>A bit of visual WTF to tide you over

>Hey, folks. Thanks to a concerted campaign of vitamin C and lots of sleep, I’m getting my brain power back. It’s still going to be a few days before I post anything substantial, but that’s because I’m working on a series of posts about World of Warcraft that will probably be posted in three chunks. It’s substantial enough that it’s going to take me a non-trivial amount of time to put together, and since I’m busy all weekend I thought I’d put up some things for your, er, amusement in the mean time:

Hey look! Perfect world wants to get in on the act too! Lesbians!
To be fair, I don’t believe that this is official art – I’m pretty sure it’s fanart. But still. What the f*ck? Did Perfect World’s Random Upskirt Tiger start some kind of “sex with tigers” trend?
This, too, I’m pretty sure is fanart. What makes me sad is that the artist who drew this has a pretty good grasp of anatomy. They’re just choosing to ignore it.

d00d, what is it with sci-fi games and ass cleavage? Mass Effect 2 has Miranda and her ridiculously cavernous ass cleavage. Was Blizzard jealous? Srsly. Come on. Spandex just doesn’t work that way, peeps.

Thanks for being patient, folks. I promise the new posts will be worth the wait.

7 thoughts on “>A bit of visual WTF to tide you over

  1. >Re: Nova – Not only does she have the spandex canyon thing going, but they changed her hair from the fiery orange of Ghost to a generic blonde. Re: Perfect World – I'm PRETTY sure that the massive beach-ball boobs are made with a mod, because I've played perfect world and the boob slider lets you go big, but not impossible. Only the really rail-thin+double D cup size and the Betty Boop images are actually doable normally. (Bad enough, I guess, but… damn on some of those.)Re: PSP – I don't even think a lilac PSP is necessarily a bad thing, cuz some people like lilac. I'd probably never buy one myself, because of my need to maintain a thin veneer of masculinity, lacking the metaphorical balls for even ironic pink shirts, being a heterosexual white male Republican who hangs out on blogs against sexism and plays a female dwarf in Dungeons and Dragons and has never been seen with his girlfriend in front of his family because she lives 300 miles away…The dumb thing is that they're marketing it as a PSP 'for girls'. (Because, you know chicks never buy electronics in their standard black or white; that young woman with the iPhone in front of you at Starbucks was just a figment of your imagination.)

  2. >That Starcraft: Ass Canyon Run pic has been floating around for at least five years now, and probably close to ten. Not that there's any excuse for it, but it definitely precedes Ass Effect's Miranda.

  3. >Chaltab: So Nintendo periodically does this thing where they're like "hey look! The DS comes in more colors now". And some of them are girly, and that's cool. So if Sony wanted to advertise that – hey! The PSP comes in all these different colors! That'd be cool. But no. The lilac PSP is FOR GIRLS. I know because there are girls using it playing a game that is obviously supposed to be FOR GIRLS. So, you know, f*ck that. (It's especially frustrating given that I bought a PS3 a few months ago.)Jayle Enn: Aha. So I guess it was BioWare that got jealous then. All I knew was that Nova was a StarCraft character, but I don't pay much attention to RTSs really.

  4. >Chaltab > I think Nova was always blonde. I just checked a couple of the early trailers, both gameplay and cinematic, and she's blonde in both. Besides, Kerrigan was a red head and I doubt they'd want the confusion.Speaking speculatively about a game that was cancelled five years ago regarding character distinction that wouldn't matter until SC2's release this summer. Ain't that just.And the excuse to show some ass cleavage is the excuse to have futuristic outfits made of spandex. Men always have some sort of genital brassiere that prevents their junk from getting too outlined. Maybe one day they'll compromise and just give everyone pants.Wundergeek > Sadly, if this was the worst PSP add from Sony, I'd be happy. They had a bunch of ads around Chicago a few years ago, and I forget their specific content, but it did show this level of higher thinking. At least Nintendo is a bit mum about it.

  5. >You could probably slap a logo over the ass on the SCNova pic and end up with a decent picture. Female figure wearing mostly-decent armor and weaponry and not standing in a "fuck me" pose (like I said, you'd have to get the ass out of the picture first – maybe 'shop in some kind of spacey-storage crate that she's standing somewhat behind? I dunno).

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