>Fanart Hall of Shame: Stregatto10

>I’m getting kind of tired of arguing on the internet of what is and isn’t sexist when it comes to men in video games. I mean, has anyone noticed that the trolls in the previous post’s comment thread (and on See Page XX) have us arguing about depictions of men? Heaven forbid that I should talk about the feelings of a marginalized minority on a blog devoted to talking about sexist depictions of women! That just won’t do!

Whatever. I’m tired of beating my head against the wall for today, so I’m going to tackle something more cut and dry – improbable anatomy and big fake breasts!

So as always, legal boilerplate: All images you see here are the property of Dorotea Gizzi (Stregatto10). I don’t own a thing. The artist’s website can be found here and her DeviantArt profile can be found here. If you click on an image, it will take you to the DeviantArt page that it’s linked from. (I should have done this previously. I will fix previous Fanart Hall of Shame posts when I have some time to go back and re-dig stuff up.)

Now that that’s out of the way…

So Stregatto10 is proof that men don’t have a monopoly on creating sexist art. She has quite an extensive gallery of commissions, as well as a long list of commissions in process – so she looks like she has quite the side business going. While not all of her commissions are video game characters, it looks like about half of them are, and out of all of those (there were quite a few) there are only TWO that I can show here, since the rest are pretty much entirely naked except for strategically covered ladybits.

As such, most of what I’m posting here is non-commissioned fanart (at least from what I can tell). But if you log into DeviantArt and investigate Stregatto10’s profile, you can see for yourself that the commissions I’m not posting here are much, much worse than what I’m showing here.

First up is one of the two commissions that isn’t too raunchy to post here – Zoey from Left4Dead:


So, pretty classic example here of boobifying one of the rare non-sexualized female characters in video games. (If you’re not familiar with Zoey, check out this image. She’s pretty cool, design-wise.) Sexy “please bang me against this wall pose”, check. Big fake perfectly spherical breasts, check. Passive expression, check. This is pretty much a how-to for everyone looking to dis-empower female characters with agency. But this is just the tip of the iceberg:


On the left we have the Taki picture that originally linked me to Stregatto10’s profile, while on the left we have the only other commission that I could show here – Shura (also from Soul Calibur 4). So in both cases we have a pretty giant case of yuck, though Taki is inarguably more freakish than Shura since both her boobs and her ass look like over-inflated balloons. But Shura winds up being just as perplexing since it’s a commission; clearly someone ASKED for this picture and paid money for it. But in what universe is either of these women even remotely sexy? Srsly, a universe of yuck.

And of course, things wouldn’t be complete without Ivy:


Some days I can’t decide if Samus’ Zero Suit was the worst thing to happen to fanart or if that honor should go to Ivy’s SC4 redesign. These are all just so, so wrong. Like so much other art of the Soul Calibur women, all of these Ivy’s seem to have some sort of organ TARDIS, since their rib cages are clearly not large enough to contain her internal organs. And what’s with the boob strap? That thing must be made of titanium to contain those ta-tas. Either that or it has an anti-grav field build in, because there’s just no way those boobs should stay in that top.

Lastly, I just have to ask. What is the obsession with having female fighting game characters rub boobs? I seriously don’t get it.


And here we have another one of my least favorite characters ever – Morrigan. Amazingly, while her boobs are very, very large, they look like they might not be implants (it’s kind of ambiguous). But I guess that’s made up for with the completely ridiculous ass cleavage. This one is a pretty classic example of the “please bang me right now” school of posing.


Lastly we have yet another entry in why I will always hate the Dead or Alive girls now and forever. Morrigan’s breasts miiiiight not have been fake, but these breasts definitely are. Ayane (left) is just… so… passive. And Kasumi – what the hell is with that hand placement? I mean, I can’t help but wondering what she’s doing with that right hand, which I imagine is probably the point.

The thing that makes me sad is that Stregatto10’s coloring skills blow mine out of the water, even if she seems purposefully ignorant of how female anatomy actually works.

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  1. >The worst thing about the Taki pic for me, is that the pose reminds me of the (shudder) 'work' of another artist with a ludicrously strong amputee fetish. If that's not essentializing and objectifying, I don't know what is.Oh, Ivy. I liked her design in Soul Calibur. I'll admit that some of it was because of her figure and mode of dress, but Jesus! She started out on the far edges of the unlikely, and each new iteration makes her more of a caricature– it's like the staff artists are taking pointers from the fan artists.I suspect that the breast-pressing thing is supposed to be some kind of lesbian dominance display, but I fear to speculate further.

  2. >There is no character than fanartists won't tart-up for cheap hits or easy commissions. No character is too young or too plain in canon.I'm pretty fond of Morrigan's design, as I think it's an example of an outfit that's legitimately sexy and a character for whom sexiness makes sense–her being a succubus and all. But that drawing there still irks me because of the completely passive 'awaiting penis' pose. The Darkstalkers ladies, ridiculous though their costumes are, did not get to be so popular among female fans by being passive sex toys.

  3. >@Wundergeek-their internal organs are in their BOOBS, it's the only explanation.Um, apparently, Zoe REALLY likes Zombie Butchery. Yeesh-Taki's ass is boobs! Seriously, look at it. Also, no spine… Wow, B. Orchid, really? There hasn't been A Killer Instinct in like 12 years. She's trotted out(with a costume change[it was green]) to boob battle Ivy. Sad. Poor Ivy, she was a slavering fanboy's wet dream when she came out, now she's a caricature even some of them find extreme.(there are people actually ridiculing her outfit and bazoombas.[first I'd ever seen of that]). Maybe you can go too far. Besides, it'd be hard for her to get much nakeder. Or maybe not. I shudder to think what DC Online's version of my fav character Hawkgirl(actually Hawkwoman[later changed in Bronze Age, now 'girl' again. *sigh*] in her first appearance, at least according to HER, I mean she named herself in Flash #24) will look like. Fan art for her is about what you'd expect, unfortunately…

  4. >Saddest thing is that for L4D, a game seriously starved for character model / skin variants, the first and only really high quality variant is of Zoey. Nude. Well, mostly; some torn remnants remain to make the medpack not look "out of place" on her back. Not to mention the porno knockoff "Left 4 Head." All this for one of the least sexualized characters in canon yet seen.

  5. >Jason: That's very funny. :)Tom: I accidentally stumbled across a nude mod of Zoey the other day. *brr* I don't know why gamers feel compelled to sexualize the one or two non-sexualized characters that get thrown our way.

  6. >Wundergeek: Well now, that's unfair to make a generalization like that. Gamers are perfectly content to sexualize already-sexualized characters too. See also Dragon Age for the PC, where all the mods deal in making Morrigan the kind of supermodel you'd reasonably expect to see out of a hermit's nest in the monster filled woods.

  7. >Ack! I clicked that Taki image. Why did I click that Taki image!? That is the worst thing I've ever seen from the Soul Calibur fandom.

  8. >I'm not going to try to set up a false equivalency between male portrayals and female… but I can't help but notice that they have a universal disregard for what characters actually look like in favor of what they think they should look like to be "hot". Their art of Ezio and Leonardo from Assassin's Creed 2 reworks them into generic "prettyboys" who vaguely resemble the actual characters if you squint. If it were expressing some sort of particular fetish or concept or something, I might understand… but I don't understand why you'd represent characters you're a "fan" of as not looking like they actually do for no other reason than that you don't actually seem to like their actual appearances.The portrayals of women are far more problematic for a number of reasons, but I'm still baffled by this person's art.

  9. >Sorry to drive by comment (I try and avoid doing that) but I have to say this : whilst I can agree with the sentiment (fact may be a better word) that female chars have been and continue to be over-sexualised by devs, who are you to judge so harshly and critically the works of a private* individual who seems to draw for their arts sake?Maybe its too much internet time clocking up but Im noticing this trend away from "hypersexualisation for profit is bad" to "People enjoying sexualised material is bad"*true, no one is a private individual on the internet nowadays.

  10. >Sorry for brevity, but Stregatto makes money off of these commissions and has done quite a lot of them. Thus, fair game in my books.

  11. >Fair enough, I couldnt tell from her deviant page wether she did paid comissions or not.*sigh* I agree with you that the art itself is not…good in terms of anatomy but I dont see the actual harm in the images themselves.Enjoy your time off đŸ™‚

  12. I came across this on the hunt for new Orchid/Ivy art. I’m the person who had the Orchid vs Ivy art commissioned.
    I’ve always been a fan of Orchid and women fighting in general. Orchid pretty much had the dominatrix role in female fighting games (latex, thigh-highs etc.) until Ivy came along. I’ve always wanted to see the two fight and this picture is Ivy intimidating Orchid with her larger chest – the battle before the battle, look me up in deviant if you want a proper description and understanding behind the picture and me.
    Yes it portrays video game girls in a particular fashion but welcome to the world of men, shallow superficial men such as myself who just have desires/fantasies created by their interaction with video games combined with their own baggage and have perhaps enough money to see some of them visualised if only in 2D art. The portrayal of women has and will always be around. It is perhaps the most manipulative tool in the world (aside from a gun to the head) and from my experience, the only women running around trying to stop it are the ones not benefiting from it – doesn’t give the women’s right cause much integrity in my humble opinion but after seeing the injustices caused by men who employ with their dick as opposed to their brain, I support your cause – but I still have a dick.

      • What a shame that you choose to reply with such a condescending matter. You think you have the right to judge me when you can’t even respond decently to someone who has differing views to you in the world. Did you ever consider that women’s rights may have been frequently hampered by adopting such an arrogant attitude towards those you wish to change.
        You are not the arbiter over what men should find attractive nor will you ever be one. You may not like the consequences of such a reality but your approach wont do anything to change it. You preach to the converted and the one opportunity to had to engage in sensible dialogue with someone of a differing opinion who happened to stumble across your site, you choose to dismiss me. A real shame for you and your cause.

        • Dude, shut up. She’s probably incredibly busy and gets tons of comments. She’s not going to bother arguing with some random dude.

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