAND that publishers give you more tits in your games. Seeing tits is not an inalienable right that you are born with. If publishers decide to cover up some tits, then go buy an issue of Playboy.]

Fat Princess rules, feminism drools

It is quite ironic that (ugly) Feminists believe looks shouldn’t matter, yet are judging Fat Princess’ book solely by its cover. How hypocritical of them. Anyway, Fat Princess is obviously about the protection and veneration of women, and does more for the fairer sex than Feminism has ever done. (How Fat Princess is blatantly better than feminism)

[Right. Because we know that all feminists are shambling, drooling horrors. It’s been proven by science! Anyway, feminism hasn’t done anything for women. It’s also been proven by science!]

“Heteronormative” is one of the most pretentious words I’ve ever heard. This is obvious proof that Fat Princess is better than Feminism, since someone who claims to be a Feminist once used the word “heteronormative” and now I’ve decided that all of them use it. Dropping little made-up words to try and sound clever just makes you look like a pretentious dickhead, and it’s incredibly prugamatic to commit such indefenderable verbulascur offenseries. (How Fat Princess is blatantly better than feminism)

[So… you’re saying that sounding like a pretentious dickhead is something you have expertise in? (Okay, a little below the belt, sure…)]

Fat Princess won’t get pregnant in order to trap you: Everybody knows that women do this. They love getting themselves all preganted up so that they can force you to marry them and be stuck with their cancerous hides forever. (How Fat Princess is blatantly better than feminism)

[d00d, there’s nothing women love more than fucking up men’s lives – and what better way to do that than to get yourself pregnant? Who’s with me, fellow feminists? Let’s all go get pregnant RIGHT NOW. That’ll show those bastards! If you’re already pregnant or unable to reproduce, you can still join the party. Just bring home random foster children! And those of you with same-sex partners, well I guess you’ll have to decide which men in your life you hate most and steal their sperm somehow. For feminism!]

In Fat Princess, everybody has a role to play. This is quite contrary to the idea that every single Feminist has, that women are better than men and make better drivers and that men should be forced to have their sperm hijacked at birth so women don’t have to fuck them anymore. (How Fat Princess is blatantly better than feminism)

[Oh, shit. He’s on to me! As a feminist, I do hate having sex with men. It’s hard for me to get over my feelings of inadequacy long enough to do the deed since I’m so hideous and all. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep because I’m not a lesbian and can’t have hot lady-sex where men can see me and get off on colliding ladybits.]

Seriously, fuck this idea that the social pendulum has to swing a little in favor of one group before balance can be achieved. (How Fat Princess is blatantly better than feminism)

[YEAH! Hear that, oppressed minorities? STFU! Hispanic men, you’re just going to have to learn to be happy making 57% of what white men make. You want wage parity? Well FUCK THAT.]

Since women are basically just 3D porn, what is an anti-pornography stance if not an anti-female stance? (How Fat Princess is blatantly better than feminism)

[You know, sometimes I get tired of being porn. Like, the other day I was at the grocery store and these two dudes were following me around and masturbating at me and it was really inconvenient because I was like – “guys, you’re blocking the cereal, can you move?” and they wouldn’t. But then I couldn’t really do anything because, you know, I’m porn and that’s what porn is for. Still, it’s inconvenient having to order my pizzas for takeout. The last time I ordered pizza for delivery it was cold by the time I got to eat it.]

If pornography is to end, then all women on Earth have to be murdered, and that’s just not my scene. Perhaps it’s okay for Adolf Hitler and his cackling Feminist cohorts, but we reasonable people who aren’t Nazis don’t agree. (How Fat Princess is blatantly better than feminism)

[Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that there’s a difference between Nazis and feminists. Also, I’m pretty sure that women can’t be equal to men if they’re all dead, which makes me pretty sure that I’m not advocating for the systematic murder of millions of people. But then again, I am prone to sleep walking, so who knows? I guess you’d better watch out because I’m pretty tired and… zzzz…. ALL WOMEN MUST DIE! IT IS OUR SACRED DESTINY! WE MUST… zzz… sorry, was I saying something?]

Fat Princess is a game about having fun, first and foremost, which is something that Feminists are 100% against! Just take so-called Woman Suffrage , for example. The American government denied women the right to vote for a joke, and a bunch of stupid women took it too far and then had to be force-fed through tubes because the silly bitches wouldn’t eat thanks to some idiotic hunger strike. If they’d have laughed along like they should, they probably would have gotten the vote in another fifty or sixty years anyway. Whatever happened to patience being a virtue? (How Fat Princess is blatantly better than feminism)

[Silly bitches, votes are for men!]

Perhaps I’m just too heteronormative to understand the terrible evil that this game represents. Or maybe self-styled “feminists” who think that the movement is all about getting angry and using buzzwords are simply retarded. Who knows? (Feminists sh*t all over Fat Princess, real people laugh)

[Hey, guys I’m a feminist and… uh oh, I feel the stupid coming on… herp derp! Derp derp derp!]


screw ICO, and screw Yorda, the bedraggled, moth-brained, slack-jawed tartlet that she is! Terry Schiavo would have been a more effective ally than that ridiculous bitch. (Things I’m sick of games making me do)

[I’m blown away by the implication that mentally impaired = slut. Is keeping your legs together a higher brain function that only kicks in above a certain level of intelligence?]

Being unable to travel anywhere on your own because a bunch of shadows will drag off this mute mongoloid at a moment’s notice. Where’s the option to just say “f*ck it” and let the shadows pull her away? Chances are the shadows will throw her back anyway once they realize what an awful slag she truly is. (Things I’m sick of games making me do)

[Because once a woman has sex once, her value as a human being disappears. True story.]

Koei Tecmo employees will get $1,000 for their first child, $2,000 for their second child and a whole $20,000 if their loose and flapping vaginas can squirt out a third. (Koei Tecmo paying people to f*ck in the name of repopulation)

[Those whores. Think of how much sex you’d have to have to have a third kid. You’d have to bone a dude at least, like, half a dozen times. What are those skanks thinking?]

During these times of recession, it would be great if Walmart could pay its mostly braindead and poor workforce not to f*ck. (Koei Tecmo paying people to f*ck in the name of repopulation)

[… okay, I can’t even be sarcastic on this one. As someone who grew up in the midwest and left because of double-digit unemployment BEFORE the recession… fuck you, Jim. Fuck you.]

Abuse = funny? (NOT for the faint of heart!!)

If you love drawings of impossibly huge breasts, you’ll likely have heard of Ikki Tousen Xross Impact already. If not, then you’re in for a treat. It’s a fighting game for the PSP that recently launched in Japan, in which mammararily gifted young females lose more of their clothing as they take damage. Garmentry disintegrates as the battle wears on, and since the girls don’t seem fond of wearing underwear, there’s plenty of skin on show. Great fun for fans of domestic abuse, in any case. (Disintegrating clothing boob game gets boob wallpaper for bob fans boobs)

[Because we all know that domestic abusers are a key market segment that video game companies pursue…? …seriously? Holy shit, dude.]

In fact, the message of this commercial seems to be that if you consistently beat your woman and mess with her head until she’s a hopeless, despair-ridden wretch, all it takes is one material gift and she’ll instantly forgive you. So, a pretty realistic portrayal of all women. (Abuse your virtual girlfriend, make it all better with a teddy bear)

[Seriously. Whiskey tango foxtrot.]

The key words banned by online shop Dejipare include things like torture, bondage, loli and rape. Regular Christian sex will still be perfectly acceptable, but it seems that the whole underage rape thing that has been seen in many an ero title will no longer be tolerated … Thanks a lot, RapeLay. This is why we can’t have nice things! (Japan’s erotic game sensitivity continues)

[This is as entitled and privileged as it gets. I don’t care if Jim is serious or not with these comments. It’s one thing to demand that Ivy show her “fat wobbling tits”. It’s another to demand access to games that center on rape. Even if it’s “just a joke”, these kinds of jokes are never, ever, EVER okay.]

So that’s the stuff that’s in the past. There was a fair amount of backlash over this whole thing that even resulted in some industry professionals like Mikey Neumann stating that they would not allow Jim to interview them. Predictably, this resulted in a lot of backpedaling by both Jim and his supporters, but the responses don’t really do anything but dig an even deeper hole for himself:

Jim’s responses to comments on Destructoid

Otherwise, you basically said it all. I responded in kind to some incessant abuse by someone who was using anti-male slurs and homophobic implications, and they started acting like the victim. (Jim Sterling’s comment history on Destructoid)

[No, Jim. You did not respond in kind. Sure, I’ll admit that Daphny’s depiction of you having gay sex with David Jaffe was disgusting and utterly tasteless. But your response was like killing a fly with a bazooka. She implied that you were gay, and you called her a “cunt” and a “feminazi slut”. That is a completely disproportionate response, akin to running over someone with a tank because they threw a rock at you. It’s not okay to throw rocks, but it is never EVER okay to run people over with thanks.

Furthermore, at no point did Daphny ever “act the victim”. Go back and read the conversation again. Are those the words of someone who feels victimized? They’re not. But you know what, even if she had felt victimized she would have HAD A RIGHT TO.]

I want to disagree with that statement. I do not think feminism, at its heart, is a bad thing. I think true feminism is a noble endeavor, a quest for equality and for women to not feel subjugated. I agree with that endeavor. (Jim Sterling’s comment history on Destructoid)

[This is the biggest load of horse shit I’ve heard from you yet, Jim. The only reason you’re saying this is because you finally crossed a line and alienated people in the industry – which is impressive given the base level of misogyny that exists in the gaming industry. But how can you reconcile this profession of support for feminism with all of your previous statements about feminists? Please, do explain this to me. Because you can’t say that ALL FEMINISTS are ugly, silly little bitches who hate men and want nothing more than a good dicking and then expect me to believe you when you say that you support feminism. I would have to be as retarded as you claim all feminists are in order to believe that.]

This is why I specifically said “feminazi” and not “feminist.” I believe there is a sub-set of poser-feminist that uses the movement as an excuse to demand special treatment and dampen free speech by using the accusation of “misogyny” as a weapon, a way of terrifying people into being quiet. I believe the blending of “feminist” and “nazi” in this regard — since it’s a brand of female using fear and bullying to quieten people — is quite fitting. (Jim Sterling’s comment history on Destructoid)

[Feminism, like any movement, is a collection of people. People being what they are, any group of people sufficiently large enough contains assholes who are motivated out of self-interest more than anything else. So sure, I’m sure that there exists a small minority of feminists out there who use their feminism in this way. But you know what? Those people are still NOT NAZIS. The nazis systematically exterminated millions of people, including Jews, Catholics, gays, the disabled, and political dissidents. These asshole feminists? They behaved like assholes. Trying to equate the two is an insult to the people whose lives were ruined by the Holocaust and an insult to the families of those who were killed by the Nazis.

But aside from that, you’re familiar with the maxim “where these’s smoke, there’s fire”? Maybe the reason so many people are calling you a misogynist is because, I don’t know… YOU’RE A MISOGYNIST.]

And this is why I called her an embarrassment to her gender. When you throw the “misogyny” card out there like the boy who cried wolf, using it to attack writers, comedians and others for simply making jokes or treating you how you’ve treated others, it belittles the entire female population and makes people roll their eyes at the thought of feminist issues. (Jim Sterling’s comment history on Destructoid)

[No, Jim. You’re the one who is making people roll their eyes at feminist issues. You’re the one who has systematically belittled women and feminism. You’re the one who has a large body of writing that supports the system of privilege that keeps women “in their place”. Being a comedian does not mean that misogynist jokes are okay. Being a writer does not mean that misogynist writings are okay. That is not “crying wolf”. That is speaking out against injustice. Learn the difference.]

In essence, Aurain, I believe you just demonstrated the damage this type of faux-feminist can do. You just wrote feminism off as a bad thing, and that’s the image that people like “Daphaknee” have helped to spread. (Jim Sterling’s comment history on Destructoid)

Anyway, I’m done with this. After three days of disproportionate harassment, I’ve had my fill. (Jim Sterling’s comment history on Destructoid)

[Oh noes! Poor Jim Sterling! People have been “harassing” him for THREE WHOLE DAYS! Those jerks! Don’t they know that they hurt his fuh-fuh-feeeeeeelings? …sorry, Jim. You crossed a line, and you deserve a lot more than three days of internet controversy.]

I’m not sure about the chronology of the Destructoid comments as relates to the twitter “apology” that follows, but here’s the “apology” that Jim posted on twitter as well…

Jim’s twitter “apology” (compiled from 6 successive tweets)

Am I sorry for saying it to the person in question? No. Am I sorry for calling [sic]our her hypocritical faux-feminism? No. If you, as a female or male uninvolved with the discussion, are offended by what I said, then I apologize for that.

[Okay, you know what? Go back and re-read the exchange. Go. I’ll wait.

…AT NO POINT DOES DAPHNY EVER MENTION THE WORD FEMINIST, FEMINISM, OR MISOGYNY. She did say that you used a sexist stereotype, but only after you told her to ask for a man’s permission before saying things on the internet which is, you know, PRETTY SEXIST. The feminist label was something that YOU applied to her so that you could YET AGAIN demonize feminism and feminists, which is pretty telling and pretty much puts the lie to your comments about supporting feminism.]

It also leaves out the disproportionate and stupid harassment I’ve had for the past few days, and have mostly done my best to ignore. Their version of events leaves out the homophobia or the fact they got in my face and begged for my attention in the first place. They opened the conversation with homophobic insults and male-specific slurs, and after a LOT of patience I responded in kind. Obviously my comments were not aimed at all women. I never once said women are bad. Just the type of woman represented by who I dealt with.

[I think by harassment you mean backlash, which is pretty well deserved considering how far you crossed a line with your comments to Daphny. Once again, calling someone a faminazi slut is NOT OKAY. Maybe instead of trying to ignore the backlash, you should do some serious self-examination about why exactly so many people are so upset with you. There was no patience exhibited in your responses. In your THIRD TWEET to Daphny, you called her a cunt. It only took two responses before you threw decency out the window and resorted to misogynist slurs. So don’t try to claim the high road here, Mr. Stirling, because it does not belong to you.

You may not have said women are bad in this particular twitter exchange, but your body of writing speaks for itself, sir.]

Concluding thoughts

So… phew. I feel pretty dirty having read through Jim’s stuff to find all of these quotes, but I feel pretty confident in pointing at these quotes and saying that… you know what? This twitter freakout is NOT an isolated incident. Jim Sterling is, in fact, incredibly sexist. What you have here is a consistent trend of Jim making comments that reduce women’s worth to the gratification their bodies provide male gamers, comments that assert that men HAVE A RIGHT to see womens bodies whenever they demand it, comments that trivialize rape and domestic violence, and comments that denigrate feminists, feminism, and anyone who would assert that changes need to be made to further the equal treatment of women. You know what that is? Misogyny.

See, the thing is that you don’t have to go around saying “shit, I fucking hate women” to be a misogynist. You don’t have to be a member of the men’s rights movement to be a misogynist. Misogynists are people who seek to justify and reproduce the subordination of women by men, and that’s what all of these quotes are doing. What’s more, Jim is a fairly influential guy within the game journalism community. I’ll freely admit that his insistence on a correct usage of the 1-10 review scale and disregard of backlash from publishers is admirable and something that game journalism needs more of.

I might not always agree with his reviews, but his consistency of standards is something that has earned him a lot of respect in the gaming community and has made him an influential person. But with that influence comes responsibility. Jim can’t have it both ways. He can’t insist that he’s a “journalist” who wants to see game journalism become less of a schill industry and then turn around and write anti-feminist screeds about Fat Princess and claim that we shouldn’t get offended because he’s just doing it for the lulz. To use a metaphor that should make sense to Mr. Stirling, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

I’m not going to advocate that Destructoid fire you, Jim, because that would be pretty pointless. Clearly, they have a vested interest in keeping you around because your brand of “humor” creates controversy and brings them pageviews and thus more ad revenue. It’s a sad fact of life, but it’s true. If you want to be the Howard Stern of the gaming world, there’s honestly not much I can do to stop you. But DO NOT try to claim that you respect women, and DO NOT try to claim that you are somehow not rampantly misogynist because the evidence just doesn’t support it.

84 thoughts on “>In his words: why Jim Sterling is, in fact, very sexist

  1. >After reading your post, I take back what I said about Sterling not being a sexist. He says some incredibly offensive things rather a lot, usually just for the shock value, and I genuinely believed that was all there was to it. But reading this has… well, it's changed my opinion of the man. Yikes.Also, it's Paddon, not Padman. :)Cheers,~Ben / GJAIF

  2. >Is it possible that he's being an elaborate Poe for sarcastic purposes? My mind honestly can't accept that he actually believes half of the stuff he's saying given that some of it is just too over the top for even unapologetic misogynists.

  3. >wow. thanks for writing this post. it was awful to read some of the things he said, but i appreciate you collecting it and putting it up for discussion. i think the part that most interested me was where you point out that not once does daphny identify as feminist, which really does illustrate a certain brand of hatred that sterling has for women, as he attributes feminism to any woman calling him out on his bullshit.

  4. >This guy is a douche… one has to be careful when joking about matters like this but he obviously had no problem taking it way, way, too far. Poor Daphne – no one should have to be personally targeted by hate like this.

  5. >I couldn't even get halfway through your post before I gave up in disgust. I knew from just watching the guy that Sterling was a dickhead but this just takes it to a whole 'nother level. And everyone who said he shouldn't be fired from Destructoid for things he did on his Twitter account…Well, yeah…

  6. >Ben: Yikes! Sorry about that! I'll go fix that right now. Also, I hope I didn't come off as attacking you. (I really am a fan of your blog!)Db0: The thing is that the frequency and volume of misogynist language that comes out of Jim Sterling's… er… keyboard makes it irrelevant if Jim believes what he's saying or not. Read the comments in his posts like the Fat Princess posts – there are tons of guys cheering him on. I really don't give a shit if he believes this stuff or not. The fact that he's saying it and saying it SO OFTEN means that the damage is done, and no amount of saying "it's just a joke" will change that.FilthyGrandeur: It's discouraging, because he's using the fact that people don't like feminists to try to dig himself out of his hole. But it's also pretty illustrative of what the guy REALLY thinks of feminism too.Chaltab: The twitter thing is a fuzzy area for me. Jim gets paid to be an internet personality, and as such I think his twitter account might be fair game. However, I'm generally not a fan of employers using personal blogs against employees, so I've got mixed feelings. However, the vast majority of his misogyny can be found in official columns on Destructoid – the site on which he is paid to write and THAT shit totally should be fair game.

  7. >Wow. So this Daphne said some inappropriate stuff, but it apparently never even occurred to Mr. Sterling to take the high ground, instead preferring to excavate a new basement level.

    • He writes stuff that will assuredly create drama, and he revels in the opportunity it allows him to hop into the comments section and flex his undeserved sense of superiority over other people. So it’s really no surprise to see that when given the opportunity for Jim to take the high road in his personal life, his inclination would be to be a huge asshole instead. That’s who he is. It’s ingrained into his very being.

  8. >I need a shower. hold on a sec………OK. While I don't find Fat princess inherently sexist (because she's not slightly overweight and being called fat, as a sexist might cruelly say. she's the size of four people. if it were "Fat King" it would be just as insulting.)Jim's comments about said princess ARE terribly sexist. What a bastard.

  9. >I think the worst part is that really, all the awful stuff Sterling has said isn't that uncommon in the game journalism field. Sure, Gamespot and the more scrupulous magazines may keep it to a minimum, but even sites as big as IGN sometimes make infuriatingly sexist articles.Getting Sterling and Jaffe to shut the hell up is only the first bossfight of a deep, deep dungeon.

  10. >"See, the thing is that you don't have to go around saying "shit, I fucking hate women" to be a misogynist. You don't have to be a member of the men's rights movement to be a misogynist. Misogynists are people who seek to justify and reproduce the subordination of women by men, and that's what all of these quotes are doing."Word. Word squared. Word to the wordiest power ever. This puts it so well. Great article all around, but I find this especially important. Apathy and/or casual dismissal of a women's worth and humanity can be just as hating them outright. Intent only goes so far, in the end it matters more the harm the actions brought and the really harmful ideas they continue to reinforce as acceptable and normal (which yes, someone can do by treating it as something to 'joke' about).

  11. >I doubt Jim Sterling believes everything he writes. I'm sure he's in-your-face, controversial and un-PC, just for the fun of pressing people's buttons. But this is so over the line that the line is a frakking dot on the horizon.I've emailed the boss of Destructoid and complained. I'll be going to Joystiq or Kotaku instead if Jim Sterling isn't kicked out or if he doesn't give one hell of an apology.

  12. >Thank you for writing this. I had only caught bits and pieces of the story, and I appreciate being able to get a grasp on the whole scope of it.

  13. >Wow, I already knew that Jimbo was a jackass just from some of the random posts of his that I've read in the past, but this is just a mountain of unrelenting douchebaggery. I personally think he should be fired, because unlike Jeff Gertsmann who was fired because Gamespot felt Eidos' heat around the corner, this is a case of him vicisiously attacking someone. But then again maybe that would just give him an excuse to create his own shitty video game site.

  14. >I got a reply from Destructoid saying that they're trying to remedy the situation and that Jim Sterling is aware of crossing the line. Apparently there's been some apologies and promises to rein him in. Oh and Sterling is allegedly a very nice guy in private, which I'm sure is true but it makes this even worse in a way. An otherwise nice and reasonable person being capable of such hatred and prejudice says a lot about how sexism is viewed today.Anyway, it remains to be seen what exactly this means, but it seems the complaints had some effect at least.

    • I kind of think that the idea that Jim is nice in private only serves to make his actions in public seem all the worse, if only because it suggests that the dude knows better and doesn’t care, and that he uses the internet as a platform to be a dick like the worst sort of internet tough-guy.

  15. >Kaonashi: Isn't that how it is though, "He cant be a sexist/rapist/serial killer. He's such a nice guy." If he's "such a nice guy" he wouldn't be saying this crap. I don't think this deserves reining in, if he worked anywhere else this would be sexual harassment and he'd be fired.

  16. >Kaonashi: Yeah, pretty much what Maverynthia said. Whether or not he's "nice" to the people he knows in real life doesn't really matter. He still has a responsibility for the things that he says online. The offensive shit he says online doesn't stop being offensive just because he didn't say it to people in meatspace.

  17. >Half the time, I get the impression that he was trying to be for Gaming Sexism, what Colbert is for Republicans only without the skill. But unfortunately his twitter attitude and the rest of his Destructoid posts shows that unlike Colbert, he halfway believes what he's saying. I.e. he's being half-serious which is usually an excuse for people to say what they really believe and pre-emptively dodge any criticism.

  18. >Dear everybody:Deciding to go to Kotaku instead of Destructoid because Jim Sterling is sexist is like deciding to use Friendster instead of Facebook because you're concerned about your privacy.

  19. >I don't think Jim Sterling being nice excuses him. It just reminds me of how the prejudiced people I've known have been—mostly nice, but with a dark side that surfaces in certain circumstances. Also, seeing it and dealing with it it in a friend isn't always easy, so I can kind of understand the reply I got from Destructoid (which has been forwarded to Wunderkind). It doesn't change the fact that Jim Sterling is a sexist, though.

  20. >Ben Paddon:Since I'm not the target of the sexism, I think I can stomach it for now. I think I'll stay on so I can complain when I see it.

  21. >"It's another to demand access to games that center on rape."What's wrong with that? Why, for example, is it any different to someone wanting to read rape fantasies, or buying an awful lot of Nancy Friday books?

  22. >Especially given the way he phrased it, it's not clear if he's advocating letting people play out rape fantasies in the context of a video game and how much he's advocating the actual raping of women. And he wrote this to be read in a pretty high-traffic place.

  23. >Ugh. His stuff isn't satire. I know there are some people defending him as being all shock, but seriously, this ain't satire. If it is, he's a worse writer than I already figured from reading a couple of his non-confrontational reviews.Satire supposed to be social criticism,. It's supposed to ridicule abuses, hypocrisy and other social ills with wit and sarcasm.Writing articles about how great tits are (milktumors, fucking really?), how sluts should put out, and how funny domestic abuse isn't automatically satire. It's shocking, yes, but where's the punchline? Where's the commentary about…whatever it is he's writing about? I've looked at many of his statements and I'm failing to see the point he's making; well, beyond the over-arching apparent hatred of anything having to do with women outside of them being sex objects.Seriously, I'm one of the least offend-able people out there. I love my humor and wit to be scathing and nasty. If Jim Sterling's writings are all supposed to be satire and jokes, he's missed the mark by…God, I have no idea. So, really it boils down to him being a rampant misogynistic asshole or one of the worse writers I've ever seen.I'm going with no. 1.aaron

  24. >"What's wrong with that? Why, for example, is it any different to someone wanting to read rape fantasies, or buying an awful lot of Nancy Friday books?"What's /not/ wrong with that? And seeing as how 'seriously' people take rape in the real world right now (not at all), somehow I don't think anyone should be casually suggesting a desperate need for more games in the mainstream centered around rape. And let's be honest here, we all know it's the rape of women he's really talking about. Again I ask, what /isn't/ wrong with that?

  25. >Ugh, this man completely disgusts me. I'm getting more and more disillusioned by the gaming industry/game journalism. Thanks for the well-thought, informed article. Though I cringed to read through all of it, you did a great job of collecting sources

  26. >It looks like a lot of you need to buy a sense of humour. Saying Jim Sterling is sexist is laughable, he is on good terms with the women he works with everyday.All this highlights is that people can't take a joke, and the people who class this stuff as prejudice weaken the position of people suffering from real prejudice.

    • Looks like you need to buy a clue. Of course he’s on good terms with the women he works with, because besides being intelligent enough to know better than to shit where you sleep, Jim couldn’t say any of the shit he says to any of them without a keyboard and an internet connection. He’s an internet tough-guy, and offline he’s a kitten. That’s all. Don’t give the guy more credit than he deserves.

  27. >@apricotsushi:Don't lose hope! For every 20 Jim Sterlings, there's an N'gai Croal or a Leigh Alexander! Unfortunately, there's only one Kieron Gillen, and he's left the field. You can still read his archived stuff though. Every time I see something really awful on GJAIF, I try to go back and read something by Gillen, and it fills my heart with wonder at the potential of games and the words describing them.

  28. >Chris: Right. Clearly I need a sense of humor, because as we all know feminists aren't capable of laughing at anything. The thing is, if Jim was making comments that trivialized violence against people of color, people would get all up in arms. If Jim used racial slurs against people who disagreed with him, there's no way that would be tolerated. So why exactly is it okay then for him to make jokes that trivialize violence against women? Why is it okay for him to use misogynist slurs like "feminazi slut" against people who disagree with him? Please do explain that to me since I seem to be so hugely missing the point.

  29. >"The thing is, if Jim was making comments that trivialized violence against people of color, people would get all up in arms. If Jim used racial slurs against people who disagreed with him, there's no way that would be tolerated."Don't be so sure.There's this guy named Rush Limbaugh, just for an example, you see …I don't think there's any need to play Oppression Olympics with this. There doesn't need to be a comparison I said something similar in another thread on the PA debacle. That comparison comes up a lot, and not only is it inaccurate, it's unnecessary.The guy's a virulent misogynist. The end.

  30. >People who do things like this make me sad.:((There are so many better things people can be doing for women than hunting down Sterling.This just proves a point really.

  31. >Lilith said "Again I ask, what /isn't/ wrong with that?"Rape fantasies are an extremely common fantasy for both women and men. It's a huge category on sites like Literotica or ASSTR, for starters.So it's something that millions of women want to fantasise about and tens of thousands (?) write about, minimum. It's popular. I don't see why a game is so different to a text.

  32. >Have to point out that VGChartz article mentioned here (http://gomakemeasandwich.blogspot.com/2011/02/in-his-words-why-jim-sterling-is-in.html?showComment=1297257417993#c714796337988135297) is full of cruddy crud crud.I won't even try to pick apart the graphs and how hilariously misleading they are. But perhaps this piece will give you an idea of just how black the pot truly is. 😛 http://www.gamesetwatch.com/2008/06/analysis_what_vgchartz_does_and.php

  33. >James: That's interesting. Thank you for sharing – I honestly don't ever use VGCHartz, so I wasn't familiar with their methodology. Still, wrt this particular article, I'm not sure that I'd totally disregard it. I read Destructoid and Kotaku quite a bit and the numbers on stupidly sexist headlines/features rang pretty true to me.

  34. >@Chris: 'It's just a joke'. Yeah and misogyny is the punchline. I don't happen to find woman-hating funny. Silly me huh? Fact is, it's thoughtless, it's low, it's just not worth anything as a joke. It's not good humor, it's playing the same damn shit all that other sexist 'humor' is. It's tired, it's old, get some new fucking material. Can people please stop trying to use this flimsy justification? Along with 'he's friends with women', as if that somehow proves something. It's sort of completely invalidated when he turns around and equates them as being sex objects. Time for people to own up to their labels they slap on themselves and stop trying to weasel their way out of things by hiding behind 'humor/satire/irony/'.@Anonymous: 1. As if you'd know how many women were on those sites.2. Jim Sterling is talking about his support for rape games in a mainstream article. And clearly, it's only the rape of women. I don't really care what kind of fantasies people put in their heads or on some out of the way site but when you start talking about how awesome it'd be for more games centered around the rape of women in mainstream context then you're being a freaking creep. And it's weird you would call yourself a journalist. Ugh. Especially, again, with how rape is actually handled in our mainstream as it is (BADLY) and an environment that is largely still treats women badly in the first place (gaming culture).3. You do not know what a rape fantasy is, at least not when women have them, clearly. The whole point of a fantasy is that you're in complete control of it. It can't be rape by that very fact. It'd have to be about something else for them, wouldn't it? And so I really hope you're not about to go down that disgusting road where you imply women must be okay with rape because they fantasize about it (or so /you/ think).

  35. >Also, protip: Can people who have no idea how prejudice works please stop talking about 'weakening positions' of 'real prejudice'. This is a really pathetic excuse of a silencing tactic. Especially when a large point of perpetuating prejudice is to normalize it, to downplay it, to dismiss it and to not challenge it. It marks them as acceptable. Guess what? Saying 'it's just a joke' does those exact things.

  36. >Lilith,Don't for a moment assume you know anything about me. Let's have a conversation instead.As far as membership of those sites goes, well, ASSTR isn't a site per se so I can't find you any numbers. But Literotica has upwards of a million members and something like 40% of visitors are female – http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/www.literotica.com . That said, I didn't mean to imply I was just interested in the sites. I'd suppose there are millions of women worldwide with fantasies. And millions of men, too. A study mentioned on wikipedia suggests ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_fantasy ) over half of women have this fantasy.So would you agree it's a mainstream _fantasy_, then?But I don't think I understand your argument. If so many people fantasise about rape, are you opposed to them writing down those fantasies? How about drawing a picture? How about making a videogame?Why do you feel videogames are a special case?

  37. >I'll assume what I like, especially for someone who remains anonymous and can't put a name to their words. I can only go off what you say, after all. If you want to communicate something different, you should try harder.Again, you completely do not address the point that I made about the idea of women even having rape fantasies. It's a contradiction, it doesn't work that way. So no I wouldn't agree it's a 'mainstream' fantasy (you clearly do not understand that fetishes are largely considered niche things, not things actually pushed in a mainstream sense) and I certainly wouldn't agree that a /journalist/ should be pushing for more games centered around the rape of women. Our society has a hard time dealing with rape in actual reality, as if you need more trivializing reinforcement of it in fantasy too? Give me a break. And you're pushing for that right now.

  38. >Thanks very much, but I'm having a hard time following your argument. I really don't understand why the reason some women may fantasise is important. I'll bow out. Thanks.

  39. >Sterling absolutely repulses me. Thank you very much for weaving this together and posting it all in one space for people to read! It gives greater context and background to this fellow's sexism and grossness. I, too, think that if you are a public personality, where you have views and opinions and are attached to a site in which you share them (and are getting paid for it), then I think you should be held accountable for what you say. Even on a site like Twitter. It is a public place. It isn't some secret IM chat between two friends. Thank you again.

  40. >I'm sorry, he lost me completely with the "women are 3D porn" comment. I went straight from "reasonably calm" to "absolute cold fury" in approximately two microseconds, and I'm still in the process of getting back to "reasonably calm" again. In a total of four words, this guy summed up the entirety of why I am so uncomfortable referring to myself as a "gamer", and why I, a female who has been playing games (console, tabletop and computer) for the past twenty-five years, have done so without overtly participating in "gamer culture".I've done it primarily because of people like this, who cannot see past my cleavage, and who regard said cleavage as an excuse to downgrade my intelligence, my humanity and my very personhood. Gamer culture has, as far as I can tell as an unwelcome outsider, been very insular and self-centred. Fine as far as it goes, but it's also been the main source for the games industry to obtain consumer feedback. Again, fine as far as it goes – but these days, "gamer culture" as represented by persons such as the journalist mentioned above really only represents a small, highly privileged and highly vocal minority. There's a wider public out there, and oddly enough, it contains a lot of women, including women such as myself who have been here all along – we just haven't been trying to bash down the door to the Boyz Only Sooper-Sekrit Treehouse (No Icky Girls Allowed), because we've been more interested in just playing the feckin' games.Well, now this is starting to get harder and harder, because the games themselves are catering more and more to the Boyz in the Sooper-Sekrit Treehouse, and we're starting to get pretty jack of it. I'm fed up with the only games where I don't get faced with a female avatar in impractical armour being the text-based Roguelikes, such as "Angband" (I shouldn't have to be reduced to playing games where the avatar is an "@" in order to be able to have a female character in something other than three pieces of dental floss, two sequins and a cork!). I've had enough of seeing sexualised shots of female characters. I have had more than enough, gods help me, of having my entire gender represented as either helpless, useless, thoughtless or all of the above. And I've really had enough of the best role-playing games for female characterisation coming out of a country where the default image of femininity is much more submissive and deferential than the Western one (or in other words, I'm fed up with the Western industry basically leaving the issue of reaching out to the female side of the market to the JRPGs).Damnit, I expect more.

  41. >I like the part where he tried to get out of his career's grave by digging deeper. Oh wait, that's what happened the whole time!

  42. >Seeing all the lengthy and in-depth posts makes me feel kind of bad for having a short comment to make but here it is; thanks for writing this up and showing it off. Its one thing to see the most recent argument and to think 'That dude is a complete dick on the internet.' and another to see that the dude is…Depraved might be the right word.I skipped over the abuse part, and eventually I just stopped reading (a little after the abuse section actually). Just wanted to say thanks for gathering all the info and putting it out there.

  43. >Stop playing games then if you hate the "TERRIBLE GAMER CULTURE THAT TREATS US LIKE SHIT". I am a female Latina so getting jobs amongst other things is twice as hard. Instead of writing ridiculously long articles about what some guy writes(WHICH YOU CAN IGNORE) move on with your life. I on the other hand will be here actually playing games and enjoying myself in my spare time.

    • I’m disturbed by the fact that you appear to believe that ignoring problems is the best way to handle them. That’s never a good idea.

  44. >Anon: Gamer culture won't change on its own. I'd like to hope that I'm doing something small to shame a handful of people into changing their behavior. And if that's not the case, I mostly do have fun taking stupid shit and tearing it to pieces. My blog isn't incompatible with having fun with video games either. My leg is a bit sore today from too much Rock Band drumming yesterday, and I'm about to go fire up a new game of Mass Effect 2. So certainly I'm not maintaining this blog at the expense of actual gaming.

  45. >To the 'Don't like, don't play, don't read, don't criticize' anon. I'm not as nice as wundergeek so I'll say simply, practice what you preach and take your own fucking advice. If you don't like the criticism, don't read this and don't comment. Otherwise you're just a hypocrite who is interested in silencing people.No one cares if you don't care about sexism, it's /sort/ of a big deal and it sort of needs to be criticized. If you don't think so.. well that kind of makes it clear what kind of person you are. Sorry if that disturbs your complacency.

  46. >I was following up on the whole "Dickwolves" Penny Arcade thing (see http://fucknopennyarcade.tumblr.com/ for the best explanation of why it is f'ed up, especially the announcement that "ok that's enough it's over" from PA) which at some point linked to Jim Sterling's twitter.Where he regularly calls feminists "c*nts", regardless of context.Yeah. Mission accomplished, Jim. Won't touch anything you are involved with, period. And I'm a guy.

  47. >Just want to comment on this bit"Sorry, ladies. Those of you who who have had mastectomies or who are transgendered will just have to face the truth."A transgendered lady would be a transwoman IE MTF such as myself, we usually have "tits" at least by the end of our transition, Are you thinking of a transman?Other then that I can't believe the sexist crap these people let him post, nay pay him to post.Feminists probably will get upset at my flamebaiting?Well yeah.

  48. >A side comment to Ms "Don't like? Don't Play" above:I mentioned I've been playing games for twenty-five years. For most of that time, I've been ignoring (and ignored by) gamer culture. But these last few years, I've started overtly noticing it and speaking out, mostly because I'm starting to get annoyed at not being able to find anything I'd actually want to play on the shelves. (And that's "want" as in "can get reasonably enthused by" rather than "willing to tolerate for the sake of escapism"). I have money. I am more than willing to spend it on games. But I don't want to spend my money on games where the main interest seems to be focussed on the main female character's tits, arse and pudenda, at the expense of anything else. Used to be, this wasn't a big problem – there was always an alternative available. But these days, I'm seeing the reverse situation – there just isn't the same sort of variety available for gamers that there used to be. Now, the lack of variety is an overall trend across markets, something which appears to be happening with all kinds of products – there's one or two "main" product lines on the shelves, but not much difference in what's available. In groceries, this translates to a smaller range of options overall. In games, it translates to a lot of what's essentially the same three or four games being sold under different packaging all over the place – and the emphasis these days is really being placed on the packaging, in order to stop people looking closely at the game contents. So, more tits, more arse, more female characters as titillation fodder, and less emphasis on things like story or gameplay.What would I like to see? Well, to be honest, I'd like to see someone asking the wider gaming market what they'd be interested in that they can't find on the shelves at present – asking the people who don't read all the "gamer" magazines, and who don't participate in "gamer" culture (but who still buy games). I'd like to see a few risks taken – the archetypical risk-taking story which springs to mind is the one taken by SquareSoft, back when they were first starting out. Story goes, they were heading to the wall, and one of their designers/programmers decided as his last hurrah, he'd make the kind of game he wanted to see, rather than the ones which were being commissioned. So he created it, and called it Final Fantasy (because it was a fantasy RPG, and at that stage, it looked like the final thing he'd be doing in the industry). These days, Square Enix is a behemoth in the gaming industry, mostly off the back of the Final Fantasy series of games, many of which involved taking risks, asking more of gamers, and pushing the limits of the technology available.

  49. >I've got some beef with Stirling's attitude. The best way to be 'edgy', one would think, would be to have opinions that don't reinforce an audiences' preexisting pathologies. Y'know, like expressing opinions with insights that might unsettle or frighten that audience? That are opposed to the Received Wisdom? That are, nevertheless, right?Something like not compliantly toeing the line games journalism holds and making the effort to not be sexist? Maybe more than that, and disparaging (in the abrasive, often appreciated Stirling style) the sort of journalism and gamers who habitually write on the internet about women in the sort of way Jim demonstrates?Ah. No. What a stupid suggestion of mine. Why go to the effort of writing satire when it's just as profitable to undermine Political Correctness?But it's okay to repeat and reinforce hateful speech and assumptions we're all better off for having left behind, because, hey, it's all 'ironic' now isn't it? Stirling's 'not really a sexist', he's being 'edgy'! Edgy by repeating the same degrading shit women have been on the receiving end of for centuries. To a significant audience that will quack their agreement, pleased that their assumptions (validated by so many other games sites) are not being questioned (so edgy).I could go on about how this noxious brand of 'edgy' has become a trend in internet discussion and especially among gamers, but it wouldn't be relevant and this comment is longer than it should be anyway. This is a great post. Thank you for doing the archive trawling that lead to its creation.I'll leave you with a (mangled) quote from comedian Stewart Lee (look him up on Youtube): 'The last taboo in [gaming] is for a [person] to try to do something sincerely and well.' This blog is trying. GJAIF is trying too. It's much appreciated.

  50. >Sarcasm people, look it up. I don't find a lot of those quotes funny and they're certainly not high brow, but it's so blatantly tongue-in-cheek that you'd either have to intentionally look past his intent or you really are that stupid to believe those quotes are legitimately misogynistic. More disgusted with wundergeek than Sterling,

    • Wait, you’re more disgusted with someone whom you think might have taken Jim’s posts out of context then you are with a guy who could say that shit to begin with, even in gest? That’s more than a bit strange, don’t you think? Either you didn’t think that through before you said it, or you and Jim are birds of a feather.

  51. >You obviously put a lot of time and effort into this, but I would have to disagree with some of your conclusions. I would not say Jim is a misogynist, hes just telling jokes in a really, really offensive manner. A lot of those jokes make fun of the way women in video games are treated by acting as an extreme version of the thing he is making fun of. Besides he attacks a lot of things and makes remarks about male video game characters that are equally disturbing in the same posts you are quoting, but since you only extract the quotes you want to use against him your audience has lost the context of the quotes. Its not that he hates women, if he did then it would only be fair to say he hates humans, not women exclusively.After reading this article I have to say I didn't notice how offensive Jim's writing style was, I don't really read his articles that much, but will probably avoid them more in the future.I would also like to say that I find this particular quote: "You don't have to be a member of the men's rights movement to be a misogynist. " to be a bit offensive. I don't think you are misandric(hatred of men) because of this quote, but that you don't understand what the men's right movement is pushing for, or that you will admit that any feminist movement would be on par with it. You only have to read the first paragraph on the wikipedia article you linked to in the post to see its pretty much the same as feminism, only applied to men and the problems men face in modern society. Please think about the things you are writing before you post them.

  52. >Context, parody and sarcasm.All easy shields for the true misogynist/racist/generalcuntbag to hide behind but in a critical field that if fundamentally based on an irreverent, sardonic style it amazes me that you people cannot see beyond the surface.I have taken letters from your article and I feel that they clearly reveal your bias:I h a t e m e n a n d w i l l t a k e a n y t h i n g o u t o f c o n t e x t t o p r o v e a p o i n t.Oh, sorry, was that unfair and inaccurate?

  53. >Hey, just wanted to comment about two sections of this I believe are, not wrong, exactly, but could do with some clarifying.First off is the feminazi section. While I agree that what you said is true for a lot of feminists, unfortunately, feminazis DO exist. They're the type of complete MORON that DOES advocate eliminating men entirely. I've seen (and can give links to, if you wish, provided they haven't been taken down yet) someone advocate male infanticide as the best and most PREFERABLE course of action to get women free rights. Thankfully, these pathetic excuses for humans are few and far between, but they've been in my life more than I care to admit. -_-The second point was just this sentence: "You don't have to be a member of the men's rights movement to be a misogynist." The wording makes it sound like everyone that IS a member of the men's rights movement IS a misogynist, which, to me is wrong. Like you said about some feminists, some may be but a lot aren't.Everything else, I fully agree with. I've always thought something didn't sit right with my about Jim Sterling. Now I know what that is. Kind of wish I didn't.Full disclosure: 20 year old male who despises anyone that spreads hatred in the name of equality or hates those who try to.

  54. >Sean: Oh, yes. The "obvious satire" defense. *sigh* Here's the thing, these comments fit NONE of the literary criteria for honest-to-god satire.Anon 1 (March 5): LOL!!!Anon 2: Extreme feminists exist, sure. There are extremists in every movement. But it is NEVER OKAY to call them feminazis. The nazis systematically murdered millions of people. There's absolutely no comparison between feminists of any stripe and ACTUAL NAZIS.Also, there's a difference between FATHER'S RIGHTS activism and MEN'S RIGHTS activism. MRAs want to actually take rights away from women – which pretty handily falls into the definition of misogynist to me.Otherwise, I'm glad you did find the rest of the post useful.

  55. >"Satire only works if you point out the flaw in the original by turning it on its head." (Taken from a comment here)Jim Sterling's comments are not satire because he's not using misogynist language to point out the flaws in misogynist beliefs. He's using misogynist language to rile people up and get page views – which ISN'T SATIRE. Steven Colbert says controversial shit he doesn't believe in such a way that he highlights the ridiculous contradictions in beliefs of the Steven Colbert character. THAT is satire.

  56. >Wikipedia's definition of sarcasm: "Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit as a weapon. A common feature of satire is strong irony or sarcasm, but parody, burlesque, exaggeration, juxtaposition, comparison, analogy, and double entendre are all frequently used in satirical speech and writing. This "militant" irony or sarcasm often professes to approve (or at least accept as natural) the very things the satirist wishes to attack."Doesn't the usage of terms like "milktumors" to define excessively massive breasts fit the definition? I don't know about you, but that sounds unappealing to me, even though it's something that developers would like to think is awesome.I'm not saying he's the best satirist the internet has known, but I personally believe that all of this is taking anti-female sentiments to the extreme as an ironic statement. "Women are just 3D porn," really? If that's not a commentary on many an internet's view of women, I don't know what is. Related tangent: Sarcasm does not translate well into text, which is why you have to be reading with the assumption that it's not the writer's beliefs or else you'll miss it and it just becomes what they're trying to parody, which is indeed a bad thing for it encourages misogynistic behavior on the comments for those impressionable young males who missed the point. Feel free to pick this response apart, I enjoy a review of my thought processes.

  57. >Sterling is clearly exaggerating to the point of absurdity. You've chosen to believe that he's doing this for shock value to increase page hits. If you follow Sterling's writing in general though, you will find that he often takes a stand against things in the gaming industry he believes are wrong, and sarcasm is one of his primary weapons in doing so.

    • Having followed his writing for some time, nearly everything the dude posts on Destructoid is manufactured specifically to be click-bait. That’s his thing. That’s what he brings to the table, and it’s why Destructoid continues to employ him in spite of the fact that he’s a toxic presence. If you think otherwise, you haven’t been paying enough attention…

  58. >From Fat Princess is blatantly better than feminism: "Feminists are so unable to take a joke, they'd probably find themselves legitimately offended by the obvious trolling flamebait of some random videogame blogger who pumps out list columns in order to reap some quick and easy pageviews. Not that we'd ever approve of that."Nope! Definitely not saying inflammatory shit for pageviews. I'm glad you straightened me out.

  59. >He didn't say he used inflammatory shit for pageviews. He said he "pumps out list columns in order to reap some quick and easy pageviews".Either way, he was clearly being sarcastic. I wouldn't take that as a confession.

  60. >So after a careful pondering of various facts and sources I come to the conclusion that yes, Mr.Sterling is at best a trolling arsehole and at worst a mysoginistic arsehole.Even if he is just trolling for bait he gives those in the online gaming community who do genuinely think its cool to threaten to "rape bitches" over voice comms/messaging and engage in other forms of low life fem-hating assholism whilst handing ammo to those who continue to deem gaming/gamers as immature/time wasting and undeserving of the protections other forms of expresison enjoy.I read stuff like this and I feel rage…this is why we cant have nice things.

  61. >Anon 2 again (the one starting with "Hey, just wanted to comment about two sections of this")."Extreme feminists exist, sure. There are extremists in every movement. But it is NEVER OKAY to call them feminazis. The nazis systematically murdered millions of people. There's absolutely no comparison between feminists of any stripe and ACTUAL NAZIS."I don't associate feminazis with feminism (any more. I've run into a lot and they clouded my mind for years in ways I don't even care to talk about). Some do use the term "feminazi" wrongly, but I think it does have a purpose when it comes to the select group I speak of when I say that term. This particular subsection of "feminism" DOES want to exterminate billions of people, specifically men. That does provide enough similarities to tar them with the same brush as the Holocaust supporters."Also, there's a difference between FATHER'S RIGHTS activism and MEN'S RIGHTS activism. MRAs want to actually take rights away from women – which pretty handily falls into the definition of misogynist to me."While I don't agree with everything in this article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men%27s_rights) I do agree with a lot of it and don't think it's misogynistic, merely trying to get equality in areas which swing a little too far in the other direction instead of being truly equal. For example, on this list, false rape accusations, the lack of funding for prostate cancer and military conscription get my hackles up and I don't think it's misogynistic to think that way. I don't agree with the whole anti-marriage stance some have, but on the whole, I'd say a lot of these are just wanting as true an equality as we can have, rather than domination over women again.This is just my opinion, though. I'm happy to hear out other people's thoughts and feelings (even if mine is obviously right ;P)

  62. >Here's the thing. Only 6% of rape cases ever see a rape conviction. SIX PERCENT. False rape cases happen, but they are vastly, VASTLY outnumbered by rape cases that are never reported, or are reported but the charges are dropped, or acquited because the jury thinks she was "asking for it". And as for prostate cancer – how's this for medical sexism: insurance covers viagra but does NOT cover birth control. WTF?Now I'll grant that selective service is an issue. ONE issue. But women bear the majority of the responsibility of child-rearing and make 78 cents on the dollar for what an average man makes – and that's if you're a WHITE woman. If you're not white, you can make as little as ~60%!So please don't argue that the pendulum has swung "too far".

  63. >If you think the treatment of rape has swung against men, read into the recent case of 28 men gang-raping an 11 year old girl in Cleveland Texas. She was ordered to participate, and threatened with violence if she didn't. Yet, the bulk of the media reports focus on how much older the girl acted. The media seems to have come to the conclusion that it's acceptable to gang rape a 17 year old woman, because they are focusing almost entirely on theoretical consent issues, and ignoring the fact that the girl was compelled by violence.

  64. >My above post is a bit poorly written. The accused are claiming they thought the girl was older(one of them claimed he thought she was 17). The media is playing along with this, as if the fact she seemed to be older is more important to the case than the fact she was coerced with the threat of violence.

  65. With regards to viagra vrs birth control, since viagra is used to treat an actual conditions, erectyle dysfunction and pulminary hypertension, legitimate medical problems, the drug is covered by medical insurance. However birth control methods, I assume you mean the pill, are not used to treat medical problems. I have no idea why you would think any insurance company would cover them, as taking them to have an active, consequence free sex life is a choice, not a medical condition. You are comparing two completely separate cases that are not comparable.

    Something to consider in relation to erectyle dysfunction in men is Dyspareunia which can occur to women. Its just uncomfortable/painful sex. One treatment for women who have passed through the menopause is to take estrogen, which is covered by most insurance policies, for this case. Another way to resolve the issue is to undergo sex therapy. While not all sex therapists are reimbursable through insurance, some are and can help solve the problem.

    • Au contraire! There are some medical conditions that require birth control as treatment like PCOS. Likewise, there are times when it is medically necessary to put a woman on birth control to prevent pregnancy when she is on certain medications like Accutaine – which causes incredibly horrific birth defects. These medical conditions range from not-so-serious (acne) to more serious (PCOS) to life-saving (prevention of ovarian cancer for high-risk patients). Here is a list taken from Blue Cross/Blue Shield about “acceptable” uses of medically necessary birth control:

      * Hormonal treatment of acne
      * Accutane therapy – will allow coverage of contraceptive therapy for at least 1 (one) month before beginning Accutane therapy, during therapy, and for 1 month following therapy even where there has been a history of infertility unless due to hysterectomy.
      * Dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual cramps)
      * Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
      * Catamenial epilepsy
      * Endometriosis
      * Fibrocystic breast disease
      * Hormone replacement following oophorectomy
      * Hormone replacement for: perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms
      * Irregular menses
      * Menstrual migraine
      * Polycystic ovarian syndrome
      * Ovarian cysts
      * Ovarian cancer prevention in patients with a family history of ovarian cancer
      * Uterine fibroids
      * Cyclic withdrawal bleeding
      * Gastrointestinal angiodysplasia

    • My ex had endometriosis, and she was on birth control specifically and solely because it helped with her condition. So…yeah, I guess.

  66. I agree with almost everything you’ve written in this post, wundergeek, but there is one thing about it that bothers me. You seem to be highlighting Jim’s constant usage of the word ‘cunt’ as damning evidence of his hatred of women. I don’t know if anyone’s pointed this out yet, but cunt isn’t seen as a misogynist slur in the English-speaking world outside of North America; it’s just another swearword, like ‘dick’ or ‘arse’ or ‘fuck’, and no one would be more offended by its usage than if one was to any of those other swearwords. Since Jim is British (as am I), his using the word ‘cunt’ doesn’t really imply anything about his views towards women.

    This is incredibly nit-picky, I know, especially since I agree with most of the points you’ve raised, but it seems unfair to criticise as misogynist something that essentially stems from cultural differences. Especially when there are so many other legitimate reasons to skewer the misogynist bastard.

    • So I found myself nodding along with everything right up until the point where Jim basically said that anyone who doesn’t get that he’s an ironic figure and is “not serious” is a “fucking moron”. And that’s where he lost me. If we can agree that racist jokes are not okay, then why is misogynist humor still okay? Misogynist humor is not okay, especially not the sort of shit that Jim Sterling says on a regular basis.

      But then, I’m just a fucking moron who can’t take a joke.

  67. You know, before I read this I was willing to chalk his behavior up to pandering to a perceived audience, but it’s pretty clear to me that he’s really that psychotic. True to his nature, he dismisses any concerns as people just not getting the joke. The thing is, at best his behavior can be called irresponsible click-baiting, but even that doesn’t excuse it or make it any less offensive. It would be bullshit no matter how you look at it, and that’s something Jim just doesn’t seem to understand.

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