>Amusing side note: search terms

>An amusing thing that I’ve noticed is that a lot of people seem to find this blog by accident while looking for other things. I thought I’d share some of the more amusing search terms.

So it seems that my post about 4th Edition D&D art is far and away my most popular so far. So I guess that explains the proliferation of 4E related search terms like: 4E PHB, D&D 4th pics, 4th Edition D&D, and D&D art. My favorite, though, is “D&D 4th Edition boons” – for which my post about D&D art comes up as the first result thanks to what I can only presume is an error in the search results. Note to search bots: “boons” =/ “boobs”.

At least now I know how I can pump more traffic here if I ever feel like attention whoring. Apparently writing shit about D&D is the way to go. Who knew?

I have no idea why this came up in the image results for “4E PHB”. (Click image for original source)

Then there’s the search terms that I’ll roughly categorize as “maybe they were looking for this blog… and maybe they weren’t” – which includes: Taki, Taki boobs, Allods lesbian fairies, Allods boob jiggle, is go make me a sandwich sexist, advertising porn, evony girls hot, and go make me a sandwich RPG.

This was on the first page of search results for “Evony Girls Hot”. What? (from somewhere on popehat.com, not mine)

My favorite in this category is “go make me a sandwich RPG”. It makes me want to design a horrible tabletop game about the sad and pathetic lives of lonely female-hating XBox Live users. I’ll also point out that “advertising porn” actually leads to some interesting articles about the current state of advertising – just make sure that you’re using Google WEB and not Google IMAGE. (For reasons that should be obvious.) Lastly, “Taki boobs” yields as many forum comments that Taki’s bazookas are actually kind of gross as those in favor of them, so that’s sort of encouraging… I guess.

Last we have the “definitely weren’t looking for this blog” category, which includes: lesbians rubbing boobs, boobs blogspot.com, and sandwich boobs. (I guess I must be naive in the ways of pr0n, because I honestly wasn’t expecting pr0n to come up for sandwich boobs.)

It just goes downhill from here. (click for source, not mine)

The internet is a weird place.

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