>I cannot brain, I have the sick.

>Hi, folks. Just a heads up. I managed to catch some sort of plague from a friend’s kids over the weekend. It’s kicking my ass and giving me a serious case of the stupid, so I’m going to be a little quiet for the next few days until I feel better. (Try to behave yourself in the comment threads, folks. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t… oh wait…)

Mayhaps I will finish the 2nd of my gender-swapped drawings whilst I am sick – coloring is about all the intellectual activity I can handle right now.

In the mean time, I didn’t want to leave you empty-handed, so check out these links:

In the new DC Online MMO, you can play any type of female hero you want. As long as they have ENORMOUS KNOCKERS.

An LJ post in which a female comic fan rants about why she shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable in comic stores. Substitute “game” for comic and you’d pretty much have a treatise on how I feel in game stores.

Why do women prefer anime and manga to other parts of geekdom? Hint: Because they’re the parts that don’t tell us to GTFO.

11 thoughts on “>I cannot brain, I have the sick.

  1. >Borderhouse also discussed the cups of fun that can be had with the DC online character creator. Highlights are that even "teen" body types receive this treatment, and certain NPCs, like Catwoman and Huntress, actually have models with smaller breasts. So they just felt like giving the player characters massive racks.Question: Is it more or less problematic to include a breast-size slider?

  2. >Borderhouse recently had a post on the cups-of-fun that can be had with DC Online's chargen. Highlights include how even the "teen" body type includes this exaggerated bodytype, and big names like Catwoman and Huntress actually have smaller busts than what's able to be produced by players.So it's not that the game engine or skeletal modelling or animations require big boobs, it's just something they've decided to force onto players.Quick question: Would a "boob slider" for breast size become more or less of a problem?

  3. >Borderhouse touched on the DC Online thing previously. Highlights include how the "teen" body type is also bodaciously built and how big names like Catwoman and Huntress actually have smaller breasts than player-created characters. So it seems it's bizarrely intentional that players are forced to make characters like that, rather than some kind of weird engine / skeletal / animation limitation.Question: Would a "boob slider" create greater or fewer problems at chargen?

  4. >Tomdohm: I'd be inclined to think that, as long as the range is reasonable, a "boob slider" would be better than enforcing an impossible figure on everyone.Though it's not without its disadvantages, as in the case of Soul Calibur IV, where the "boob slider" for female characters replaces the "bulkiness slider" that male characters have. =/

  5. >I hope you feel better soon, Wundergeek! On the boob slider thing I pretty much agree with Ikkin. I just hope the people working on it don't think reasonable means.. that Perfect World MMO's idea of 'reasonable' though. Cause ew…

  6. >I think a boob slider would be the most reasonable solution as long as the current female model is the UPPER LIMIT and not the average.And yeah, if there a bulkiness slider for male chars there should be one for female chars. Also a fat-slider so you could build heroes like The Blimp!…Yes I know this would be a ridiculous pain to code for, but I can dream.

  7. >… The DC Universe Online issue also highlights your point about gaming not being sexist against men. Although all the male player characters are muscular, they come in three very different body types beyond that: Huge and seemingly a bit fat, "normal", and preteen. For women, the same selections result in a huge-breasted woman, a slightly shorter huge-breasted woman, and a huge-breasted preteen. Truly, men are just as objectified and idealized as women.

  8. >… Did I do something wrong? I made a post agreeing with the blog owner, saying how the greater variance of body types for male heroes in DC Universe Online as opposed to women (for men, the Large and Medium bodytypes are two entirely different builds. For women, the Large type is the same as the Medium but slightly taller) is more proof of that games are not sexist against men, ending with a sarcastic agreement with the people who claim sexism against men… and now it's gone. Did I forget to post it after all, or did I say something wrong, or…? I admit I've often been the one to speak out against the positions held by the blog poster, but… the complaints all survived, when the agreement has vanished.

  9. >Meg: I'm really sorry! Blogger's spam filtering blows in that it flags pretty much everything as spam and doesn't flag ACTUAL SPAM. I've been checking a couple of times a day, but if your comment disappears it's not me. I have not moderated a single comment on this blog and I'm not going to! Unfortunately, there is no way to disable it. Google's official policy is "flag stuff as not spam until the spam filter stops sucking", which is NOT helpful.

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