>Fanart Hall of Shame

>Okay, folks. I’m about 3000 words in the hole for NaNoWriMo, so I thought I’d post something smallish here before returning to frantically catching up. (I’ve completed only two of the four NaNos that I’ve attempted, so I’d really like to finish this one.)

So, there’s a lot of really sexist art on Deviant Art. That’s not to say Deviant Art is sexist, or people who use/view Deviant Art are sexist. Just that there are a sizeable number of artists producing sexist art on DA.

Today I’m going to call out Butcher20 as the first inductee of my Fanart Hall of Shame. According to his profile, Butcher20 is a 26 year old man. Which makes it not terribly surprising that the first piece of art you see on his profile is this fanart of Cortana from the Halo series:


Okay, so let’s count the awful things wrong with this picture. She has a serious case of sphere boob, although I do have to grudgingly give him props for having them be at least partially subject to gravity. We’ve got a case of incorrectly located nipple (I know, I know, Cortana’s a hologram. But those blue streaks aren’t properly placed to cover up the nipple that would exist if she wasn’t a hologram and had nipples.) And her waist is practically non-existent. It’s a good thing Cortana is a hologram, or I’d be asking if, like Taki, she was storing some of her organs in her boobs.

But wait! It gets worse!


Yikes! How does she keep those bazookas from popping out while she’s flying? Of course, I guess the fact that they seem to completely defy gravity helps. Maybe that’s a superpower that only the female Kryptonians get. Also, let’s not forget that in the comics and cartoon, Super Girl is in high school. So, you know, yuck.

And these are, apparently the tame ones! The vast majority of his art comes up as traffic signs since I’m not logged in, which means it’s been flagged as being explicit. I didn’t log in because these and the few other images that aren’t tagged explicit were more than enough, thanks.

The really fun part that you might otherwise miss is if you scroll to the bottom and look at what groups he’s a member of. Some of the more questionable ones: Happy Perverts, Boob Lovers, Boobies Love, Perv Pics, Super Perverts, Perverts Without Frontiers, Lactation Art, and – my personal favorite – Dead Girls Me, which is a group devoted to images of “Erotic Death through Asphyxiation”. And the tagline of the group is “Dead Girls Are Easy”.

Seriously. Whisky Tango Foxtrot.

So once again, congratulations go to Butcher20 for being the premier inductee of the Fanart Hall of Shame. I’m going to go boil my eyeballs.

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  1. >You know, I hadn't thought of that. But now that you've mentioned it, I can't stop seeing it…In the the "official" design, her entire crotch is blue, so I guess that avoids that little problem.

  2. >I'm tempted to guess his mother bottle-fed him.And Supergirl's super-suit apparently needs some re-tailoring, since it appears to be baggy in the arms and at the top of the cleavage while being skin-tight everywhere else.

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