>You can find me on Delicious

>Hi, folks. Two things really quick before I go home and wait for the imminent arrival of family.

Thing the First

A few weeks ago when my Google doc of links for future reference hit nine pages, I started to slowly transfer them to Delicious just so that I could organize them, since it was getting hard to find stuff I wanted to link to. I’m not done posting links – I’ve gotten through about 4/5 of them. But I figured I’d throw up a link to my Delicious page in case anyone else finds it useful. Mostly I plan on using it as an organizational tool for myself, but it might provide you folks with interesting reading material.

If you’re a Delicious user and you want to send something my way but are too lazy to comment here, feel free to use the tag #gmmas to send it my way.

Thing the Second

A dear friend of mine wrote this amazing and completely win-filled response on tumblr to some of the backlash my article on depictions of women in gaming has gotten. If you liked the article, you should go read the response here.

Things like this make me pleased that I have such awesome friends.

That’s all from me. Have a good holiday!

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