>Link roundup: Booth Babes

>Welp, I’m going to be too busy for the next several days to post anything here, so I thought I’d post a link-roundup. I’ve been collecting links about booth babes for possible future posts, so I thought I’d share them here for your edification. I’ll have more to say on the subject at some point after I return.


E3 Booth Babes

(2006) E3 Bans booth babes

Except… this year the booth babes came back

The Best of E3’s 2010 Booth Babes. (I love how in every picture, this guy has the same douche-y smile on his face. I certainly hope this is the closest this creep ever gets to touching real women. Yech.)

Interview with a booth babe (IGN really asks the tough question! Way to be awesome journalists, guys!)

In defense of booth babes (Women should have the freedom to dress in skimpy costumes and get paid not nearly enough money to be pawed at and ogled by mouth-breathing men. Anyone who disagrees is a communist and hates freedom!)

E3 booth babe search

Games marketing at E3. (Notice how all the women in these photos are babes and how almost all the men are execs/devs giving talks?)

Tokyo Game Show

Booth babes at Tokyo Game Show. (This guy repeatedly mentions how he’s “against booth babes”, but all his babe photos are posed… Not sure what to think.)

Broken and Destroyed Booth Babe (Now with horrific comments!)


Booth babes at China Joy. (Booth babes in cages?? WTF??)


PAX has banned booth babes in the past, but apparently they’re reconsidering.

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  1. >60% of PAX attendees polled were in favor of the booth babe ban. Only 20% were against the ban. If I'm reading it correctly, 81% said that booth staff should to be trained/educated about their products.I'm curious if this is what other conferences and conventions would see, or if it's because of the fabled "Don't be a douchebag" culture of PAX. I've not gone myself, but friends who have rave about the culture. Of course, even if those numbers are more general, businesses are always afraid to alienate customers, even customers who themselves alienate other customers (a problem you see in tabletop gaming, bars, and elsewhere).

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