>Fanart Hall of Shame: Reiq

>Okay, folks. Things have kind of blown up around here the last week or so and I’ll admit that I’m pretty drained from arguing with people on the internet – even though I said I wouldn’t. Rather than being lazy and posting some links, though, I figured it was about time to induct a second member into the Fanart Hall of Shame.

So first of all – legal boilerplate. All images you see here are the property of Reinaldo Quintero (Reiq). I don’t own a thing. The artist’s website can be found here and his GFX Artist profile can be found here. If you want to see his hentai (read: Actual porn, NSFWer) site, you can find it at jigglygirls.com. (Real URL, I swear!)

With that said, on to the shaming!

I first stumbled across Reiq while I was doing Image searches for my original post about the ridiculous Soul Calibur women, and the link went straight into my bookmark folder for future shaming. It was impressive to me that with the wide variety of disgusting Ivy fanart out there, this was by far the worst I’ve yet seen:

The sad thing is that even as I’m repulsed by the image, I have to admire the technique that went in to creating these textures. This guy has serious artistic chops, and I’ll freely admit that skill-wise he’s probably better than me. But talk about an artist abusing his powers for evil. I think even Wayne Reynolds would be embarassed to draw something like this!

I shouldn’t need to point out all the things that are wrong with this image. Boobs, check. Nipples, check. Ass, check. Overall proportions, check. I’ll just add that boobs are NOT like balloons. If you squeeze the top, the bottom does NOT expand. Contrary to popular belief, boobs are actually just bags of flesh. (OMGWTFBBQ!)

Thankfully that’s the worst of them, but there’s still some heart-breakers – like TWO different renditions of Samus:

Oh, Samus! What has he done to you? The Samus I know and love would never passively flaunt her sexuality with a come-hither look! The Samus I know would be kicking ass and taking names! What evil did Nintendo unleash upon the world when they created the Zero Suit? Is this how you’re destined to be remembered? As a busty blonde in blue spandex, completely stripped of any power or consequence? Honestly, this bothers me so much more than the big fake boobs and distorted anatomy.

Although, Christ, people. If you’re going to draw chicks in spandex, don’t give them cleavage that could rival the grand canyon. That just doesn’t happen. Unless she has a separate spandex compartment for each boob, which seems unlikely.

THIS is why I immediately tune out whenever anyone starts talking about how Cortana is a “strong female character”. I’ve never played Halo. (I’m not a huge fan of shooters, I just made an exception for Mass Effect because it’s Bioware.) But looking at crap like this just makes me completely lose interest.

Is there anything more ridiculous than ass cleavage? I mean, I’m pretty shocked to see Reiq take on Crimson Viper considering that she’s almost completely covered and then pose her so that her boobs are not visible. But clearly the lack of cleavage was getting to him, so he gave her ass cleavage instead.

Honestly, I don’t know how she’d fight like that. I mean, her pants are so far up her ass that they must be lodged in her colon, which has GOT to be uncomfortable. Personally, I really don’t think I could fight like that.

I’m ending with this one because I wanted to go from worst to best for once. Aside from the big fake boobs, I actually like this rendition of Wonder Woman. She doesn’t have massive camel toe, she’s not passively on display, and she looks like she’s daring you try something so that she can use that lasso to choke the life out of you. And that’s the sad part. If this was the rule rather than the exception, I’d sigh about comic character design and big fake boobs and move on with my life.
Clearly Reiq has it in him to draw only minimally distorted women with some sense of agency – he just chooses not to.

I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising, since the profile on his says that he is male (surprise surprise) and 27 – which puts him firmly in the “young and pervy” segment of artists. But considering that he is now working as an artist full-time with the income from these illustrations, that also puts him in the “perpetrating sexist stereotypes for fun and profit” camp.

17 thoughts on “>Fanart Hall of Shame: Reiq

  1. >The Samus bothers me the most, probably because she's the only one whose games I've actually played. Also, it bothers me because on some level Samus is a gymnast. You've been to buskers — how many women there have you seen with DD boobs?

  2. >Let me start by saying I love Halo, but Cortana never really stuck out for me (though I like her personality and use her voice with my Spartan in Halo: Reach). Her over-sexualization at the hands of artists everywhere does bother me a little, because I recall reading some years ago that ironically enough, her creator did not want to portray her as a sex object. Seeing her evolve, it was inevitable. If it has boobs, people are going to turn it into fap material.Ivy, well… come on… LOOK at Ivy. Ridiculously sexualized ladies in Japanese gaming (unless they're supposed to fit the demure archetype) are almost a given, especially from Namco and Capcom. Oh boy, Capcom. At least they go out of their way to make their male characters aesthetically pleasing, I guess. I was okay with Ivy early on in the Soul Calibur/Blade series, but by IV, her and every other female character had become so disturbingly deformed I couldn't look at some of them. I felt my own chest ache in the worst way just looking at the hyperrealistic rendering of such ridiculous proportioned breasts. It goes well beyond "I'm offended" to "I am genuinely disturbed." I remember my favorite costume of hers in III was this classy looking dress and a lacy veil. I'm assuming I'm the only person on the planet who ever used it, since they completely dropped a modest option in the next game.Samus is, however, is one of few instances of over-sexualization that I have not managed to develop some immunity toward. This is because she was inherently designed to be everything BUT a hypersexualized character. When people said Samus, we used to think about that intimidating figure in full-body sci-fi armor. Nintendo challenged gamers everywhere when they first revealed her in that final cutscene to be a she, and not a dude. Then the company basically betrays this fucking ideal, essentially THROWING Samus under a goddamn bus by coming out with Zero Suit Samus or whatever the fuck her blue-spandex version was called in SSB. Not only that, but they actually made this version of her STRONGER gameplay-wise than her armored form. The only other female video game character I can think of whose reduction into fap material genuinely pisses me off like this is Faith from Mirror's Edge. At least DICE never fucked her over, though.

  3. >P.S. Sorry about the tirade. It was longer, but I cut it down by a couple paragraphs.Also, dig your blog. Game Journalists Are Incompetent Fuckwits pointed me here.

  4. >Hey, I've just been checking out your blog, and I'm really glad you've been tackling visual representations of women in gaming media because it is often incredibly troubling. However, I am really troubled by describing some depictions of women as 'freak shows'. Often portrayals of women are very unrealistic but the word choice bothers me. I wish I could articulate better why it bothers me, but I feel like it is a bit of an ableist word choice.Just wanted to get that out there! I am definitely going to be adding your blog to my rss reader.

  5. >My last comment on a previous post disappeared. That'll teach me not to copy before posting.THIS is why I immediately tune out whenever anyone starts talking about how Cortana is a "strong female character".That's unfair. You can't hate a character because of their fanart. If you've seen video or even looked at a screen shot and THEN said I'm not interested in learning about this character because she's a half-nude holo, then that's a reasonable reason to not like Cotana. But any character can be made worse by their fan art. Take Toph from Avatar the last Airbender. I LOVE Toph. Probably one of my favorite fictional female characters. She's insanely awesome. Yet I'm sure there's plenty of fanart out there that makes her unpalatable. (not as much as Ivy b/c Toph is a little girl, but my point remains and I can't think of awesome adult females right now)I'm a huge Ivy fan. I picked her for the weapon and mastered her for the moveset. Yet with every SC game I get a little more embarrassed to pick her as she gets more and more, disproportionate, and the costumes become, in a word, less. The fan art for Ivy is bad but her renditions were pretty bad to begin with. Unlike Samus and (I'm assuming b/c I haven't played past the first one) Cortana.

  6. >@wolfkinJust as a quick reminder, the 'reward' for beating Metroid in under two hours was that you got to play the game again but this time Samus was in a bikini.Samus, sadly, has a history of sexualization that has only become more blatant as time goes on. Note that it's not the power armor that most of the fan art is of, it's usually her in the Zero Suit.Just sayin'.

  7. >Susan: I'll admit to hyperbolizing quite a lot. Partly its an effort to illustrate how incredibly ridiculous these images are, and partly it's because I just really love hyperbole. (More the first than the second.) But I reserve the term freak show for images of women that have been distorted beyond what is possible even with plastic surgery, like Taki with her point zeppelin boobs and her lack of internal organs. It's strong language, but having studied quite a bit of anatomy means that I have strong feelings on the subject.

  8. >Wolfkin: It probably is unfair. But it wouldn't be the first game that I haven't played because of not being able to separate the game from the sexist bullshit that springs up around it. Even if I did like shooters, I doubt I'd be able to play Halo without being continually annoyed at Cortana's design.And yeah, Samus had the ridiculous "bikini award". But that was a few seconds in the credits after she spends an entire game completely dismantling everything that gets in her way. It's irksome, but it's a far cry from Lara Croft.(Despite her ridiculous design, Ivy is a great character. I never had the patience to learn how to use her (I stick to Seung Mina, Xiang Hua, and Rafael), but she's quite hard to counter if you know how to use that sword-whip of hers.)

  9. >It probably is unfair. But it wouldn't be the first game that I haven't played because of not being able to separate the game from the sexist bullshit that springs up around it.Agree completely. I've always felt like that was one of the more insidious sides to sexism/transphobia/homophobia/ableism/etc.; once you've encountered it, there's a taint that's hard to shake, for me anyway.

  10. >That Ivy art at the top makes me wonder if the "artist" has actually been in the presence of a woman.Cortana's depiction kinda ruined Halo 3 for me. I don't remember thinking much about her portrayal in the first 2, but when I saw her outfit in the third one I had a serious WTF moment.I like this blog, Anna. Glad to support it however I can.

  11. >Har, you should see some of this guy's blatantly pornograpic work. He has a lactation fetish, which applies to basically everything he draws. I'll let you go with that one.

  12. >I could say that I agree with you on the way he portrays strong female characters, that he robs them of every quality they have and reduces them to arousing pieces of meat, but here's the thing: IT'S PORN!!Are you seriously trying to bash an "artist" that specialize in hentaï and pornographic material? Do you know why he gave Samus massive breast, or Viper an ass cleavage? Because he wants guys (and possibly girls) to MASTURBATE over this. The only purpose of what he does is to titilate hentaï fans.

  13. >Harry: I'm so not going to get into a debate about porn on this blog (been there, done that, bought the t-shirt), so I'll just say that one huge difference between this and porn (at least mainstream porn) is that the women in porn are consenting. Enthusiastically.

  14. >@Wundergeek: I'm with you here. I think using a well known and repsectable character (of any media) in pornographic material is stupid, and is pretty much the equivalent of taking a big dump on the character and his creator.But it's not like it's never gonna stop…

  15. Oh no, people draw their sexual fantasies? And some of these include uncommonly sized breasts? Nipples?! Lactation?! For shame.


  16. Really though, there’s no difference between this and thought crime. There is no difference between someone drawing a stylized version of a character in a way they consider sexy and them thinking of it. So yeah, have fun shaming people for their sexuality and hiding your puritanism behind a skewed concept of feminism. People have sexual fantasies that are separate from reality/the character’s personality? Holy shittttt! (Yes, I agree that the way women are portrayed in video games has too much of this stuff. But that doesnt excuse this baffling piece of yours.)

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